1. davidzvi

    GAS Considering a new system. Maybe Sony.

    So, the O-M1 is the first m4/3 camera I've bought that I'm not enjoying. It's a fine camera, images are good. I got some lovely images on my trip to Greece. I'm just not enjoying using it. What to get in its place? I don't think I'll go down the Nikon road again. The Z7II was great as was...
  2. John King

    GAS Whatever happened to the non-photography stuff acquisition thread?

    I cannot find it anywhere, and can't remember what it was called. Help please, anyone?
  3. Alf

    Fuji Looking for an excuse to get a new toy

    As it was in the past, it's about time: in two weeks I'm heading into Mangystau first and then I'll reach Uzbekistan by train. Mangystau is a striped desert and Uzbekistan is full of ancient cities , so it's going to be quite a visual treat. I was thinking of bringing this kit X-E4 with 16mm...
  4. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    GAS Backpack ideas

    It wouldn't be absolutely needed right now but it will soon. My needs have changed quite a bit since my Micro Four Thirds days. In the last 2 years I have managed to build a good set of photography gear but my current backpack is not keeping up well. Right now I have: *Sony a7 Mark IV body with...
  5. MountainMan79

    GAS This or that

    So I’ve went and done it again. I’ve somehow managed to negotiate a deal for 50% off select gear with all 3 big vendors for an upcoming photography training in San Diego in about 2 weeks. My next task you ask? Negotiate peace in the Middle East I imagine. The last time I did this in Tucson, I...
  6. Alf

    GAS Dear all, what should I want?

    (moved from here, where you can find the fullsize images) I am in that curious situation where I managed to give in to lust one year ago, at the painful cost of ten year of accumulated gear in the lovely micro 4/3 - I wanted sensor, I wanted available light, and for my sins I got my wishes in...
  7. mike3996

    GAS What was your best purchase of 2022?

    Time to review the year of 2022. Out of the various camera gear purchases, what worked best for you? What was the highlight? The previous year's thread is here for pointers.
  8. AndyMcD

    My new project

    With the holidays fast approaching, I will have some downtime from work at last so I have set myself a project to try something a little creative. I have picked up a cheapish transducer device which you place in water and hook up to 24v and it creates a mist effect. I found out about these...
  9. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    GAS Tamron will NOT offer mount swap service !!! :(

    I was looking for ideas and doing some research when I thought about asking Tamron if they offer mount-changing services the way Sigma does. Unfortunately, they do not, as they mentioned "technically" I believe, but it's pure speculation, that Tamron does not have a system/implementation at...
  10. John King

    GAS A new PC

    My PC is now over a decade old. Nothing is compatible with it these days. Even the RAM chips are worth a fortune, as nothing compatible is made now. Same goes for a more modern graphics card. My existing big internal HDDs will all go into the new box, which has 6x SATA3 headers, as well as...
  11. agentlossing

    GAS Advice You've Given to the Old "What Should I Get?" Question

    You know, to friends and family, acquaintances and perfect strangers who see that you're into photography and ask what you would recommend they buy in order to get better photos and/or video. I think we've all been asked this question. Usually it's by people who don't know a lot about...
  12. DeeJayK

    GAS GAS: Please share your latest near acquisitions - a.k.a. "what did you ALMOST buy"

    This is another thread topic that I found fun and interesting on another forum. It's fun to talk about either deals we missed out on for some reason or GAS-fueled purchases averted (or postponed?). We've all had them. To start the ball rolling, here's a listing on my local ad site which I was...
  13. mike3996

    GAS GEAR: Please Share your Latest Disposals Big and Small

    I sold the PanaLeica 15mm f/1.7 today. It's a fine lens and was an object of desire for a long time. But in my hands I couldn't meaningfully make it work for me.
  14. Alf

    GAS Last one

    You know how the story goes, always comes a moment for a last one before leaving: and the moment is now. And then they’re gone. To a good home? (OM-D E-M10mkI w/FeiHua 25 f/1,4 C-mount) Same, but different. (GX9 w/LUMIX 20mm f/1,7) Next: and then more
  15. Biro

    I Finally Have My Bearings - and They Point to Fuji and Panasonic Full Frame

    For the past couple of years I have been thrashing about, trying to decide how to pare down my photographic kit as I head toward retirement and decide what direction in which to head. Well, I have finally made some decisions - and acted on them. For nearly a decade, I have been operating with...
  16. mike3996

    GAS GAS: A Denialist Is Speaking!

    I deny that I have any GAS! At least not the "bad kind". I claim I have the good sort of GAS, that I have my addiction in control. (For the sake of the scope of the following discussion, I limit this to camera bodies only.) ~ Let's take a journey, start from the beginning. I'm pretty new...
  17. mike3996

    GAS Give us "GAS" as a thread prefix?

    Would be cool. Please? It can apply globally under any forum. And give it an irritating bright color 😎
  18. mike3996

    GAS Therapist

    Here's an idea for an entrepreneurial spirit. You set up shop with zoom/skype calls, charge by the hour. Weekly appointments -- emergency rates apply. Your patients -- photographers who suffer from GAS. You listen to their worries, desires, wishlists and try to talk them out of a new purchase...
  19. drd1135

    Video vs. Stills

    One thing that is stopping my camera body GAS is current emphasis on video. I gather the stills side of things has plateaued for while, at least in terms of advances and profits for the camera makers. I'm not a video guy and when I need video clips of the grand kids the old iPhone comes out...
  20. rflove

    Leica Leica GAS consequences

    I need to stop....
  21. MoonMind

    What I've learned from owning "too many" cameras ...

    Man-in-the-middle attack ... I know the title may sound click-bait-y, but please bear with me for a moment if you, like me, are susceptible to the affliction we call "GAS" ... For us photography enthusiasts, chasing gear is almost as common a tendency as feeling dissatisfied with what we...
  22. mike3996

    GAS GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    What do you desire this moment, how come and will you do anything about it? What fancy reasons, made-up or otherwise you are able to tell yourself? :)
  23. drd1135

    How to Turn $10000 into Gas

    This is what $10000 worth of liquid Helium looks like. We will waste most of it cooling the superconducting magnet of our new NMR to 4 Kelvin (-452 F). The magnet is the thermos on legs in the middle. The tank in the front right is a Dewar of liquid nitrogen that we are using to get the...
  24. mike3996

    GAS Passing GAS

    This is a thread about battling against time-constrained GAS. This happens when someone puts their gear for sale and the deal is good. Either I give in, or somebody buys it before me. It's just a matter of riding it out, see if I can hold on... There'll be daily updates and musings.
  25. Armanius

    Gear head lover website!

    I just came across a website called Shotkit today where various photographers covering different types of photography discuss what gear they use, why they use it, and provide a little background about themselves. For the gear porn lovers, the photographers also post a photo of their gear (along...
  26. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    Copying a thread from a sister site ;) This week I bought a SMC Pentax 67 55mm f/4. Already have the SMC Pentax 67 105mm f/2.4. I'm just missing a Pentax 67 :rolleyes:
  27. Alf

    Gear as an excuse

    Hi there everyone, long time no see. As the forum Elders might imagine, real life issues can be an ostruction to ones picture taking, both in good and bad ways - and I've had both of those - add to it a decent smartphone and most of my pics went that way - with some burts of camera activity...