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  1. mike3996

    Film Compact high end rangefinder recommendations

    I am looking for a compact film camera with compact dimensions and a good lens. Compact; preferably jacket-pocketable A fast 35-40 mm lens, think sub-f/2 rangefinder preferably preferably good metering budget is no great concern We can extend the discussion to autofocusing models as well but...
  2. poas

    Film Past of a Stranger - Photographic time travels into the past, captured by strangers.

    Hi all, my name is André and I have been digitizing the past for some time now. If you are interested, I would like to present my project: "Past of a Stranger" - or: Photographic time travels into the past, captured by strangers. I have currently published...
  3. EdipisReks

    Film Bronica

    I’m planning on picking up a Bronica for a project I have in mind. Is the ETRSi the way to go? I’ve never handled one, in fact the only medium format cameras I’ve used have been TLR, but I’m very familiar with SLR operation. I’m looking for as modern an experience as possible for this (I have my...
  4. boojum

    Film Showcase UK B&W Ilford FP4 at 2.99

    Found this on YT. I know film is expensive. This could be an answer:
  5. Bozzie

    Film Not exactly film , but...

    Picked up this Victorian / Edwardian glass positive some years ago, scanned it, and this is it, warts and all. Im not sure if its the right way round as the glass is shiney on both sides, I'd love to know where this was taken but have no info whatsoever, I'm assuming it was somewhere in...
  6. mike3996

    Film Development failure

    Despite heat and stuff, I was eager to let the recently finished roll of Washi X lay around. Loaded in the cylinder, everything ready to go. 3.75 minutes at 39C Cinestill C41 film dev, 8 minutes of blix afterwards. I'd already use the developer four times prior and it's been mixed in October...
  7. Bozzie

    Film Showcase Chinese Lucky film

    This set was taken on an old Zeiss Nettar 120 folding camera, and the Chinese film home developed and scanned. The place is Harwich, North Essex, a short drive from my home, it's the birthplace of the Mayflower ship and the Captain, Christopher Jones. The town has quite a history but has seen...
  8. agentlossing

    Film Using Stand Development for Unconventional Developing

    I employed a technique I've used a couple of times in the past on an unidentified exposed roll of Superia 400 - I threw it in with Rodinal 1:100 for an hour. I didn't want to take this to a shop to be developed since I didn't know for sure that there would be anything on it. I couldn't identify...
  9. gordo

    Film Anyone following MiNT and their Rollei 35AF camera in development?

    This one took me a little by surprise. I've been watching the Pentax film project, but lost a bit of interest when it became evident the first camera is going to be half-frame. This new one from MiNT is looking interesting, looks like it might be coming available in a few more months. Not...
  10. A

    Film How long does film last past the expiration date

    I have an extensive (to me) film camera collection (about 35+ film cameras or so) that I would like to start using for fun in my free time. I do have some old rolls of film. I wasn't sure, are you able to use film after the "expiration" date? If so will there be anything wrong with the prints...
  11. B

    Film Spotmatic, too good, too common to be interesting?

    The Pentax Spotmatic is a camera that is easy to find as many were made over a long time, is more reliable than other cameras from the 60s/70s, and can often be found for pocket-change. If you find an old one chances are it's shutter will work great, even the one-second speed, even though it has...
  12. B

    Film Russian Contax ???

    I loaded a roll into this the other day and started shooting with it. It is a Contax II with a serial number on it's top and inside the back of it's rear cover that starts with a "Q". It's chrome and finish on it's metal parts is noticeably rougher and cheaper looking than the pre-war Contax II...
  13. mollyc

    Film Shoe mounted light meter

    Do any of you have a shoe mounted light meter? I am looking at the Keks KM02 OLED and the Keks KM-Q. I've been metering with my phone, which usually works out well, but it's kind of cumbersome to switch back and forth and I think I'd really prefer a camera mounted meter. I have several cameras...
  14. phigmov

    Film Analog Insights Reviews the Olympus OM-3

    I see the OM-3Ti crop up occasionally for sale (for crazy prices) but not the 3. But seeing this video I can see why - only made for 3 years and then almost a ten year gap to the release of the 3Ti (which continued to be made into this century). I have a fairly battered Champagne OM-4Ti which...
  15. phigmov

    Film 'New' Widelux Panoramic Camera ?

    So I stumbled across this, which is wild - " Widelux Revival Project: Jeff and Susan Bridges & Silvergrain Classics Making a New 35mm Film Camera " And it was mentioned here -" What's it Like to Use the Horizon 202 Swing Lens Panoramic Camera? - Kamerastore " In NZ (where I live) the Widelux...
  16. William Lewis

    Film First roll of Harmon Phoenix

    Overexposed it based on some reading I'd done. Seems to have been a mistake. There's not enough latitude and the hightlights are easily blown. Probably better to treat it like slide film rather than negative film in that regard. Still, here's some of what I got from roll one: Nikon F4...
  17. William Lewis

    Film Entertainment in Film Mistakes.

    So I had this old roll of Tri-X film in my fridge that I'd had for years. I wanted to test my Diafine and equipment before developing my good film. So I ran it through my Nikon F4 as an experiment, developed (hmm, negs look ... odd) and scanned it. I had not realized that back when I still lived...
  18. William Lewis

    Film Harmon Phoenix 200

    Haven't seen this noted here so: Harmon Technology, the parent company of Ilford, the famous producer of black and white film in the UK, has introduced a new color film Harmon Phoenix 200 is an ISO200 color film made in...
  19. p.giannakis

    Film Post your slides here

    From Kodachromes to Velvia and from Ektachrome and Agfachrome to Sensia and Scala, post them all here. I'll go first - two pictures taken with Kodak Ektachrome Elite back in the 90s
  20. William Lewis

    Film JJC Film Digitizing Adapter and LED Light Set

    I've been shooting more film again and wanting to find a somewhat more economical approach to it. I can develop at home easily enough with daylight tanks and D-76 and Diafine but scanning has always been the bugbear in the room. Flatbeds have never been worth much for 35mm and good dedicated...
  21. N

    Film Contaflex, Eiffel Tower, picture that could be out of a 1950s Movie.

    Contaflex, Ilford Pan 400, Ilfosol-3, Adofix,
  22. William Lewis

    Film Which 100' roll of film to buy?

    It's time to start shooting black and white with a bulk roll for developing and scanning at home. I've got those aspects decided upon. I'll be using either Diafine or D76 depending on the shoot and then scanning with my D810 and a rig for a macro lens. But which film to invest it? The film I...
  23. mike3996

    Film Question about fixer

    So a dumb novice question about fixers. During development, are all fixers compatible with all developers, or are there some recommendations? In another words: my starter kit chemicals are Adonal and Adofix Plus for B&W. If I get myself Microphen, is it safe to fix with Adofix Plus? A more...
  24. mike3996

    Film What went wrong with my Film Shot?

    I am sure that Kodak Ultramax 400 is supposed to be way more saturated in color but how exactly can I tell what's the truth in a particular roll shot, developed, scanned, processed by myself?
  25. phigmov

    Film Polaroid I-2

    Interesting if a little flawed (other still companies do make mechanical cameras so that annoyed me) but its an ad/promo so I'll let them off... what was most fascinating was that they grabbed a couple of ex old Olympus engineers to help... Still fairly limited for what it is... 'bright lens'...
  26. nivaunrahne

    How Did You Begin Your Photographic Journey?

    My grandpa had given me a No. 2-C Brownie camera to play with about the time I learned to crawl. Never took a photo with it, it was just a baby toy that I still still have today. I can not remember if it was an uncle or my grandpa that gave me a 1953 copy of Kodak Master Photoguide in 1969 when...
  27. gordo

    Film A Tale of One Negative, Two Prints

    During my multi-year scanning project I've run across images I hoped I would find a second, better image. Or might find the original negative later down the road. This is a great example (for me anyways) as to why. First shot is a flatbed scan from an 8x10-ish print, second shot from a...
  28. gordo

    Film Possible Vintage Film Camera ID?

    (Mods - if this is the wrong place, move it if you need to or lock it and please point me where to repost.) As I continue the scanning project, I've run across a couple of images pointing me in the general direction of what my Dad has as a camera in the '50s and '60s. Looks like it was a...
  29. re-note

    Film film shooters` drift

    Film Photography Revival You are invited to post any photo based on film !!!:friends: from an ongoing exploration Film: Ektachrome 100(outdated) run twice through the same camera Leicaflex SL 1st exposure with Leica R Super Angulon 4/21 2nd exposure with Leica R Elmarit 2,8/135 and a decent...
  30. gordo

    Film Anyone else curious about the Pentax Film Project?

    I'm wondering what they have cooking in that kitchen. And how long it's going to take to finish. :coffee-79:
  31. The Quiet Photographer

    Film Too long absence from film

    After over thirty years away from film I have returned to my Nikon F4 and loaded a roll of Fomapan. It felt so good tor return to get back to the old ways of film. Bacon Butties and strong Italian coffee! Fomapan 200
  32. DeeJayK

    Film Medium format folder discovery

    Sorry for the long disquisition here, TL/DR: share your experience to help me choose a medium format folding camera. A random encounter in a camera shop recently with a Voigtländer Perkeo II, a 6x6 format, fixed lens, all manual, collapsing camera that takes 120 film, has sparked a minor...
  33. agentlossing

    Film Lomo LC-A (Because Why Not)

    I'm sure I'm only the latest of many who have picked up this legendary little compact, zone-focus camera. But we don't seem to have an image thread, so here goes! Please add your own thoughts and/or images, if you like. Film notes: HP5+ developed in the Ars Imago Lab-Box in Rodinal 1:25 for 6...
  34. agentlossing

    Film You Know Your Hand-Rolled Film Canisters Are Done When...

    The felt shreds and appears in all of your photos. This was a test roll really, through the Lomo LC-A which I just bought. On top of this very visible problem, most of the roll was no good as it rolled on top of itself in the Lab-Box. Foma 200 has a particularly stiff polyester base, and it...
  35. mike3996

    Advice Wanted Off to a rocky start? Polaroid 600 Impulse AF misbehaving?

    First three test shots out of the pack. First one was taken in room temp, developed fine. The other two were taken in 0C / 32F but I had the camera inside my jacket and also placed the ejected film right into a inside pocket. The third one obviously, taken right after the second one, hasn't...
  36. William Lewis

    Film Old Concert Photos

    Found these shots from a John Doe (of X) solo show back in the early '00's in Madison Wi: Pretty sure it was a Voigtlander Bessa R1 & a Canon 50/1.8. Fuji Superia "Supermarket" 400 film.
  37. mike3996

    Film Old Polaroid 600 vs Polaroid Now?

    I am looking to get a Polaroid camera and film as a late Christmas gift for my brother. Polaroid Now can use i-Type batteryless film which a tiny bit cheaper. But the cameras cost more, being newer and having slightly more electronics in them. Polaroid 600-series plastic nonfoldables (just...
  38. agentlossing

    Film Well, How 'Bout This: Ricoh/Pentax Film Camera Development? I haven't digested all of it yet, but it got me excited right out of the gate. What do you think means? And what will come of it?
  39. MountainMan79

    Film Showcase Kodak Portra 800

    No thread for this one, so why not.
  40. Brian

    Film Orange is the New Black and White (correction factor)

    I made a filter holder out of a Plastic Case for a CF memory Card. I used the Polaroid Orange filter made for the folding pack cameras. This filter turns the 600 B&W into a high-contrast response. Too high for shooting people. Some interesting effects. I am going back to the color correction...
  41. Brian

    Film Shooting 600 B&W in an unmodified SX-70

    I almost always use an Orange or Red filter with my M Monochrom. I like Polaroid 600 film, and buy about 1 B&W for every 2 Color. Original SX-70 cameras will overexpose 600 film by 2 Stops. And Orange filter requires 2 Stops of compensation, a Red filter requires 3 Stops. Brain-Fart. The...
  42. Brian

    Film Fall Colors: Polaroid SX-70 Sonar + 119a Telephoto, Modern 600 film.

    This SX-70 Sonar was modified to use 600 film some 20 years ago, easy job- remove the rim over the Electric Eye and take out the ND filter. Use 1-notch towards darken. The SX-70 Sonar can use the 119a Telephoto Lens for a 1.5x magnification. The SLR680 and SLR690 CANNOT use it. Putting the...
  43. 99cameras

    Film Publishing 1 iconic camera a day from an incredible collection

    Hi there I hope this message finds you well and that it will trigger your curiosity:) My dad spent over 50 years collecting and fixing old cameras. He passed away in 2020 so I inherited over 2000 vintage cameras. I have decided to make a digital collection of the 99 I like the most. Not the...
  44. agentlossing

    Film Showcase Kodak Pro Image 100

    There wasn't a thread for this film stock yet. I just developed a roll yesterday using the Cinestill C41 2-bath kit, here are the selects, scanned using the Pro Image 100 profile in Silverfast on the Pacific Image XAs. I like these results, it is not the most color neutral/realistic, at least...
  45. William Lewis

    Film Rolleicord III back in action

    So, I am in the drawn-out process of moving back to Eau Claire for a new job at a different hotel. I just discovered there is still a real photo lab in Eau Claire that develops film in house! I’d stopped doing any film because mail order labs are prohibitively expensive. While not as cheap as...
  46. Roboticspro

    Film Glass Plate Negatives

    Good Afternoon, One of my sons picked up these glass plate negatives for me as part of an estate auction last year. I did some research and the location points (most likely) to the whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts. I am going to take these to the N.B. Whaling Museum to get a true...
  47. lucien

    Film external flash

    I have a Minolta maxxum A7. I ordered a few lens and they came with a flash . The model of the flash is Maxxum 2800 AF. It works by itself because I tested it. Put batteries in and hit the test button. And it fired. The manual for the camera said that this flash needs an hot shoe adapter...
  48. Roboticspro

    Film Showcase Kodachrome 25

    Okay, I'll start this one up, for the Kodachrome 25 fans...:). Regards, Edd
  49. gryphon1911

    Film SX-70 B&W Film - Cemetery and Buddhist Temples

    Got out and had a chance to use the Duochrome Yellow today. Before that, I needed to unload the B&W film pack in the SX-70. Eastlawn Cemetery and WatLao Buddhist Temple Columbus, OH Scans are not as sharp as the actual prints. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  50. gryphon1911

    Film Polaroid 600 - DuoChrome Yellow

    Got out and had a chance to use the Duochrome Yellow today. SX-70 with ND4 attached to the lens (Mint SX-70 Lens Kit). Chua Linh Son Buddhist Temple and WatLao Buddhist Temple Columbus, OH Scans are not as sharp as the actual prints. 1 2 3 4