1. mike3996

    Show Art Filters

    I learned about a filter named "Dream Smoothing" which is part of the free G'MIC plugin library. Grabbed a random car picture of mine and ran it through. Love the results!
  2. bilzmale

    Infrared Images Comparison of various IR wavelength filters. B&W jpgs for interest only - sooc.

    If I want an infrared image to be B&W I always process from RAW. However, I set my IR camera to RAW + jpg and use a B&W camera preset. The only reason for this is that the viewfinder is easier to see in B&W than the mostly red IR version. The sooc images below are just for interest.
  3. bilzmale

    Infrared Images Comparison of various IR wavelength filters. Processsed from RAW.

    The 5 RAW images in the previous post are processed as follows: 1. In Adobe Camera Raw apply a pre-prepared camera profile which is based on a custom IR white balance. 2. In ACR use the eyedropper to set local WB from a neutral area. 3. In PS use the Channel Mixer to swap the Red and Blue...
  4. bilzmale

    Infrared Images Comparison of various IR wavelength filters. RAW.

    As I've mentioned I own a full spectrum converted infrared camera so it 'sees' most of the ultraviolet and infrared range of light (deliberately blocked in a normal camera) as well as the visible spectrum. You can limit this to parts of the visible + infrared spectrum by using external filters...
  5. depscribe

    Infrared Gear The higher-end Kolari conversion filters -- worth it?

    If things go according to plan, I'll be sending my 720nm X-E2 off to Kolari this week to get made into a 590nm camera. And as I go through the options, I see that there are three levels of filter offered: an "industry standard uncoated filter" IR conversion, an IR conversion that is said to have...
  6. C

    Film Questions about filters and film

    What would be a good choice for a overall filter that I could use for BW photography in say a very sunny place? I like my BW pictures that I took in Tula, but felt I could have done with something to lessen the bright light a bit. It was a very sunny and open space with only wispy clouds in...