1. ErichH

    Feedback How do I get rid of the "New Post (Flash)" notifications??

    Well, maybe I'm stupid, or just half blind, but is there any way to get rid of the "red little square with a number in it that is on top of the little picture of a flash" at the top of the window representing "What's New"? This number indicates how many new posts and threads that's been posted...
  2. davect01

    New small flash

    New little flash for my A6400. Lightweight and portability is the most important part for me in even considering taking a flash.
  3. jyc860923

    Sony solution for those struggling with TTL flash metering

    You might know those things that no reviews ever cover but can really make a camera system undependable for certain types of work, and when you ask, people tell you "that's what manual mode's for", or "that's just the way it is", it shouldn't have to be. And TTL flash has long been the worst...
  4. Arbib

    Fuji Nikon SB-27 is a great flash for Fuji X100 cameras

    I just bought this for my Nikon F2 and Nikon FM2n, but I also tried it on my X100T. Low Profile, powerful, Bounce and Macro to 1 foot, covers the 28/35/50 if you have the wide and tele converters Balances nicely, covers in the Hortz position 24/28/35/50, and in the Vert position 28/35/50/70 In...
  5. SIJ 01 - Let me in

    SIJ 01 - Let me in

    My parents' dog wandered over to our house and sat by this door for a while. This is one of my first ever shots using a flash.