1. QBI

    Street Show "Street Food"

    How about a thread for street food? Markets, carts, hole-in-the-wall outlets, vans, trailers.... Here's my starter
  2. Kevin

    News BBC's "Food Photographer of the Year 2019"

    BBC news has posted their "Food Photographer of the Year 2019". Based on the title of the page I was expecting something a bit more along the lines of typical "millennial tacking a picture of their dinner", instead it's an international diverse collection of scenes involving food in some...
  3. gryphon1911

    Nikon Showcase Spaghetti Eating Contest (Image Heavy)

    Rules: No using hands at all Every bit of spaghetti must be eaten, even if it falls off the plate 10 minute time limit first person to finish is the winner if no one has a clean plate at the end of 10 minutes, the person with the lightest plate of spaghetti wins Total weight of food to consume...
  4. Food


    Grilling season has arrived to our northern climate. On the menu the other night was a grilled pork chop with brussel sprouts and sweet potato. I'll try to catch up with your postings tomorrow from work.
  5. Anyone for a fish meal

    Anyone for a fish meal

    The cook? on a sailing Dhow preparing food for the crew, photographed in Dubai Creek in 1977 using a Leica M3 and scanned in from an FP4 negative
  6. Fish and Chips, and Cider

    Fish and Chips, and Cider