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  1. Cider apples (windfalls)

    Cider apples (windfalls)

  2. Cider apples

    Cider apples

  3. Cider apples

    Cider apples

  4. Cider apples

    Cider apples

  5. Marmalade Hoverfly feeding on Bindweed pollen

    Marmalade Hoverfly feeding on Bindweed pollen

  6. fruits of Blackthorn (Sloe)

    fruits of Blackthorn (Sloe)

  7. Rose hip

    Rose hip

  8. fruits of Bramble

    fruits of Bramble

  9. fruits of Honeysuckle

    fruits of Honeysuckle

  10. fruits of Elderberry

    fruits of Elderberry

  11. fruits of Bittersweet

    fruits of Bittersweet

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