1. wt21

    With AI here - do I really need a camera?

    I've kind of already hit the point where I feel like any shot I am about to take has already been done, so why am I pushing the shutter. But not with AI, I am wondering why I need a camera at all. Fantastical pictures will be at everyone's finger tips such that taking a more "traditional"...
  2. Coksic

    Software Adobe Super resolution - Is this the future?

    The image was taken with a 16mp Fujifilm X-E1 and Minolta 58mm f1.4 PF After processing it through the new ''super resolution'' option in ACR, this image has almost 60mp! 100% crop
  3. TraamisVOS

    Glimpse of the future and the past, in the present.

  4. davect01

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #45: Looking to the Future

    Alright, here we go, The Cameraderie 45th Challenge theme is: Looking to the Future We all have had a challenging year. Last Challenge we got a peek at what we all have been doing during 2020. Even if you have not had anyone pass away from Covid, we have had all been impacted in some way...