fuji x-pro2

  1. J

    Fuji Copyright info setting

    I am fairly new to the Fuji "X" world so please be gentle. Upon purchasing I tried to find the copyright settings in the menu to no avail until I realized it did not exist. I am coming from the DSLR realm of Canon 5DM3, so it was one of the first settings I looked for on my new and now used...
  2. Nick Ingamells

    Fuji Hanimar 135mm 3.5

    I picked this lens up in a charity shop for £12 with Helios 44 and Zenit camera thrown in for free! Obviously it's not terribly sharp but I really like the soft, gentle feel to the images. These was taken on an X-PRO2. Hope you like it!
  3. CapoDave

    Fuji First Outing with X-Pro2

    All shot with 18mm lens and edited with LR.
  4. G

    Fuji The Fuji X-Pro2 is my first Fuji camera... HELP!!

    Previous to this I was using a Nikon D7200 with a variety of lenses. The Fuji X-Pro2 is my first Fuji camera. I have been reading the manual and playing with a variety of settings for the past 5 days that I have owned the camera (using a 18-135mm lens). Rico's book seems to be the only book...