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  1. Y

    Film For Sale: Konica M-Hexanon 90mm f2.8 | Location: CAN | Ships: Other

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Konica M-Hexanon 90mm f2.8 What are your prices? $500 CAD Where are you located? CAN Where are you willing to to ship? Other Description Mint condition Konica M-Hexanon 90mm f2.8 for sale. I have my...
  2. Tim Williams

    Film Need Canon F1 parts

    Is there an online source for vintage parts. I need a focus screen and possibly a viewfinder. The mirror looks terrible also but that will be a send out repair. Don't think I can do that one.
  3. Tim Williams

    Film F100 question

    Removed thread on F100. Found the answer.
  4. Tim Williams

    Film Hello Everyone

    Well I haven't shot film for some time (years), but the pull to get back to it is strong. I have a group that would like to organize a community darkroom but in the meantime what is a good place to get film developed. I dropped some off at Walgreens and it disappeared. I know I'm rusty but I'm...
  5. Tim Williams

    Film Want to Buy: Olympus Om2n | Location: USA | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? Want to Buy What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Olympus Om2n What are your prices? Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? Description Looking for an Olympus Om2n in very good condition. If you have any lens that could go...
  6. theoldsmithy

    Film Showcase Rollei Retro 400S

    Here are some from my first roll with my Lubitel 166U, just from a stroll around my local churchyard on a gloomy afternoon. img613-5.jpg by theoldsmithy, on Flickr img607-3.jpg by theoldsmithy, on Flickr img610-4.jpg by theoldsmithy, on Flickr img606-2.jpg by theoldsmithy, on Flickr
  7. C

    Film Yashica Mat, should I buy it?

    I want to try medium format, and there is a local sale for a Yashica Mat camera. What do you think of this camera? It looks to be in very good condition and the seller has used it, he says everything works fine. Just want to some opinions before I commit to buying this for $200 :). I believe...
  8. phigmov

    Film Showcase Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 200

    Performs in a very similar way to its big brother (Superia 400) - not shown off to best effect in these shots due to my Sunny 16 metering technique. I'm sure a more modern camera would get better results. These were all shot on a Olympus Pen FV - mostly with the 25mm Zuiko F4 & 38mm Zuiko F1.8
  9. phigmov

    Film Share: Cars

    Nikon F3HP + Fuji Superia 400 Olympus Pen FV + Fuji Superia 200
  10. phigmov

    Film Share: Cats

    Nikon F3HP + Fuji Superia 400 Olympus Pen FV + Fuji Superia 200
  11. BromV

    Film First Shots with the Bronica EC

    I hauled the Bronica up the driveway to make a few tests. This is Arista EDU 400, developed in D76 1:1: House Number: Variation on the classic "Still Life with Hose":
  12. kennethcooke

    Film 35mm and The Zone System

    Magnum and the dying art of darkroom printing | Photography | Agenda | Phaidon
  13. kennethcooke

    Film Very Very Expired Film 1929

    I Bought A 1929 Camera At Second-Hand Store And It Had An Undeveloped Film Inside…
  14. kennethcooke

    Film Large Format Landscape Photographer

    Forget digital. Film is still king when photographing the American landscape.
  15. kennethcooke

    Film Cine Film for Still Camera

    Eastman Kodak Double-X (5222) – a Cinematic Black and White Film
  16. phigmov

    Film Interesting article: Shooting motorsports with a Kodak Box Brownie

    Automotive Week - 1901 camera technology works fine for modern motorsports photography Lens/shutter seemed to struggle a bit for the first few shots - although the sun looks very very bright!
  17. J

    Film New (to me) F5

    I recently acquired an F5 at a good price and shot a roll of E-6 to see if it was working properly. The images below are as processed by a local pro lab.
  18. kennethcooke

    Film Ilford Site + Chapter and Verse

    ILFORD PHOTO | The home of B&W film photography - Ilford Photo
  19. kennethcooke

    Film Interesting Ilford Site

    How I Got this picture - Dave Kirby - Ilford Photo
  20. kennethcooke

    Film The bible on all things film development

    B&W Film Developing Times | The Massive Dev Chart
  21. kennethcooke

    Film Sorting and Archiving?

    I found this article written by a well respected Leica photographer very interesting and it gave me quite a few pointers and ideas on the topic Organizing old photo archives
  22. C

    Film Does it matter where BW is developed?

    I am now down to 5 more shots of my first ever roll in 30+ years, I am excited to see what I get but mildly terrified too. On the one hand I want to just drop off the roll at one of the last consumer photo shops in town that develops film, and on the other I want to drop it off at one of the...
  23. phigmov

    Film Pick my next film/camera combination

    OK, I finally have some of my stuff in the can and off to be developed. Time to load up some more cameras and film. To that end, I thought I'd start a thread to take the pain out of choosing - let your fellow forum-ites pick for you. Cameras - Olympus OM 4Ti Nikon FE Film - Kodak...
  24. kennethcooke

    Film Inspirational?

    This Video Of A Vintage Camera Repair Man Will Inspire You To Shoot Film
  25. kennethcooke

    Film This is nice

  26. kennethcooke

    Film Interesting Photography site

    Camera Reviews – Casual Photophile
  27. theoldsmithy

    Film Shoe-mounted light meter options?

    Hi all it would be quite nice to get a light meter that fits in the accessory shoe on my Zorki. The only ones I have seen on eBay are pretty expensive. Does anyone know of a cheaper option (say under £50)? Edit...turns out there are loads of cheap options. I just had to phrase the search correctly!
  28. MoonMind

    Film Voigtländer Vitessa A

    Two images taken with that camera: lines disturbed on Flickr fenced off on Flickr I own the same model twice, but with different lenses: The first one (inherited from a friend of my father's) has the 50mm f/3.5 Color-Skopar, the second one sports the 50mm f/2 Ultron - and it's obviously been...
  29. kennethcooke

    Film Heavy yes, but brilliant

    Heavy Metal: The Nikon F2
  30. kennethcooke

    Film Stating the obvious

  31. kennethcooke

    Film An interesting Film site

    The FND Blog
  32. medroller

    Film medroller here.

    Finally got off the lounge and signed up for the proper photography genre ( just having a stir ). A long story short, I've done film since the 70's and really only got into digital about 4 years ago. I dragged out the developing gear and started shooting film 90% of the time a few months . I...
  33. kennethcooke

    Film I found this make of developer tank even better than the Paterson

    I found the reels much easier to use, my old Paterson tank, however goes back to the 60's AP 35mm & 120 Film Tank 2 Reels
  34. C

    Film A grip for the Olympus OM1

    Just getting into film photography, so I got myself a lovely OM1 (oh what a lovely camera), but I am so used to having grips on my Pen F and EM5II, I miss one on the OM1. Does anyone know of a grip for it please? I have Googled but nothing, and on Ebay I see the motor winders but they look so...
  35. Arutemu

    Film Fujica 690

    My new toy... Fujica 690 BLP, direct from Japan. Something wicked this way comes... by Artem, on Flickr
  36. kennethcooke

    Film This is a wonderful film about unprocessed film

  37. kennethcooke

    Film Truly fabulous vintage images

    Le Charme du Noir et Blanc
  38. kennethcooke

    Film Inspirational Wet Plate Photographer

    Gerhard Hafner Photography
  39. kennethcooke

    Film A general camera site which appears to explore options

    I thought this looked interesting and discusses options for differing photographic assignments and purposes across a vast range of equipment Photography and Cameras: Photographers images pictures photos
  40. MortyCapp

    Film C22 Agfa Rapid

    Has anyone got any experience with developing old C22 film? I have found a lab who can process it as B&W. Process C22 of any 35mm 120 film 110 scanned to disk & 6 prints Anyone gone that route?
  41. kennethcooke

    Film Chinese Manufacturer produces Fast Lenses

    深圳七工匠光电科技有限公司 And at prices that won't break the bank 7artisans 7Artisans unveils range of low cost, fast lenses for mirrorless cameras
  42. JoeLopez

    Film What are you shooting this weekend?

    I'm planning to shoot a few frames of Portra 160 through the F3 this weekend. I'd like to get my x100 out a bit as well. What are you shooting this weekend?
  43. 480sparky

    Film New Toy(o)

    Stumbled across a darned-near-new Toyo 4x5 today. Mint condition. No film holders of lenses, but I have enough of those. But included a focus cloth, rail extension, bag bellows and 2 flat lensboards and 1 recessed lensboard. Plus a hard fitted case.
  44. theoldsmithy

    Film The beast has arrived!

    Just got the Zorki 4 after a 2-week wait for it to arrive from Kiev. It's a lovely (if heavy) thing to hold, with a very satisfying snick of a shutter, and a splendid bright viewfinder with a clear rangefinder patch. I've got it loaded and ready to go... Here it is with my a6000 behind for...
  45. kennethcooke

    Film The Rollieflex Club

    Rolleiclub Home Page ~ Rolleiclub
  46. kennethcooke

    Film Many articles on Alternative Processes

    Unblinking Eye - photography, darkroom, alternative process, historic photographic processes, travel
  47. JoeLopez

    Film Link to Ebay: Nikon FE & 50mm f1.8 35mm film camera and lens kit | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? Link to Ebay What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Nikon FE & 50mm f1.8 35mm film camera and lens kit What are your prices? 239 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description A NICE original Nikon FE camera with a...
  48. theoldsmithy

    Film Is there anybody out there?

    Kenneth is doing a sterling job posting interesting links, but there doesn't seem to be much else happening. Is it just because it's summer, or are we all waiting to get rolls of film finished and developed? (I know I am!)
  49. kennethcooke

    Film A Searchable and Downloadable Archive

    Pacific Rim Camera
  50. kennethcooke

    Film MF V DSLR Field Test

    A Camera Diary: Field comparison: medium format VS a modern full frame DSLR and premium prime lens.
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