1. D

    Advice Wanted How to proceed with chip in rear glass element?

    Long story short I took apart my Konica AR 50mm f1.7 and discovered the circularish mark I thought was liquid/adhesive is actually a chip in the rear element. It's near the edge of the lens element and most of it is unseen unless you take apart the lens. What are my repair options, if any? I...
  2. Matero

    Performing Arts Making of glass vase

    Today we visited Kari Alakoski's studio and my younger daughter, quite talented artist herself blowed together with Kari a unique vase. Kari Alakoski has worked in Iittala glass factory since young boy, and later taught glass making. Kari has been making iconic Alvar Aalto vases, as well as...
  3. bartjeej

    Prints without glazing - a test

    TL;DR: high-end matt paper test prints, mounted without any glass or acrylic cover, were placed in my living room for over a year. They turned out more robust than anticipated in terms of dealing with UV light and constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity. I will now proceed to have my...
  4. J

    Leica Good Old Glass

    My son and I swapped lenses for today. I got his 50MM Summicron Rigid (circa 1957). He got my Voigltlander 35mm Classic Nokton MC. Here are a couple of shots with the M10-R and the 50. The shot of the silo is with the 24 Elmarit (Circa 1996). So the 24 is not as old as the Summicron.... It...
  5. Roboticspro

    Film Glass Plate Negatives

    Good Afternoon, One of my sons picked up these glass plate negatives for me as part of an estate auction last year. I did some research and the location points (most likely) to the whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts. I am going to take these to the N.B. Whaling Museum to get a true...
  6. lucien

    Lens some Minolta glass

    I have 3 lens that aren't worth selling because they were dirt cheap. Instead of taking a loss, how can I convert them to Nikon? The body in question is a Nikon D7100 I will need some sort of adapter of course. Is anyone familiar with what I would need. Lenses, Tamron 70-300mm 4-5.6 ff...
  7. William Lewis

    Leica Scratched Sensor Glass?

    Later this year I hope to buy a Leica M digital. As a result, I keep an eye on auctions just to have a good idea of what is out there and what the prices are looking like. I saw an auction on ebay for a M Monochrome for much lower than usual. This was due to these scratches on the glass...
  8. Kevin

    TIH Janez Puhar recognized for reproducible glass plate photographs method

    Puhar was not the first to create a working photograph on glass process but is credited for inventing a process that made it reproducible. In 1839, John Herschel made the first glass negative, but his process was difficult to reproduce...
  9. Glass Door

    Glass Door

    Took this while I was at a clients house, looking out through her glass door.
  10. Glass ceiling, San Antonio Museum of Art

    Glass ceiling, San Antonio Museum of Art