1. drd1135

    New Beer can Develop Film

    O Brave new world, that has such libations in it:
  2. phigmov

    Film Film Camera Repair Channel

    Pretty sure I've posted this elsewhere before but a few more videos are out from the Fix Old Cameras channel - I'm a little surprised by the plastic Minolta gears in the middle video - you could totally imagine stripping those but maybe they're sturdier than they look... More over here Fix...
  3. tonyturley

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Pro Negative High Film Simulation

    Camera X100S, ISO 200, f4, various shutter speeds, Color 0, Highlight -1, Shadow +1, NR -2, Sharp -2
  4. JoeLopez

    Film Minolta A5 and The More Gooder accessories

    I finally pimped the Minolta A5 out a bit this week :) I ordered the American Flag soft shutter release and hot shoe cover from Great products! I love the fit and finish :) I am looking forward to shooting this gem again with warmer weather on the horizon.
  5. tonyturley

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Classic Chrome Film Simulation

    Following Andrew's Acros example, I thought I'd go ahead and start a CC thread. I took the image I posted in Andrew's Acros thread, and used the in-camera raw software to convert it to CC, bumping up the shadows to +2. Maybe not the best film simulation to try on a gloomy day. What do you think?
  6. gryphon1911

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Acros Film Simulation

    I didn't see this specifically, but thought it might be a good idea for us to share. Since having the MONO dial on the Olympus PEN-F, I've been getting more and more into SOOC JPG processing. My usual workflow is to shoot RAW+F JPG with the "film simulation" of choice. The PEN-F gives you a...
  7. Cameraderie Bot

    Fujifilm announces worldwide price revision of Photographic Film and Photographic Paper.

    Fujifilm announces worldwide price revision of Photographic Film and Photographic Paper.
  8. drd1135

    Film Save a 100,000 Analog Cameras

    What a neat idea.
  9. olli

    Film Showcase Ilford Delta 100

    Here are a few shots with Ilford Delta 100 taken in Sofia, Bulgaria with my Minolta XD. Starting with a couple of shots of the Museum of Sofia, formerly the city's public bathouse. Just across the street is the spot where the hot spring water that used to feed the bathhouse is still being...
  10. gryphon1911

    Film For those who still shoot film and want to develop at home.... Basically a powder that you can get shipepd to you, add water and you are ready to develop your film. Color and B&W options available, and cost is roughly $1 per roll.
  11. olli

    Film Showcase Ilford Delta 400

    I see a thread for this film in the Colour Film Showcase but I assume that now there is a section specifically for B&W Film I should post this here. Here are a few scenes from Sofia, Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago when the snow was falling. Shot on Delta 400 with a Minolta CD and Rokkor MD...
  12. phigmov

    Film Nikon Film Thread

    Show your Nikon film shots... kicking off with a selection of mine from the foreverfilm threads... Nikon F100 + Kodak 400TX Nikon FE + Agfa Precisa 100 Nikon F100 + expired Kodak Ultramax 400 Nikon F3 + Kodak Ektachrome 400 Nikon F3 + Fuji Velvia 100 (probably very lucky with...
  13. phigmov

    Film Widelux, Noblex, Horizon - Panoramic Cameras

    After seeing Jeff Bridges shooting his Widelux I started poking around on evilbay and saw the 2 common variants of panoramic 'moving lens' cameras - the Widelux (vintage Japanese) & Noblex (German). And I also stumbled across the Russian Horizon cameras yesterday too - these often appear to be...
  14. Tim Williams

    Film Minolta Medium Format

    I am being given two Minolta medium format cameras by my aging brother in law. I know very little to nothing about Minolta medium format. Don't even know the models. Haven't seen him in years but he follows my photography. They didn't make many did they?
  15. theoldsmithy

    Film Showcase Acros 100

    I think Kevin has set up this new section, so apologies if there is already a thread for Acros 100. I took my old Agfa Isolette II for a stroll around the garden, trying Acros 100 out in 120 for the first time. Developed by AG Photo Lab, scanned on a CanoScan 8800F using Vuescan, minor tweaks...
  16. MoonMind

    Film MiNT InstantKon RF70 (mostly images)

    Well, to say that this camera is interesting is an understatement. It's a modern take on a classic folder, and it shoots modern instant film (Fujifilm's Instax Wide films, to be exact). It sports full manual control as well as aperture priority with (moderate) exposure correction. It's a true...
  17. MoonMind

    Film Polaroid Originals OneStep2

    To get into gear with instant again before the MiNT InstantKon RF70 arrives, I took out the OneStep2 (and the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass, but that's a different thread) to try my hand on evening colours. I had been in two minds about the Polaroid Originals latest colour film, but quite fond of...
  18. theoldsmithy

    Film Showcase Kono! Kolorit 400T

    A bit of an oddity, this one. It’s a tungsten balanced film so it has a blueish cool look when shot outside. Actually I find it rather appealing. It’s rubbish for cloudy conditions though, the shots come out muddy and flat. Give it some sunshine and it’s nice. All shot with an Olympus XA2...
  19. Tim Williams

    Film Mala Compra

    Some of the best BBQ in Florida and a very tough Mountain Bike track across the street with a boat ramp into the Intercoastal waterway on the east coast out back, near St. Augustine. Fun place to hang out. F100 28-70 3.5-4.5 HP5.
  20. C

    Film Showcase Bergger Panchro 400

    I shot these with the Fuji GW690. I am on the fence about this film, I am not in love with it.
  21. C

    Film The new Ektachrome beta shots

    A few lucky photographers got to beta test the new Ektachrome film, and have started to post their results on Instagram. WOW, it looks really good, the skin tones are just amazing!!!! I can't wait for the new film. and another by the same photographer...
  22. C

    Film Did you know the new polaroid can be peeled apart? I didn't

    I learnt something new today, quite exciting actually, and then I tried it this evening. I am sure many people know about this, but the new Polaroid film (or the old impossible) can also be peeled apart, not quite like real peel apart film, but it will peel apart to a positive emulsion layer...
  23. C

    Film Salvaged some shots...

    I had a roll of Kentmere 100 in a camera with a few shots, I then naively rewound the roll and put into the Olympus MjuII, thought I had wound on there to the first available frame. Well, it obviously didn't work! The lab processed it but wrote a note that all of the frames were overlapped. I...
  24. theoldsmithy

    Film Another developing option

    Kanton DX35 is a Concept Machine for Easy At-Home Film Processing
  25. JoeLopez

    Film Minolta Feedom Zoom 150

    I've been buying and trying compact 35mm cameras for about a year now. Never found one I really liked. They over-hyped models I found to be bulky and loud. I never dove down the Olympus Muju route due to prices, and never scored one while thrifting. About two months ago, I realized I still...
  26. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase FujiColor Pro 400H

    New film for me, unfortunately recently discontinued :boohoo: Three sticks ... Fuji GA645Zi, Fuji Hunt Xpress
  27. C

    Film Showcase Mamiya 6 Folding Camera

    I got the negs back from Mamiya 6 Automat II folder, I used Delta 100 as the test roll. I am very pleased with the results, no light leaks, lens appears to be very sharp, the sunny16 worked fine (like a bit of highlight/shadow edit in LR). The lab however has left some horrible lines on the...
  28. olli

    Film Showcase Lomography Colour Negative 100

    I couldn't find a thread for 100 Lomo negative. Apologies if I've overlooked it. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC. Minolta XD, Rokkor 50/1.7, Lomo Colour 100
  29. C

    Film Showcase Canon AF35ML or Super Sureshot

    This is a 40/1.9 lens point and shoot camera from the 80's. Here is one of the shots from the first roll I have shot with it. Film is Kodak TMax 100 and a yellow filter. Not bad I'd say for a loud 80's camera :).
  30. Tim Williams

    Film Finally finished a roll

    Finally finished a roll of Superia in the F100 this morning. I have the OM2n with me now to try and finish a roll of AGFA Vista200 that's half finished. I really have to thin out my projects. I still have to finish a roll of HP5 in the Minolta that's on frame 12. Good problem to have I guess...
  31. BromV

    Film Vivitar Series 1 Zoom with Tmax 400

    This is a lens which I haven't used in many years. In the past I used it almost exclusively with Kodachrome and Agfachrome, both in ASA 64, both sadly long gone. I got an urge to get it out and try it with some fast film, and chose Tmax 400. The faster film makes it a lot easier! this lens...
  32. C

    Film What camera and film combination are you using today?

    Just thought I would start a conversation on this topic, I would love to know what everyone is shooting today (or these days). I loaded up two cameras last night, the Nikon F80 with FP4 and the Canon ML35 or Super Sure Shot, I believe this was what it was called in NA, with some Kodak TMax 100...
  33. M. Valdemar


    Here's something you don't see very often. I had a 5cm Nikkor f2 Lens for the Hansa Canon for years, a lucky flea market find. A few weeks ago I got a Seiki-Canon 1938 Model S in beautiful cosmetic condition. I had been looking for a body for years, finally found one that wasn't insanely...
  34. C

    Film Plustek Opticfilm 120 Scanner

    I have spent two days with this scanner, here are some early thoughts. I used both Vuescan and Silverfast with it, and I think Silverfast offers better scans, just to note I am creating linear scans, no edits made by the scanner, except extraction of the "pure" data from the neg. Linear scans...
  35. Tim Williams

    Film Adjustable Tripod Collar

    Does anybody make such a thing? I have found lens attachment rings with tripod connectors but I loose auto focus and metering. I have a couple older lens that need one. My Tamron 60-300 is a log. I can't imaging hanging that thing off the front of a camera without support. It's a fun older...
  36. C

    Film Questions about filters and film

    What would be a good choice for a overall filter that I could use for BW photography in say a very sunny place? I like my BW pictures that I took in Tula, but felt I could have done with something to lessen the bright light a bit. It was a very sunny and open space with only wispy clouds in...
  37. C

    Film Showcase Kodak TMax 100

    A shot from my TMax 100 roll. Mexico.
  38. phigmov

    Film Video: Kodak 3200 vs Ilford 3200

    Quite enjoyed this - two high-speed B&W films compared. I've never had much luck with high-speed film but I'm tempted to give it another crack in the right circumstances. It looks like the Kodak is definitely grittier and the Ilford has a smoother look to it. The presenter did well in some of...
  39. C

    Film Some beginner random thoughts on different film (a bit long)

    I recently went on a short trip to Mexico, to a town I have visited a number of times, and this is the first time I took pictures. I never did before because I hate using a phone to take pictures and I had no camera in the past. Anyhow, I took my Minolta Dynax 5 with a 50mm lens and whole lot...
  40. jssaraiva

    Film How to unfreeze film?

    Anything special to know about how to unfreeze film, specially 120? Only done this with 135 in the past. And can it be frozen again? Thanks for any tips!
  41. jssaraiva

    Film Showcase Kodak ColorPlus 200

    With Rollei 35S Winter shapes by José Saraiva, on Flickr
  42. jssaraiva

    Film End of Acros

    This was in the works, after sheet film has been discontinued, now “Fugidigital” also announced the end of Acros in 120 and 135. I do prefer the Fomapan 100, but have just bought 5 boxes to use it over time. This is quite a unique film, so I’ll miss it and even if I prefer the alternatives, it...
  43. Tim Williams

    Film Finally a good day to shoot

    It has been Clear as glass skies here for ever it seems. We had soft overcast all day today. I tried to make the best of it. Got half a roll burned in my Minolta maxxum 7. What a joy to shoot. I really will keep this camera. Rest of the day was digital. Just felt good to get out and shoot finally.
  44. Tim Williams

    Film Thinking about Medium Format

    I would like to get into medium format on landscapes. I have never shot medium format, never even held a camera, but the IQ has so much more depth it seems than 35. Any suggestions on a good, place to start. Camera system , lens selection. I would like to stay as budget minded as possible . I'm...
  45. phigmov

    Film Showcase Agfa Precisa 200

    First roll through the Nikon FA... I'd forgotten it was slide film and got convinced to x-process it by the shop to save a few $$$... I should have just got it done properly as I'm not sure if the super-grainy look is due to the film, camera-exposure or processing. Will need to run some plain...
  46. phigmov

    Film Bronica S

    First roll back - it was some old Kodak Plus-X pan 125. Some shots were better than others - my focusing needs work (even using the loupe, on a sunny day its hard to nail focus) and some of the speeds might be a little off judging by the horizontal line that appears in a few shots. Some more...
  47. Tim Williams

    Film F100 on FM

    This looks to be a very nice F100 + 50 1.8 if anyone is interested. Thinking about it myself and I already have one lol. FS: Nikon F100 + 50mm/1.8 *LOWER PRICE*
  48. BromV

    Film Olympus Stylus Epic

    My XA2 bit the dust, but I kind of enjoyed the point and shoot experience, and I remembered my old Stylus Epic Zoom 80. I know this went under other names in other parts of the world, mostly starting with Mju. I was given this camera many years ago, but never really bonded with it, but it was...
  49. phigmov

    Film Masha Ivashintsova - Leningrad's Lost Photographer

    Sad tale, she lived through turbulent times ('42-00) - she left behind 30000 negatives and never showed her photos to anyone. Almost seems like a Russian Vivian Maier. Some of her photos over here - Leningrad's Lost Photographer Her daughter is scanning her photos and releasing them on an...
  50. phigmov

    Film Agfa Kills Vista

    I has a sad. Better check my fridge & eBay to see what the going rate is. Agfa Vista Film is Dead: Report I had no idea it was actually manufactured by Fujifilm. Which explains a lot; they seem intent on running down their film portfolio. eBay seems to have blocks going relatively cheap from...
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