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  1. Tim Williams

    Fuji XT-20 issues

    No, there's nothing wrong with it, I just don't like the experience of shooting with it. The files are great but the XT-1 to me is better. I have bought 150.00 dollars worth of do dads for the XT 20 and the XT-1 stills feels more like the tool I want to use. Think I'm going to have to let it go...
  2. Larry T

    Fuji Nikkor on Fujifilm X-T1

    I picked up a Nikon FM with a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 and a gorgeous Soligor 70-210 3.5 for $45 on the local FB Marketplace page. It really looks good on the Fuji. I took a few handheld shots in the garden to see how this combo performs. I'm looking forward to having some quality time...
  3. Lightmancer

    Fuji Nick 2018

    Those who have known me for a while will remember that I have been shooting my friend Nick - at his request - for the past eight years, thus... This, I think, is the best of this year's crop. Please let me - and by extension Nick - know what you think. All images shot with the X-Pro2.
  4. Mike G

    Fuji Not sure if I can call this a portrait?

    My new cruise friend Janet having a little read in the sun! X-H1+ 56mm 1.2 @ 1/850 f5.6 ISO200
  5. ajramirez

    Fuji Fuji x100s Quick question on value

    Hi everyone. Quick question. Is $375 a good price for an x100s in very good condition with 27,000 clicks? I am considering one but have no idea as to its value. Thanks! Antonio
  6. KillRamsey

    Fuji Rokkor MD 45 f2 adapted on XT1

    I've had this lens for years. I love the big aperture and pancake size of it, but my film tests with it weren't great. Something about the color cast maybe, but I also remember it not looking as sharp as the other Rokkor lenses I have. So it's barely gotten any more use. This weekend, I took...
  7. rmcnelly

    Fuji New firmware for X100F

    See here: Firmware for X100F | Fujifilm Global
  8. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Toying with our emotions

    Some insensitive person on the web made this mock up of the forthcoming 16-80 mounted on a X-Pro2. What a dirty tease!!
  9. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Mock ups of the 16-80 and 16 2.8

    With the magic of the interwebs, it didn't take Fujirumors long to find mock ups of the new lenses. @AndyH44 it looks like my guestimation is pretty close on the size. FIRST IMAGES of FUJINON XF 16-80mm F4 and XF 16mm F2.8 - Fuji Rumors
  10. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji The official new lens roadmap

    Fuji released the updated lens roadmap. We get the 16-80mm and new 16mm next year. With the 33mm coming in 2020. X Mount Lens Roadmap | Fujifilm Global
  11. Mike G

    Fuji Fujifilm's New Lenses

    Just received an email from WEX advertising the two new lenses, pricey is not the word!
  12. davidzvi

    Fuji XF10, they were right, not the X70 replacement

    FUJIFILM XF10 | X Series | Digital Cameras | Fujifilm USA Sadly the rumors were true. This is NOT the X70 replacement I was hoping for. Well at least since they didn't call it an X80 maybe there is still hope. But I AM sure glad I snapped up an X70 during one of the 20% eBay deals back in...
  13. bilzmale

    Fuji X-Trans Vs Bayer

    A fairly detailed discussion over on Fuji Rumors.
  14. bilzmale

    Fuji Problem for the next X100 iteration.

    We started with just the name X100 and for the (S)econd model Fuji chose X100S. In the same vein the (T)hird and (F)ourth models were the X100T and the X100F. Assuming there will be a (F)ifth model it can't be another X100F and the (S)sixth and (S)eventh models will be problematic too. I...
  15. Mike G

    Fuji Good Morning

    The Emerald Dawn going the other way! X-H1 + 56mm 1.2 @ 1/850 f6.3 ISO200
  16. AndyH44

    Fuji Smokey Sierra Sunrise

    Woke up this morning to this smoke-choked sunrise. Forest fire is about 60 miles north of us. X-T1; Touit 32mm f1.8; SOOC Velvia
  17. Mike G

    Fuji Round the bend!

    A bend in the Rhine X-H1 + 56mm 1.2 @ 1/420 f5.6 ISO200 Apparently the water level was low!
  18. Mike G

    Fuji K

    I had this urge to use a few pixels in a random way! :th_salute: X-H1 + 35mm 1.4 @ 1/800 f4 ISO200 :hide:
  19. Luke

    Fuji the brown X100f

    The existence of this brown one really has me considering buying a new camera instead of saving a couple hundred and buying a used one. I need to sell some more camera gear. This is the new Fujifilm X100F Brown camera | Photo Rumors
  20. Mike G

    Fuji Dutch Lovers!

    Lovers canal cruise boats, well known in Amsterdam of course! X-H1 + 23mm 1.4 @ 1/1800 f4 ISO200
  21. Mike G

    Fuji Harbour Scene

    Amsterdam harbour as we left. X-H1 + 35mm 1.4 @ 1/2700 f4 ISO200
  22. Mike G

    Fuji All in a row

    Along the Rhine Canal somewhere in the Netherlands! X-H1 + 35mm 1.4 @ 1/2400 f2.8 ISO200
  23. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji New lens roadmap

    Rumor has it that Fuji is going to drop a new lens roadmap on us this month. Maybe we’ll see a new version of the 18mm f2 and 35mm 1.4 with weather sealing. Or a 16-75 f4. What else would you guys like to see added? BREAKING: New Fujifilm Lens Roadmap to be Announced in July - Fuji Rumors
  24. bilzmale

    Fuji RAW conversion with Fuji files.

    It's 5 years since I sold my X-E2 (preceded by X-E1 and X100) and without wanting to start a fight :thumbsup: can I ask which is the preferred software for X-Trans files these days?
  25. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji Programmed Automation

    Is there any way to set up an X-Pro 1 or an X-T1 for programmed automation, where the camera selects both aperture and shutter speed?
  26. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Looks like the next two wallet busters are coming

    BREAKING: Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 and XF 200mm F2 Announcement in July - Fuji Rumors
  27. Mike G

    Fuji It’s over there love

    Amsterdam canal cruise. X-H1 + 23mm 1.4 @ 1/1000 f4 ISO200
  28. Mike G

    Fuji Another biggun about to leave!

    The Celebrity Eclipse preparing to leave Amsterdam. X-H1 + 35mm 1.4. @ 1/1600 f4 ISO200.
  29. Mike G

    Fuji Leaving port

    This is for Aushiker. The Columbus leaving the port of Amsterdam for the North Sea. X-H1 + 35mm 1.4 @ 1/2700 f4 ISO200 Note the huge TV screen in front of the funnel!
  30. Mike G

    Fuji Sparkly water.

    Into the sun on the Rhine X-H1 + 55-200mm @ 1/2900 f5.6 ISO200
  31. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji Worm artifacts with LR

    I recently read an article on Fujirumors.com about sharpening Fuji files. The article stated that LR still causes worm artifacts. Which I've heard about but never given any thought to. Due to me not shooting foliage and grass. And I did most of my post work in Capture One. Having recently...
  32. Mike G

    Fuji Wonky Dutch houses

    The title says it all really, apparently sinking wooden piles are the problem! X-H1 + 23mm 1.4 @ 1/480 f5.6 ISO200
  33. Mike G

    Fuji Piper at the gates

    This piper entertained those booking in for their flights at Heathrow Terminal 5. X-H1 + 35mm 1.4 @ 1/50 f5.6 ISO400 And he was very good!
  34. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji Chimping on LCD

    Trying to fix some setup problems on my new-to-me X-Pro 1, I evidently pushed a wrong button somewhere, and now I can only review photos in the viewfinder, not on the rear LCD. What do I do wrong? Or better, what can I do right to review images on the LCD?
  35. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji New (used) X-Pro 1 and Firmware Question

    Just received my new (to me) $335 Fuji X-Pro 1 and it looks really good. I'm getting it set up as I like it. I think I've asked this question before on this forum, but can't find it. How do I check what firmware version is installed?
  36. Tim Williams

    Fuji Day out with a Close Friend

    She had just lost her job along with 300 other people including my daughter. On top of that her SO died a month ago, so I got her to go to the coast with me to hang out for sushi , conch fritters and some damn super fish dip. I t made her feel good and me too.
  37. AndyMcD

    Fuji X-E2 and 35/1.4

    Now that the 56/1.2 has joined my lens lineup I have been struggling to find a place for the venerable 35/1.4. However, a while back I thought why not just stick it on my X-E2 and see what happens. That coupled with realising that the Peak Design field pouch holds this combo perfectly means that...
  38. S

    Fuji Dimensions of X-H1 with grip?

    Quick question all.. B&H has a sale on bags (and other stuff right now) and I'm looking for an extra bag for an upcoming trip. But.. I need to know the dimensions of an X-H1 with the grip attached. Can anyone grab theirs and measure for me?
  39. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji A funny thing happened on the way to the Jeep shop

    Everyone who was in the discussion, or read my post about my gear purge saw that I discovered my Jeep needed surgery. Which lead to me selling the 16mm 1.4 to help cover the cost of fabrication for the repair. The person who runs the Jeep shop I frequent is also a very good friend of mine. Who...
  40. Mike G

    Fuji Table of Comestibles.

    In the choral concert interval the ladies of the local WI provided one or two treats, bless em X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/30 f5.6 ISO200. And they were yummy! I had to check them for quality control purposes you understand.:biggrin:
  41. Mike G

    Fuji Got a ticket for my destination!

    Sorry about the lyric title! Heathrow central coach station. X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/25 f5.6 ISO640 Revised image boosted shadows, pulled highlights.
  42. R

    Fuji Eggs. 16mm f1.4

  43. AndyMcD

    Fuji Raw Conversion Questions

    I'd like to get off the Adobe subscription, so I am reassessing my workflow. Right now I am looking at Open Source only, so I am not planning to drop any cash right now - even for perpetual licenses. I've come across XnViewMP which seems pretty good for import and review of the pictures. I'm...
  44. Mike G

    Fuji Down we go.

    One of the tunnels under the north runway at Heathrow. X-H1 + 18-55mm @ 1/13 f5.6 ISO3200.
  45. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji X-T2 and X-H1 firmware updates

    Fuji has released the firmware update for the X-T2 fixing the bugs in 4.0 and adding back all of the new features from 4.0. I noticed there was a new update listed for the X-H1 also. But did not read what that update is adding.
  46. Mike G

    Fuji Flowers on a table

    X-H1 + 18-55mm 2.8/4 @ 1/80 f5.6 ISO1000
  47. Mike G

    Fuji Don’t mess with me boys

    This was taken at the D-Day museum on Portland, Dorset. X-H1 + 18-55 2.8/4. @ 1/40 f5.6 ISO3200
  48. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji Dropped My X-Pro1

    Put my X-Pro1 on the seat beside me at a restaurant Saturday night and it was accidentally shoved off onto a tile floor. The shutter button/on-off switch assembly was knocked off. Talked to Fuji repair today and they said the whole top plate would have to be replaced. Cost would be $180 labor...
  49. Christop82

    Fuji Road trip to Yellowstone

    All taken with an x-e1 and 7artisans 35mm f1.2 I also brought an EM5 and A7ii, but the fuji and brilliant 35mm received the most use. Some are jpegs, some were lightly edited in darktable. Thanks for looking. St. Louis Mount Rushmore Nebraska? Yellowstone and Tetons Grand...
  50. D

    Fuji Admins, need help

    I posted a for sale thread last nite and the site told me I couldn't post another for 8 hrs. Its been over 8 hrs and Im still not allowed to post another for sale thread.
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