1. wt21

    Micro 4/3 E-M5iii jpgs from the garden

    Pretty bored right now. Of a lot of things. Just trying to hold my poop together. Wanted a new camera. I don't mind my EP7, but I miss a VF from time to time. Tried a Panny S5. Too big. Was considering Fuji. Maybe another time. Instead, got an EM5 iii. New from B&H. Black version on sale right...
  2. Brownie

    For those shooting birds in their back yard or garden, share your environmental features

    I recently moved my bird feeders closer to the house for winter, just to make it easier to keep them filled. I moved it thinking I may be able to shoot through a window over winter. What didn't occur to me was that it ended up about 20' from the service door on my garage. Last weekend I stood in...
  3. Rebel06 Paul

    Animals From my Garden

    A image to introduce myself. .
  4. Iron

    Travel Ancient Egyptian Garden, Hamilton Gardens, Waikato, New Zealand

    Some interesting points: This is supposedly the first replica of such garden based on Ancient Egyptian accounts and recent artifacts. The design is typical during the Middle Kingdom period (2040 BCE to 1782 BCE). Ancient Egyptians used the temples and gardens, such as this, as a meeting place...
  5. KnurledNut

    Nature From the Garden

    A few images with my 45mm macro in the garden. Jalapeno Habanero "don't remember the name" tomatoes ;)
  6. gryphon1911

    Documentary Hartman Rock Garden (image heavy)

    Springfield, OH Ben Hartman started building this "rock garden" in 1932 after being laid off of his job. He stopped building in 1944. The Location is owned by a non-profit organization called Friends of the Hartman Rock Garden. Shot the Fuji XPRO-2 with the Fuji 10-24/4 and my Panatomic X 32...
  7. theoldsmithy

    Micro 4/3 Early spring at Dorothy Clive Garden

    This is a garden created largely from an old quarry. It really comes alive in the summer, but in the spring sunshine today it was still very appealing. All Lumix G7, Panasonic 12-60 lens.
  8. Lightmancer

    Fuji New Fuji store in Covent Garden opens today might be a tad crowded for the first hour or three... ...the queue is 'round the corner with 2 hours to go.
  9. theoldsmithy

    Stroll Erddig House & Garden

    Erddig (the welsh dd is a voiced th, like in “this”), is an estate in North Wales near Wrexham. It’s been restored by the National Trust since being left to them in a semi-derelict state in the 1960s. All photos taken with my RX100m3. From the garden (yes I like symmetry!) Some flowers...
  10. Mike G

    Garden Gate?

    Would you like your garden gate to look like this one at the Reichsberg Castle? G9 + PLeica 12-60mm @ 1/1250 f4 ISO200 Or perhaps have a little afternoon nap! G9 + Panasonic 35-100mm @ 1/1000 f4 ISO200
  11. theoldsmithy

    Stroll Biddulph Grange Garden

    Once a mental asylum, and briefly a military hospital, this was originally the home of Victorian plant collector James Bateman. He created a flamboyant mixture of gardens, buildings and landscaping to represent the Himalayas, Egypt, Japan, and China. It’s now a National Trust property, and is...
  12. mnhoj

    Around the garden with the G85 and L.monochrome

    These are with the G85, 12-60kit and L. monochrome turned all the way up to 11. SOOCish. Album here.. P1020029 by john m, on Flickr P1020039 by john m, on Flickr P1020044 by john m, on Flickr
  13. Matero

    Apple iPhone 6 Image Thread

    I didn't find image thread for iPhone 6, so started a new one with this sample Shot with new Microsoft Pix apps
  14. Garden


  15. July 05 - Mountain snow

    July 05 - Mountain snow

    For the second day in a row I struggled to leave the house. The weather has been terrible so I have been working in the office for the first two days of the week. This is the view out our bathroom window. Snow down to 500m which is reasonably low for here.
  16. mainly undamaged plant, possibly Teasel

    mainly undamaged plant, possibly Teasel

  17. damage to plant caused by Wood Pigeon

    damage to plant caused by Wood Pigeon

  18. Garden border

    Garden border

  19. Further preparation required before it can become my wildflower border

    Further preparation required before it can become my wildflower border

  20. What should become my wildflower border

    What should become my wildflower border

  21. garden


  22. Up the garden path

    Up the garden path

    Nikon e8700