1. mike3996

    My frameline simulator

    I've had this thing for some years now. I apparently didn't remember to showcase it here. So what it does? You put a picture of yours in it (it won't go over the internet, anywhere) and you tell it what FL you used to take the shot. Uncropped files will work the best, naturally. Use either the...
  2. Phoenix

    Fuji A totally unnecessary rambling about the 16mm 1.4, the OVF, and framelines.

    This is not a review of the 16mm 1.4, there are already heaps of reviews of this lens all over the net. This is just my personal rambling regarding the 16mm framelines in the OVF. Finally bit the bullet and got the 16mm 1.4 today (which pretty much means I'll be living off 2 minute noodles for...