1. M

    Nature Today's walk in the forest

    As you can see, spring has not yet arrived. It seems to be spring in the calendar, but the plants have yet to burst into bright, juicy green. X-T1, XF23, XF35
  2. T

    Nikon rainy day in the forest with D750 and 24-85mm

    The D750 - of all my cameras the one I use the least... I previously only had the 24-120mm (which made the combo just a little bit too big and heavy to be comfortable on hikes), but recently picked up a cheap 24-85mm and thought I have to give this camera a go again. :) Saturday hike by tilman...
  3. TraamisVOS

    Currawong in the forest

    Which composition do you like better - the original showing the full context or the widescreen/cropped which brings the focus to the bird?
  4. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Forest

    Trees as important for the sustainability of the planet we live in. They are also of great beauty. This is a photograph captured in a forest where wild animals could attack the greatest predators of the World.
  5. Winter Forest

    Winter Forest

    My D-Lux 4 arrived to-day. First test love the macro setting. Dinky little camera