1. drd1135

    Sony hands out A9iii’s at SB Live fire testing.
  2. Irene McC


    My husband, daughter and I did the usual Saturday morning traipse around the flea market and were discussing what to have for lunch on our way home. It's been hot (in the 30's) and dry the past few weeks already and as we came over the mountain dip between two mountains, which brings us to the...
  3. drd1135

    Documentary Where there's smoke, there's fire.

    This smoke just rolled in over the last hour. Apparently, we are surrounded by three separate fires. If you look closely, you can just see the trees across the street in the second image.
  4. Irene McC

    Restoration of historic mill after fire-Image Gallery I've uploaded this gallery of images after I was invited to look around and permitted a glimpse inside this historic Cape Town landmark. Originally built in 1790, it was completely razed by a mountain fire (set by arsonists) in April 2021. A...
  5. AlwaysOnAuto

    Documentary FIRE trucks!

    Thought it might be nice to see a thread devoted to the fire fighters and their trucks from around the world. Here's one from my neck of the woods that was out this morning. Almost couldn't fit it in. Good thing I had the 24mm mounted this morning.
  6. Petrochemist

    Show: Fire & flames

    I've never actually been diagnosed as a pyromaniac but I do certainly see the beauty in fire. Having just seen a selection of fabulous fire shots in the 'post an image related to the one' above thread I went looking for a thread on fire & couldn't find one so decided to start one! Here's one of...
  7. gordo

    Colorado Fire

    I've been following the fire in Colorado, NW of Denver, all evening. We have a handful of family members in the Denver metro area, thankfully none directly affected by the evacuations. Bad day for a lot of people there. Downed powerline sparking a grass fire, whipped up and driven by extremely...
  8. MiguelATF

    Panasonic A year after the Fire (Talent, Oregon)

    A little more than a year ago, a devastating wildfire burned more than a fifth of the small Oregon town where I live. Today much of what had been reduced to ashes is being rebuilt, but near downtown, the skeleton of a grand old building - that was once a museum-like warehouse-shop of Asian...
  9. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Quick . . . the sky is on fire

    Waaaay out west . . . western New York State, that is, my sister-in-law was opening the living room drapes, when the spotter-in-chief (aka better half), practically shouts, "Quick, look at that sky! Get your camera!" I'm lolling in a recliner, in my jammies, "Hurry up!" she says as I struggle...
  10. donlaw

    Major Chemical Fire

    Horrific fire is burning out of control east of Houston. Captured this out the window of my office this morning. Authorities are down playing any danger from the fumes. Could burn for days. We are taking precautions to stay indoors as much as possible. Lucky strong winds aloft are keeping the...
  11. L

    Sony RX10 mkii high speed footage

    Welp, I'm in love!
  12. Will o' the wisps

    Will o' the wisps

  13. Electric Fire

    Electric Fire

    HTC One S, yes I have Phone addiction :)
  14. Fire, in the Sky

    Fire, in the Sky

  15. Fireplace, Queens Arms, Slapton

    Fireplace, Queens Arms, Slapton

    A welcome sight on a near freezing day