full spectrum

  1. G

    Infrared Images Foveon full spectrum reds

    Some wild reds, from this full spectrum capture with my FS-converted Sigma DP2s. No filter and minimal processing. This one is a bridge along a boardwalk of Pt. Stanley, ON, sept.2023.
  2. G

    Infrared Gear Full Spectrum DP1x

    A couple shots from a FS-modified DP1x at a local outdoor car display. Typical red foliage, and color shifts on vehicles and people SOOC, with no filter.
  3. G

    Infrared Gear sd Quattro-H Full Spectrum

    I no longer have the Sigma Quattro-H, but it was one of the easiest cameras to set up for FS. This one was from the rooftop of a Toronto lakeshore highrise. A Schott KG3 filter was used to attenuate the reds a bit, and limit IR to about 900nm.
  4. Petrochemist

    Infrared Images Unfiltered Full spectrum images

    I have a couple of 'full spectrum' converted cameras and have found their responses to some filters vary considerably. Can we share images taken with converted cameras that have full spectrum responses (UV/visible & IR) to see how they vary? They tend to be subtly different from normal visual...