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    Vieux port de Marseille
  2. Heart13

    Bouquet de thym 💜

    💜Wisdom consists of two words, wise and gesture, take action to be wise 💜. Jeanine Tariot
  3. M

    Hello from France

    Hi everybody, I am a hobby photographer living in France. I am mostly a lurker on online fora, but I like to post some images from time to time.
  4. christilou

    Valbonne .... France

  5. christilou

    Biot ...... France

    We went to the same place again to stay in our friend's villa. We had not been to Biot although it was fairly close to Valbonne where we were staying. As we had done most of the surrounding villages last year we decided to visit this one. It's renowned for glass blowing although we didn't...
  6. Dirk Offringa

    Hello from Nîmes, France

    Hi everyone, I live and work in the south of France, near Nîmes. I work in the entertainment business as a musician and soundguy, but photography has become a bigger part of my life since a couple of years. I've been enjoying it as a hobby since my teens (that was in the 70's) when I had my own...
  7. christilou

    Travel South of France .....

    Staying in Valbonne .....
  8. sleeping beauties

    sleeping beauties

    le cimetère des bateaux Ricoh GRDIII