1. JensM

    Feedback Possibility for a Lighting forum?

    Having shuffled a bit back and forth, searching, reading and with a blinding flash of the obvious, I would like to suggest a forum in the "other gear" segment in regards of lighting, for your consideration. Covering all sort of "non-natural" lighting stuff: On camera speed-lights, off camera...
  2. copescamera

    Hi, new here...

    Hi, I'm a now retired professional photographer, who became addicted to this medium in the mid / late 1960s. After 15 years of digital photography (mirrorless right from the start, with Fuji from 2012) I'm slowly getting back to analog photography. I tinker with old analog cameras, have been...
  3. H

    What is the best way of displaying images on this Forum?

    I've been looking at some of the images I have been posting on these forums, some how they just don't seem as sharp and clear. Does the forum software compress the images? And if so what should I do so that the images look crispy/sharp? I feel in the past, linking images from Flickr with the BB...
  4. doobs

    Forum settings and whatnot

    Greetings all, I'm working toward weaning myself from the drogues and plinks on DReview. Just way too much angst in return for a bit of technical content. This place has always been uber (can we still use that word?) comfortable, so I'm leaning (heavily, Tower of Pisa, heavily :)) on making...
  5. Herman

    Forum time

    How much time do you spend @ cameraderie forum?