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film photography

  1. medroller

    Film medroller here.

    Finally got off the lounge and signed up for the proper photography genre ( just having a stir ). A long story short, I've done film since the 70's and really only got into digital about 4 years ago. I dragged out the developing gear and started shooting film 90% of the time a few months . I...
  2. kennethcooke

    Film I found this make of developer tank even better than the Paterson

    I found the reels much easier to use, my old Paterson tank, however goes back to the 60's AP 35mm & 120 Film Tank 2 Reels
  3. C

    Film A grip for the Olympus OM1

    Just getting into film photography, so I got myself a lovely OM1 (oh what a lovely camera), but I am so used to having grips on my Pen F and EM5II, I miss one on the OM1. Does anyone know of a grip for it please? I have Googled but nothing, and on Ebay I see the motor winders but they look so...
  4. Arutemu

    Film Fujica 690

    My new toy... Fujica 690 BLP, direct from Japan. Something wicked this way comes... by Artem, on Flickr
  5. kennethcooke

    Film Truly fabulous vintage images

    Le Charme du Noir et Blanc
  6. kennethcooke

    Film Inspirational Wet Plate Photographer

    Gerhard Hafner Photography
  7. kennethcooke

    Film A general camera site which appears to explore options

    I thought this looked interesting and discusses options for differing photographic assignments and purposes across a vast range of equipment Photography and Cameras: Photographers images pictures photos
  8. MortyCapp

    Film C22 Agfa Rapid

    Has anyone got any experience with developing old C22 film? I have found a lab who can process it as B&W. Process C22 of any 35mm 120 film 110 scanned to disk & 6 prints Anyone gone that route?
  9. kennethcooke

    Film Chinese Manufacturer produces Fast Lenses

    深圳七工匠光电科技有限公司 And at prices that won't break the bank Amazon.com: 7artisans 7Artisans unveils range of low cost, fast lenses for mirrorless cameras
  10. JoeLopez

    Film What are you shooting this weekend?

    I'm planning to shoot a few frames of Portra 160 through the F3 this weekend. I'd like to get my x100 out a bit as well. What are you shooting this weekend?
  11. 480sparky

    Film New Toy(o)

    Stumbled across a darned-near-new Toyo 4x5 today. Mint condition. No film holders of lenses, but I have enough of those. But included a focus cloth, rail extension, bag bellows and 2 flat lensboards and 1 recessed lensboard. Plus a hard fitted case.
  12. theoldsmithy

    Film The beast has arrived!

    Just got the Zorki 4 after a 2-week wait for it to arrive from Kiev. It's a lovely (if heavy) thing to hold, with a very satisfying snick of a shutter, and a splendid bright viewfinder with a clear rangefinder patch. I've got it loaded and ready to go... Here it is with my a6000 behind for...
  13. kennethcooke

    Film The Rollieflex Club

    Rolleiclub Home Page ~ Rolleiclub
  14. kennethcooke

    Film Many articles on Alternative Processes

    Unblinking Eye - photography, darkroom, alternative process, historic photographic processes, travel
  15. JoeLopez

    Film Link to Ebay: Nikon FE & 50mm f1.8 35mm film camera and lens kit | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? Link to Ebay What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Nikon FE & 50mm f1.8 35mm film camera and lens kit What are your prices? 239 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description A NICE original Nikon FE camera with a...
  16. theoldsmithy

    Film Is there anybody out there?

    Kenneth is doing a sterling job posting interesting links, but there doesn't seem to be much else happening. Is it just because it's summer, or are we all waiting to get rolls of film finished and developed? (I know I am!)
  17. kennethcooke

    Film A Searchable and Downloadable Archive

    Pacific Rim Camera
  18. kennethcooke

    Film MF V DSLR Field Test

    A Camera Diary: Field comparison: medium format VS a modern full frame DSLR and premium prime lens.
  19. kennethcooke

    Film Hand Colouring

    Hand Colouring black and white prints - Ilford Photo
  20. kennethcooke

    Film This is a fabulous image

    Christopher Burkett's "Pink and White Dogwoods, KY, 1991" This masterpiece - one of Burketts most famous photographs - will be featured in our 26th Annual Floral Masterworks Show opening on Mother's Day Weekend and through the month. Still available in 20x24, 30x40, and 40x50 individually...
  21. kennethcooke

    Film My Music as Photographer and My Photos as Musican

    Mainly produced on Slide film, Kodachrome ll 25asa and Agfa Dia Direct 50asa in and around the late 60's at the height of the Folk Revival https://goo.gl/photos/bEXLvDKdsymJosEV6
  22. kennethcooke

    Film Ando Fuchs- Photographer

    Wonderful images with a totally traditional feel Ando Fuchs - p h o t o g r a p h y
  23. Amin Sabet

    Film Site downtime - sorry that took so long!

    Server upgrade last night went sideways. Should be all sorted now. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  24. kennethcooke

    Film Wonderful Blog, Fabulous Images

    Kjetil Karlsen Photography
  25. kennethcooke

    Film This guy is amasing

    He seemed to live a strange half life and used battered old cameras to an interesting effect and it has brought him world recognition. Some strange stuff here but worth exploring, I think he was great. Will he be missed? Miroslav Tichý’s Homemade Camera Tichý - Tichy Ocean
  26. kennethcooke

    Film The revered and the good

  27. kennethcooke

    Film National Geographic Link- Steve McCurry

    Steve McCurry and Photojournalism’s Burden of Truth
  28. kennethcooke

    Film Ansel Adams Documentary

  29. kennethcooke

    Film Fashion Photographers return to film

    Fashion Photographers Return to Film
  30. kennethcooke

    Film Not the proverbial again?

    Comparing the Image Quality of Film and Digital
  31. JoeLopez

    Film Polaroid Movie (2017)

    High school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the mysterious Polaroid vintage camera she stumbles upon, but it doesn't take long to discover that those who have their picture taken meet a tragic end. Polaroid in theaters August 25th...
  32. kennethcooke

    Film Excellent Mountain Landscape Photographer

    Manfred Schröder photography - Camerapixo
  33. kennethcooke

    Film Terrific Magazine

    ND Magazine
  34. kennethcooke

    Film In Russian but superb Photographic Content

    57 знаменитых фотографов за работой
  35. kennethcooke

    Film Fascinating Panorama Photography Page

    Wonderful images crafted with such care by some very talented photographers Log into Facebook | Facebook
  36. Y

    Film Canon P

    First roll through Canon P. Second roll through with no light meter. Lens is Jupiter 3 (50mm f1.5).
  37. JoeLopez

    Film Showcase Ilford HP5

    Blown Away Guy Nikon F3/T, 50mm f1.8, Ilford HP5
  38. kennethcooke

    Film A friend runs an excellent site for s/h photographic supply

    Second Hand Camera Stands | Second Hand Camera Flash Guns | Second Hand Dark Rooms Online | Nr WITNEY | SECOND-HAND DARKROOM SUPPLIES
  39. kennethcooke

    Film This is my meagre darkroom set up in my cellar?

    One of the most useful purchases, is the Analyser Pro from RH Design which is on the shelf below the enlarger. It takes all the guess work out of printing and is so useful and saves a lot of wasted paper. Here is a link to it which gives full tech spec/ Analyser Pro/500 | RH DESIGNS | Second...
  40. JoeLopez

    Film Yashica Electro 35 GSN Rangefinder

    During my dive back into 35mm film, I wanted a rangefinder. Having first looked at Nikon and recovering from sticker shock, I read a few articles leading me to the Yashica Electro 35 series. Rock solid, dependable and inexpensive, these caught my eye. I shopped on ebay for a few weeks and ran...
  41. JoeLopez

    Film Nikon FE2 black

    I had a few Minolta slrs in 2015 and wanted to buy a Nikon camera to compliment my D7100 and to share some old glass. A member of a Nikon camera facebook group was selling a black Nikon FE2 kit w/50mm f1.8 for $100, I jumped and haven't looked back. The camera arrived an needed nothing but a...
  42. JoeLopez

    Film Nikon F3/T black

    After jumping back into Film in 2015 and buying/trying quite a few cameras, I kept reading about the 'legendary' Nikon F3. I began searching online and found a nice F3/T body on Etsy in February 2017. Took a 50mm f1.8 off the shelf at home and it's been on this body ever since. I've ran a few...
  43. JoeLopez

    Film Noob from Michigan

    I just found this forum through the FujiXSpot. I shot 35mm film from the late 70s through the mid 90s, jumped on the digital point and shoot train until around 2007 when I bought a Nikon D40. Upgraded to a D7100 in about 2013 and dug out my old Minolta XG1 again in 2015. I've since gone through...
  44. theoldsmithy

    Film D'oh....

    After carefully selecting shots over the last several weeks to take with my Minox 35GL loaded with Agfa APX100, I went to rewind the roll this morning for postage to the lab. Rewinding took about 3 turns of the handle until it went slack....blasted thing hadn't wound on properly, had it? It...
  45. kennethcooke

    Film Darkroom Porn

    Some terrific images of photographers darkrooms. A must for gear freaks? Richard Nicholson : Last One Out
  46. kennethcooke

    Film People have asked, What was your first camera?

    And my very first camera as a young lad was a camera acquired by collecting cigarette coupons. My Mother used to own a shop and as a general store they also sold cigarettes and tobacco. It came into her possession before I was born but when I came on the scene in 1947, I became, like most...

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