1. Irene McC

    Nikon Nikon Z70-180 f/2.8

    This is a relatively new lens in Nikon's Z lineup and one of three rebranded Tamron lenses. This is a bargain lightweight alternative to the more elite Z70-200 f/2.8, but 'bang for buck' it delivers very acceptable results. I am starting this thread to provide a space to serve as a gallery for...
  2. Stu

    James Turrell's Lightspace, Within Without, Canberra National Gallery

    It's All About The Light!
  3. mike3996

    Feedback Photo gallery forums too scattered!

    I like our vibrant and active photo forums here, but don't you think there's too many of them and they're all scattered. I never find the right place to post my pictures! Frankly it's exhausting. Some of my thoughts, what I am seeing. "Words / No Words". Nice idea but in practice has anyone...
  4. Gallery #12

    Gallery #12

    Gallery #12
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