1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Advice Wanted Your quick opinion on 4/3rds

    Haro ... I would like to ask your personal opinion on getting and using the Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f 2.8-3.5 (in my case to use in OM-1)? Would ~350 £ be a good price omfor the lens and Olympus MMF-3 adapter imported from Japan using Buyee? Also would you prefer the original (2003]...
  2. theoldsmithy

    Pentax Thinking about Pentax again...

    I am seriously considering trading in my M43 gear (not that I have a huge amount these days) and getting back into Pentax. I always loved the colours and the handling of the cameras, and there are some serious bargains to be had now. A K5 for £150 for example, and many lenses at or below £100...
  3. jhawk1000

    Thinking of selling wife's gear.

    Some of you know that my wife had an accident while shooting a football game when she was knocked into a concrete apron when two players in pursuit knocked her down. She was using her Olympus OM-D Em1x with the 40-150mm 2.8 with 1.4x teleconverter. The force of the collision broke the 40-150...
  4. SkedAddled

    Feedback "Other Gear" tripods, heads, bags, filters, gymbals, etc..

    WARNING: POTN refugee post! I've given sufficient notice, or I would hope. I see the brands of capture devices, I see the software, the computers, the printers, the drones, the video, the lighting, projects/repair, but I've yet to find anything about supports and accessories. Have I been blind...
  5. William Lewis

    Nikon Relearning Exposures...

    It's funny, in a way, how spoiled one can be by the wonders of modern matrix and so forth metering. All of these would have been technically better shot on the D810 with no doubt. Still, good reminders that film is different and if I'm going to keep using it with the S2, I have to relearn...
  6. MoonMind

    Nikon Nikon Z f announced ... M.
  7. Mzungu

    Micro 4/3 “New” Gear Options

    I have an opportunity to purchase an E-M10 II w/the 75-300 II + 14-42 EZ for below fair price, but it would mean I’m no longer saving for one of the E-M1 bodies and/or nicer weather sealed lenses. The E-M10 II option would be a fun knock around and excuse for dabbling with other inexpensive...
  8. William Lewis

    Nikon Got the D810 in Hand

    My, what a beast of a camera it is at that. Noticably bigger and just that bit heavier than the D7100 but not so much as to be too much. The differences in the control layout will take some getting used to and taking real advantage of the ease of, say, adjusting WB will be something new. KEH...
  9. bdbits

    Motion controller

    I am not sure where to post this, here seemed close. It seemed interesting enough to share to me. Gerald Undone did a "first look" at a very cool, extremely well designed motion controller. A little pricey to just pick up to play with at $2500 but if you need this sort of thing it looks very...
  10. G

    Infrared Gear Tiffen 80A with the FS-DP1x

    Experimenting with the 80A color correction filter on my full spectrum converted Sigma DP1x. The Foveon sensor is well-known for producing a lot of red in full spectrum mode. The 80A reduces the reds, with more yellow/orange tones. This was shot on the upper floor of the London (Ontario) Art...
  11. doobs

    Fuji Fuji cameras and experiments with polarization

    So, recently I got a new pair of glasses. I did not get the autodarkening this time as they didn't get that dark and the price adder was more than the rest of the glasses. I did get a set of clip-ons for these glasses. For reference all my glasses come from Zenni Optical. I've also got a set...
  12. MountainMan79

    GAS This or that

    So I’ve went and done it again. I’ve somehow managed to negotiate a deal for 50% off select gear with all 3 big vendors for an upcoming photography training in San Diego in about 2 weeks. My next task you ask? Negotiate peace in the Middle East I imagine. The last time I did this in Tucson, I...
  13. gordo

    Ricoh WG-6

    I doubt there's much interest, let alone other users here, but just in case here's a spot to discuss and post images. Picked one up last week. Wanted something smaller than DSLR + lens(es) for times I wanted a camera but not a full-featured camera. Smartphone fills that role for most, but my...
  14. wt21

    Apple Mac Mini - which arrangement to use? Processor or storage?

    I have a limited budget and am just a hobbyist, so need to keep costs pretty well contained. I have an M1 MBA, but want to move to a Mini. I've got about $1K to spend. I can get a refurb M1 mini with 1TB SDD and 16GB RAM or I can get a new M2 mini with 500GB SDD and 16GB RAM My MBA 500GB...
  15. Herman

    Dual card slots cameras

    Which amateur cameras have dual card slots aboard?
  16. ScleralGuy

    Leica D-Lux7

    Through the Window..
  17. agentlossing

    Pentax Pentax Finally Updating More FF Lenses... Maybe? Could be interesting to see what comes of these... especially if the "classic" version is true, and, if so, I'm wondering what it could be like? Pentax hasn't...
  18. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 15 - Oly EM1.2 + Oly 12-100/4 and 75-300/4.8-6.7 II

    Been a while since I got the m43 kit out. Walkabout yesterday in a small suburb. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  19. Alf

    GAS Dear all, what should I want?

    (moved from here, where you can find the fullsize images) I am in that curious situation where I managed to give in to lust one year ago, at the painful cost of ten year of accumulated gear in the lovely micro 4/3 - I wanted sensor, I wanted available light, and for my sins I got my wishes in...
  20. davidzvi

    Advice Wanted Thinking of more megapixels

    We're planning a big family vacation (Greece, Italy, ? - still planning). I thinking about 4 options: OM-1 / OM-5 with handheld high res 50mp. I have all the glass I need, so I'd just need the body and batteries. Handheld high res does have some issues with things ghosting with movement that...
  21. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 14 - Nikon Z fc - Nikon f-mount 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 VR

    You may be surprised by this, but this lens is fantastic on the Z fc. I got the 18-140 f-mount to use with the Fuji Finepix S3 Pro. I then thought, I really like the range of the 18-140 on DX, so I wonder how well it would work on the Z cameras. So this week is dedicated to that combination...
  22. mnhoj

    Lens The fast telephoto

    A place to share images and ideas with my favorite type of lens. All sizes, lengths, shapes and subjects encouraged.
  23. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 13 - Nikon Z6 - Nikon 28/2.8, 50/1.8S, Meike 85/1.8

    Decided to take a spin with the 85mm f/1.8 on the Z6 and see how it does compared to it on the Z fc. Will put this kit through the paces starting tomorrow.
  24. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 13 - Minolta Maxxum 7D - Minolta 28-135/4-4.5 and 500mm f/8 AF Reflex

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  25. gryphon1911

    Challenge! My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 12 - Leica M240 - Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 and Mitakon 28mm f/5.6

    More Leica, but this time Wide and Ultra Wide! Still trying to get to grips with the 12mm, but I got to use it and practice in order to understand it! Started today with the Ultra Wide as the 28mm should get here on 4/10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  26. gryphon1911

    Challenge! My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 11 - Fuji X-Pro2 - Fuji 16/2.8, 35 f1.4, 56/1.2, and 90/2

    Going to take a little break from Leica for a minute - even though I think that I could shoot that wonderful machine forever! So, Fuji X-Pro2 with primes! 16mm f/2.8, 35mm f/1.4, 56/1.2 and 90/2 If weather permits, will get some images posted as soon as tomorrow.
  27. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 9 - Leica M Typ 240 - Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 and Biogon 35mm f/2.8

    I think I have things sorted with this kit, so will be shooting exclusively with it for this week and with the Zeiss pair of lenses. I'm also experimenting with the in camera JPG settings so shooting DNG+JPG - and this week will sick with the B&W settings for that as well. A bit of cross...
  28. gryphon1911

    Challenge! My Weekly Gear A Week Challenge - Week 8 - Nikon Z fc - Z 16-50 & Z 50-250

    Found a new area today, had close to 100 shots...I'll bring it down to a few of my favorites and then spread the love to other threads that make sense. :) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  29. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 7 - Ricoh GR III & Olympus EM1.2 w/ P 35-100/2.8

    Will mainly use the GR III, but wanted to have something on the long end just in case. The GRIII will have the TTArtisans 28mm hotshoe viewfinder on it for those times the sun is too much for that rear LCD. Used the new Negative Film picture control for the whole day. Quite like it...very...
  30. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 6 - Nikon Z6, Nikon 28mm f/2.8 SE, 85mm f/1.8 S

    Week 6 - Here we go!! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  31. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 5 - Minolta Maxxum7D, Minolta 28-135/4-4.5 and Minolta 500mm f/8 AF Reflex

    It’s all @Brownie ’s fault. Not that I’m in the Minolta rabbit hole that I’m in, but for giving me some great information on some additional Minolta lenses and helping me find some good deals online! I now am in possession of the above mentioned lenses. My intention was to swing back into...
  32. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 4 - Minolta 7D, Minolta 20/2.8 and Minolta 70-210/4

    Really love this camera for it's CCD sensor. Weather was nice, wife, the dogs, we all went out and i got some shutter time in. RAW files processed in Lightroom. Monochromes processed in Nik Silver Efex Pro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  33. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 3 - Nikon Zfc and Nikon 24-120mm f/4 S

    This is one of my favorite zoom combos for walk about. I will say that the Zfc was/is so far the better handler with gloves than the Fuji X-Pro2. I did get out and shoot with it today. Shot RAW+JPG and used the FujiXWeekly Kodak Elite Chrome recipe. Got to a few places that I have not...
  34. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 2 - Fuji X-Pro2, Fuji 18-55mm f/2.8-4 & Fuji 90mm f/2

    Today starts the first day with this loadout. Weather is not very cooperative today, so I may not get out and get any shots, but I have the kit already in the bag and ready to go at a moments notice. Will use this thread to post my shots through out the week. Still trying to decide if I want...
  35. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 1 - Oly EM 1 Mark II and Oly 12-100/4 Pro

    The original idea started out here: Only shooting with this kit for the whole week of Jan 22 - Jan 28 (Sun-Sat). Found some graffiti in an underpass during my walk with the dog today 1 2 3 After the...
  36. mike3996

    Powerball Fantasy Gear

    Let's assume you have money. And not just some scratch lottery money that enables you to consider a $10k Canon R5 setup, let's talk about a real hulking megamillions type of deal. You're set for life, your descendants as well. You have that FU money. Instead of looking at cameras you can window...
  37. TNcasual

    Fantasy Gear Acquisition

    Every so often I get an inkling to see if grass is really greener on the other side. Though mainly fantasy, it is interesting to see what equipment is out there. And maybe take some time to see what kind of interesting package I can put together. Prior to buying into Pentax, I did this with the...
  38. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony My gear plan for professional action pet & portrait pet photography

    Hello, I have hinted on this for some time on the forum here and there. I have been doing lots of research, started watching tutorials and guides to professional work and pet photography (and will continue to do so). In simple terms, by summer 2023, I want to offer action and portrait...
  39. Alf

    Fuji The trouble with gear, once.

    You know you have a problem when the shiny new gear looks very much like the shiny old one. Or not: case in point, my old GX9 was afraid of the dark, even with good lenses, and I jumped ship looking for a sensor to follow what I like to shoot. So this week I went to evening time concerts...
  40. MoonMind

    Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2022 - gear shots

    Since quite a few have already shown their gear: Why not put together a little collection of this year? Add one or more images of your chosen gear to this thread. M.
  41. MoonMind

    Fuji New Fuijfilm gear ...

    Fujifilm's making a serious attempt to knock it out of the park: Let the drooling begin ;) I for one don't mind admitting that I'm impressed by more or less...
  42. Brownie

    Borne of the Acquisitions thread, "I have my Dad's (Mom's, Uncle's, Grandpa's, etc.) Camera Gear"

    @MountainMan79's post and responses from @JensM and I in the Acquisition thread got me to thinking. Many of us had parents, grandparents or other relatives that were into photography. And like us, some were heavily into it while others were casual users. The result is that a few of us have been...
  43. L

    Leica Interesting Video: Sold all his gear to switch to Leica

    I like the parallel between Leica cameras and his Air Jordans: the shoes don't make him a better player, but he has more fun playing. Personally, I think, I too have gotten to the point of having too much gear ( :oops: ) and it either sits unused or gets in the way...
  44. mike3996

    GAS What was your best purchase of 2021?

    A mixture of acquisition/gear review! I scanned a topic of this sort on a photo forum somewhere, but I can't now remember what forum and where. So, looking back to 2021. What single piece of gear that you bought was the highlight purchase of the year for you? To me it was the 175 € Fuji...
  45. mnhoj

    A gear joke - What's a Pirate's favorite Sony body?

    Some think it's the R. But it's really the C. Happy Holidays everyone!
  46. Kevin

    Are there any current examples of high-end photography gear being white labeled by a less expensive brand?

    The Film - Words Have No Meaning Anymore thread got me thinking about the early days of digital photography where there was a lot of brands out there licensing products from well known camera vendors in order to 'white label' them with putting their own branding on it. Walking into stores back...
  47. mike3996

    GAS GEAR: Please Share your Latest Disposals Big and Small

    I sold the PanaLeica 15mm f/1.7 today. It's a fine lens and was an object of desire for a long time. But in my hands I couldn't meaningfully make it work for me.
  48. kyteflyer

    Pentax Broke out the old gear.

    Doo doo doo lookin’ out my back door :) K200D + Tamron 70-300.
  49. doobs

    Selling gear

    With the X-Pro2 that Santa bought, I've decided I'm going to sell my X-Pro1 and X-T1. I'm exceedingly ambivalent about the 'bay nowadays, with the plethora of horror stories from sellers of camera gear. I see there is a for sale forum here, but was wondering what's currently seen as the "best"...
  50. Kevin

    Hot Deals! Amazon Prime Day 2020 Photography Gear!

    It's Amazon Prime Day 2020, time for bargains! 💸 Most of the deals are for limited times so grab them while you can. :D Here's the link to the "Camera & Photo" section of Prime Day 2020 listing all of the items as they become active...