1. KillRamsey

    Fuji Fuji Webcam App (limited models)

    https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/27/21271565/fujifilm-x-webcam-app-mirrorless-camera SO CLOSE. I would love to use one of my 2 X cams as a web cam for the million web meetings I have, but they didn't include either the old XT1 or the XE3 in the list of supported models! I'm frustrated. I'm...
  2. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase GFX50R w/63mm 2.8

  3. gordo

    Fuji Question for Fuji M-mount lens fans...

    As my photographic journey continues and my preferences refine a bit more, I have found I am really enjoying m-mount glass on my X-H1. Based on images I've seen and responses across several websites, I'm thinking my choice is certainly the non-standard. I'd guess most m-mount glass is being...
  4. gryphon1911

    Fuji Showcase Fuji TCL-X100 (any version) Images

    Please share images taken with any Fuji X100 camera and any version of the Telephoto Adapter (TCL-X100). Starting us off...
  5. Lou Tingle

    Fuji Fujifilm releases very minor firmware updates for six of its XF lenses

  6. legine

    Fuji Fast changing tech...

    From my new Fuji XE-3 + XF27mm 2.8 - tech changes so fast, even giving my old Leica M240 a good run for its money...
  7. gryphon1911

    Fuji Showcase FujiFilm Eterna Film Simulation

    Lets see those Eterna film simulation images. Share the custom recipes if you have them! Got this one from FujiXWeekly.com. This is for X-Trans IV and newer sensors. FujiFilm Eterna film simulation Film Simulation = Eterna Sharpness = +2 Shadows = +4 Highlights = +4 Grain = Strong Noise...
  8. buttermaker

    Fuji Not an equipment junkie :)

    The first think they taught us in Photography School in NY, late 70's, was not to be an equipment junkie. It's the Photographer not the equipment. I had a Mamiya Sekor 500DTL back then for gods sake :) It was all I could afford. Every setting was manual. That's why I love my Fuji X-T1. ( still...
  9. buttermaker

    Fuji New Member Steven Beck former Fuji employee

    New member here from the Northern Virginia DC area. I worked for Fujifilm for 23 years. Unfortunately a few years ago I didn't dodge one of their frequent layoffs. I still love Fuji cameras though. Let's hope we can all get past this crazy Virus lockdown and get out shooting again!
  10. gryphon1911

    Fuji My Fuji X100V Review

    https://bestlightphotoblog.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/fujifilm-x100v-review/ While it may not be the best time to be able to get out for review purposes...I did the best I could. Hope you all enjoy my review of the X100V.
  11. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase Nikon 200-500 adapted to Fuji X-H1

    I bought and returned a Metabones Nikon F to Fuji XF adapter, but grabbed this one shot before I boxed it back up. I should have ordered the Nikon G to Fuji XF.
  12. Jock Elliott

    Fuji A typical Elliott adventure

    "Gee, the weather was marvelous!" -- not us. This is Peebles Island, Waterford, NY, on a rainy day. Brought the Big Kahuna (RX10 MkIV) in case we saw eagles, but never unholstered it. Everything shot with XP90 on Auto setting. From the bridge. That's Peebles Island on the left. That's water...
  13. Mike G

    Fuji Showcase Five in a row!

    One of the last photos taken with my departed X-H1, which started to play up by spontaneous reset to factory settings and freezing! Fujifilm X-H1 + 35mm 1.4 @ 1/2500 f2.8 ISO200 Apologies if I’ve posted this one before.:hiding:
  14. mike3996

    Fuji The electronic rangefinder

    Everybody and their dog has been fantasizing about an EVF camera that had a good workable rangefinder view. Sadly I believe it's just about impossible to implement digitally. But has anyone ever considered this feature the other way around? Take an XPro body. Install dual windows in there...
  15. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Rumored 70-300 in the works

    This would be a great addition to the lens lineup. https://www.fujirumors.com/exclusive-fujifilm-working-on-fujinon-xf-70-300mm-x-mount-lens/
  16. Lou Tingle

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro

    Magnolia Love
  17. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Tokina is launching three primes for Fuji

    Tokina is entering the Fuji market with three primes. 23mm, 33mm, and 56mm 1.4 lenses will be available in the Fall of this year. https://tokinalens.com/news/tokina_new_lenses_2020_line_up_development_announcement/
  18. davidzvi

    News / Rumor Fuji X-E Canceled?

    New rumor about the X-E3 being the last of the line. :wtf: Unless the plan is to merge the X-Pro / X-E / X-A into just two offerings with the X-A moving WAY up, I don't understand it. And given the X-A is on #7 and the X-E is only on #3 they would have a longer run and keep things more in a...
  19. Jock Elliott

    Fuji In which the "crap" camera strikes again . . .

    Lately, I've been sticking the XP90 in my coat pocket in the hopes of capturing some weather/sky related images. Its best qualities are that it is small and weatherproof. There is precious little in the way of controls that the user can employ to influence what happens when the shutter is...
  20. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji X-T4 discussion

    The X-T4 announcement is later this month. The first, what should be small but will actually be big, rumor. The D pad will be on the T4. And there was much rejoicing. https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t4-d-pad-or-no-d-pad-the-answer-in-this-article/
  21. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Four X mount lenses coming

    We know the 50mm f1 will be out this year. But, it was announced at the Fuji Summit that 4 new lenses are coming in the next 12 months. Any guesses what the other three may be?
  22. Tim Williams

    Fuji New Member , Haylee Rae

    My first and only Granddaughter Haylee is soon to be a photographer with her Granddaddy and Mom. Thank god Shelby broke down and had a girl. My two daughters were on a three boy run and Granddad was getting older by the baby. I snapped this pic yesterday at 4 mo old. She won't get spoiled much...
  23. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji The great X100V discussion thread (formerly "specs leaked")

    The spec list is out. Looks like it is getting a tilting screen. But no weather sealing. https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x100v-full-specs-leaked/
  24. mike3996

    Fuji I think I'll move on

    I have placed a FS/FT post for all my Fuji gear -- as a long shot I mentioned I can entertain trades for Leica SL or Nikon Df. (These two bodies being particular desires for me right now. Won't certainly happen but would be seriously cool if it did.) This is an early eulogy. This is pretty...
  25. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji X-T3 and X-Pro3 firmware updates available

    Updates to improve the AF on the X-T3 and fix some bugs in the X-Pro3 are now available. https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-firmware-3-20-and-fujifilm-x-pro3-firmware-1-03-released/
  26. tonyturley

    Fuji Fuji on the move

    Fuji seems to be very busy these days. X-Pro3 recently released. X-T4 coming soon. X100V with flippy screen. XC 35mm F2. The XT200 looks like a very interesting camera, but it's not weather sealed. Nor is the XC 35mm F2. Given the XT200 and XC 35mm are shown together in Fuji's ads, I'm guessing...
  27. Biro

    Fuji Potential Fuji X-Pro3 EVF Defect

    Anyone experiencing this? https://www.dpreview.com/news/5584595135/following-initial-reports-fujifilm-confirms-small-percentage-of-x-pro3-units-have-an-evf-defect
  28. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Camera Punk: a film by Fujifilm

    This is a 90 minute film by Fujifilm delving into the creation process of the X-Pro 3. As well as interviews with photographers Eric Bouvet, Patrick La Roque, Kevin Mullins, Jonas Rask, Charlene Winfred, Megan Lewis, Rommel Bundalian, Zack Arias, and Mindy Tan.
  29. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Autofocus woes

    I shot a show Saturday night at pretty well lit music hall. The X-Pro2 did well for the most part. But some shots I missed due to the autofocus not being able to lock on that would have been amazing. Or at least I think they would have been amazing. Which leads to the inevitable question of do I...
  30. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji Restarting My Blog

    I don't know if this allowed, so if it isn't, Moderator please delete it! I've restarted my blog after a long lapse, and so far am sticking to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. It's not Fuji-specific, but I am a Fuji shooter, and before that I used micro 4/3s. I've had a long and varied...
  31. Biro

    Fuji X100F in 2020?

    Most of my expensive photography purchases are about to be behind me. But there are still one or two acquisitions possible before our household begins ratcheting down in earnest. Now, I have an X-Pro 2 and I'm not sure that I'm going to upgrade to an X-Pro 3 (at least not until prices really...
  32. Lou Tingle

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm XF10 - A place to share your photos

    Just sharing some images from the Fujifilm XF10. I was on the fence for a long time about buying one but have no regrets now. The lens and out of camera JPGs are no slouch. F1001729Silk9 (1) by Lou Tingle, on Flickr
  33. Covey22

    Fuji Acros+G Outtakes

    Some outtakes from a Nativity Play using Acros+G with some custom settings. I really like the look, and set aside two C-slots for Acros and Acros+G for grab shots.
  34. Covey22

    Fuji Dancing to a Bamboo Beat X-T30 + XF16-55

    I lifted the thread title from a 1977 NYT article, The Gray Lady said it much better than I could. :D Fundraiser the other night to cover the medicine costs for an Annual Medical Mission to the Philippines. My first outing with the X-T30 and the much improved AF capability as well as higher...
  35. Jock Elliott

    Fuji Lessons learned, Fuji XP-90 and a rant from the cranky old elf

    This is my favorite time of year. I love coming around a corner in the dark to find a house lit with warmth and loveliness. Lately, I've felt an internal prompting to try to capture that beauty. So when the better half (aka spotter-in-chief) proposed, yesterday evening, a stroll around the...
  36. Covey22

    Fuji Fuji XF56 vs Grab (Uber/Lyft in Asia)

    From one of my Social Media groups. The lens was apparently run over by his Grab ride. New pancake design (Ba-Dum-Tish).
  37. Covey22

    Fuji One of the silliest engineering decisions...

    ...was to disable flash when selecting "Silent Mode" on the X-series. What in blessed heck does Silent Mode have to do with flash? I swear these engineers have never talked to the UX design team. And neither of them have ever talked to user focus groups. I just spent 15 sweaty minutes trying...
  38. Lightmancer

    Fuji New Fuji store in Covent Garden opens today

    ...it might be a tad crowded for the first hour or three... ...the queue is 'round the corner with 2 hours to go.
  39. loki

    Fuji any gfx users?

    any one using the 50r, 50s or 100?
  40. Coksic

    Fuji Showcase Urban decay with X-E1

  41. Lightmancer

    Fuji X-Pro3 first impressions

    So, I picked mine up today. The quality of construction has taken a step up. I remember that my original X-Pro felt a bit "hollow", particularly coming from a couple of decades of Leica M use. The 2 improved on that, but the 3 feels hewn from a solid block of dense black stuff. The built in...
  42. Covey22

    Fuji 3D Print Fuji Accessories

    Found this link originally on Fuji Rumors. For those of you who are 3D Printer savvy, you can print things like socket caps, battery terminal covers, a lens hood, etc. https://www.yeggi.com/q/fuji+x/?fbclid=IwAR1Om590thLDe5JEkgHx7GsfGBhPjcfCVhJpHfYs78xxljMn9qC9feiemyE
  43. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Charlene Winfred and her journey with the 35mm 1.4

    I posted this in a reply to a thread going on an entirely different subject. But it is worth a stand alone thread. This is a great read about Charlene Winfred's years shooting all of her personal work, and a lot of professional work, with only the 35mm 1.4. This article is also great about what...
  44. merlin

    Fuji My inspiration of nature with the 16-80 f/4

    Just shipped from B&H. Should be here Tuesday. Downloaded the 1.02 firmware just in case.
  45. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Classic Negative recipe

    Someone has a recipe for the new Classic Negative film simulation. I've tried it, and it looks good. Although I have no idea if it is identical to what comes with the Pro3. Go in Image Quality (I.Q.) menu. Select 400% dynamic range. Select Classic Chrome film simulation; Grain Effect at...
  46. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji New personal best for battery usage

    I had to have broken some kind of record for battery usage at a show last night. Shooting two bands, I did 578 shots on one battery which still has two bars showing. With the X-Pro2. Maybe I have a magic battery.
  47. Coksic

    Fuji Showcase X100 - a few images

  48. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Fujicrons vs their larger siblings

    Am I the only one who finds they prefer the Fujicrons over the larger aperture versions? At least with the 23mm and 50/56. The 35s are a wash for me as they both have qualities I love equally. Working with the 23mm f2 and 56mm 1.2 really brought this home for me. I've been going back over older...
  49. davidzvi

    Fuji X-E3 vs Oly Pen F

    I've had my X-E3 about 10 months now and I'm still just not sure. Since I've had it I've shot a bit under 600 images with it, in that time I've shoot about the same number with my E-M1.2 and about 400 with my X70. The number on the X70 is due to my using it for the SiJy. Between the E-X3 and...
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