1. donlaw

    Major Chemical Fire

    Horrific fire is burning out of control east of Houston. Captured this out the window of my office this morning. Authorities are down playing any danger from the fumes. Could burn for days. We are taking precautions to stay indoors as much as possible. Lucky strong winds aloft are keeping the...
  2. L

    Sony RX10 mkii high speed footage

    Welp, I'm in love!
  3. Will o' the wisps

    Will o' the wisps

  4. Electric Fire

    Electric Fire

    HTC One S, yes I have Phone addiction :)
  5. Fire, in the Sky

    Fire, in the Sky

  6. Fireplace, Queens Arms, Slapton

    Fireplace, Queens Arms, Slapton

    A welcome sight on a near freezing day
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