1. B

    Stroll Went to a rock show with flash bulbs and film

    I think this was about seven years ago. I took this Contax to a local music show. I was more than 30 years older than anyone else there and probably looked out of place, nobody talked to me. But it was fun. I can not remember the film, I don't really care about what film I shoot, I just have to...
  2. AndyMcD

    Sony Godox flash compatibility

    Looking to add an on camera flash plus wireless trigger for my Sony A7. I am already full in with Godox so want either a TT685 or TT350 plus X Pro trigger. Looking on Amazon, all the listings say A7R but not A7 (later A7 versions are shown as compatible). Is there an issue with flash...
  3. doobs


    So sometime back, prolly while packing up to move, I stored the EF-X8 flash for my Fuji X-T2 someplace clever. Trouble is, I'm flat out of clever at the moment and can't find it. I'm taking some pictures of "issues" with the new house to send to the contractor and a flash would be very...
  4. C

    Flash or Headlamp

    So every year I take a trip with my friend of over 30 years. We go herping and arachnid imaging in the desert. We each wear a fairly bright miner's light as well as carry a UV light (for scorpions). As we age (74 and he is 80) I am wondering about using a flash for night imaging rather than a...
  5. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Flash Tall flash Vs compact flash for macro

    Heuou. I got my diffuser and I got (the wrong) Raynox DCR-150 to get better closeups from my Tamy zooms (for now) buy I need a flash. I was initially thinking of Meike MK320 for a light and portable setup with the Laowa 85mm f 5.6 APO Macro and Tamron 24/35mm f 2.8 Di III OSD Mqcro. It's cheap...
  6. Kevin

    Lighting Pop-up Flash Diffuser - Recommendations or thoughts?

    What are your general thoughts or recommendations on a diffuser for cameras with pop-up flashes? In my particular case it'd be a Canon 77D, and I know that there are a few different products out there and a bunch of DIY methods, but I'm more curious to the topic in general. Are they...
  7. lucien

    Film external flash

    I have a Minolta maxxum A7. I ordered a few lens and they came with a flash . The model of the flash is Maxxum 2800 AF. It works by itself because I tested it. Put batteries in and hit the test button. And it fired. The manual for the camera said that this flash needs an hot shoe adapter...
  8. lucien

    Lighting flash

    Hi, I'm trying to get continuous low going indoors ie multiple exposure via a wireless remote. The camera won't do continous low unless I push the shutter release myself. The shutter is set for 1/125. Do I need a wired remote? The camera is set for remote control mode (quick response) Am I...
  9. AndyMcD

    Godox MF-12 Flash Units

    I picked up the K2 set of these (so 2x flash units plus the adapter rings, gels etc for them. Here is a quick test picture using them mounted onto the Fuji 80/2.8 lens, I use the XPro trigger to control them. Unit A was at the 1 o' clock position (as viewed from behind the camera) and was at...
  10. ErichH

    Feedback How do I get rid of the "New Post (Flash)" notifications??

    Well, maybe I'm stupid, or just half blind, but is there any way to get rid of the "red little square with a number in it that is on top of the little picture of a flash" at the top of the window representing "What's New"? This number indicates how many new posts and threads that's been posted...
  11. davect01

    Lighting New small flash

    New little flash for my A6400. Lightweight and portability is the most important part for me in even considering taking a flash.
  12. jyc860923

    Sony solution for those struggling with TTL flash metering

    You might know those things that no reviews ever cover but can really make a camera system undependable for certain types of work, and when you ask, people tell you "that's what manual mode's for", or "that's just the way it is", it shouldn't have to be. And TTL flash has long been the worst...
  13. Arbib

    Fuji Nikon SB-27 is a great flash for Fuji X100 cameras

    I just bought this for my Nikon F2 and Nikon FM2n, but I also tried it on my X100T. Low Profile, powerful, Bounce and Macro to 1 foot, covers the 28/35/50 if you have the wide and tele converters Balances nicely, covers in the Hortz position 24/28/35/50, and in the Vert position 28/35/50/70 In...
  14. SIJ 01 - Let me in

    SIJ 01 - Let me in

    My parents' dog wandered over to our house and sat by this door for a while. This is one of my first ever shots using a flash.