1. Alf

    Off, the weekend

    Time flies. So we, you, missed the day we were in Florence having lunch in a little place And Saturday morning in Pistoia at the market. And a sunny afternoon in Lucca And Dinner.
  2. Alf

    Where we've been

    Again there, but trainless courtesy of a delay - so it's Florence by car for us! After the mayhem we head straight to Alinari Cafe (named after the photographer brothers, a local institution) for the necessary refreshments and the start of much needed debauchery. Not alone of course And...
  3. Alf

    Home and away

    So we get on the little train, a precious lunch awaits, a short walk away, and more. There we are - a little early, just the time for a short walk and a pic or two I'm not the only one with the camera. yours truly Really dangerous shop windows upload After, we take our time walking...