1. John King

    Gadgets A tale about batteries

    Like most of us, I have a myriad number of batteries. Fortunately, all my FTs cameras used the same batteries, the BLM-1. I've got about six of them. Mostly, I find my FTs cameras with flat batteries, so I charge them all up again in my multiple chargers. Unfortunately, my three mFTs cameras...
  2. Aushiker

    Gadgets Hypothetical: Mac Mini as Desktop + ? for outside the home office

    Just throwing some ideas around and was interested if anyone has gone with a desktop + iPad/Android tablet or laptop combination. With the tablet/laptop being for out-of-office usages, such as at university, on holidays etc. The desktop would be the primary computer for photo editing etc., and...
  3. Kevin

    Gadgets Recommendations for a DC 12V air compressor?

    Well, here's a random question for the crowd... any recommendations for a portable DC 12V air compressor, preferably one that also has an AC adapter? :) I've had a portal compressor as part of the gear I keep in the back of my vehicle for years now and I think it's finally died. It's a cheap...