fuji showcase

  1. AndyMcD

    Fuji Showcase Fuji XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR

    I was surprised not to see a thread for this lens already, so went out and bought one ;) The lens only arrived this afternoon, whilst I was working and there was no light outside by the time I got to try it. This is taken at its minimum focusing distance as part of another thread I created to...
  2. Ghostbuggy

    Fuji Showcase Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1.2

    The Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f1.2 arrived two days ago, however due to bad weather I haven't really had the opportunity to take it outside. Just like the other Voigtländer lenses, this one comes with electrical contacts and communicates with most (modern) Fujifilm X cameras, there are some...
  3. BeatX

    I took 73$ lens, and shoot some portraits

    Stars of the show: humble TTArtisan 35/1.4 and my wife Anna 😁 I would say, rendering is not that bad as for 73$ lens I guess? And.. im starting to like using manual focusing during photo shoot. It makes whole shooting experience more immersive, and tactile. Interesting. Anyway, enjoy! 1) 2)...
  4. BeatX

    Fuji Showcase Fujinon XF 23/1.4 R WR LM <- perfection. User review :)

    Hi everyone. I've got this lens over 6 months, so I think it's long enough to give You my thoughts about this stellar prime ;) This will be user/practical review, from portrait photographer perspective. First of all, I will write down without any hesitation, that this is one of the best (if not...