1. gryphon1911

    Compact Let's discuss the Pentax MX-1 and the Ricoh GRD IV

    I currently have the Pentax MX-1 and absolutely love it. I find, even for its age, it provides a fun experience. The AF is quick enough, I love the quality you can pull from the RAW files and that you can process the RAW in camera to a jpg profile - reversal film and B&W being my favorites -...
  2. MiguelATF

    Ricoh My new (to me) 11-year-old Ricoh GRD iii

    Well, call me foolish for buying an 11-year-old camera with a tiny sensor, but after years of admiring from a distance the photos which Wouter Brandsma, Josh White (aka jtinseoul) and occasionally Eric Kim have taken or used to take with this little Ricoh, I couldn't resist when I found one in...
  3. Vintage


    You see the "Rathaus" in Hamburg.
  4. My neighbor's dog

    My neighbor's dog

    My son's were "dog sitting" for our neighbor. Naturally, I got to help :o). Taken with Ricoh GRD and converted to BW with LR5. Caught her actually sitting still for a moment.
  5. Work.


    Our son is a brick paver by trade and this is some of his handiwork.
  6. Negative space.

    Negative space.

    I'm rushing some of these as I'll be away from compters for a week from Friday.
  7. Movement


    Owen was moving but not well conveyed - may replace it later.
  8. Chiaroscuro


    I hope I haven't missed the point?
  9. Wood.


    My brother was a master wood turner before his death from prostate cancer - his woodwork is now precious to those who knew him.
  10. Acts of kindness

    Acts of kindness

    A gift on Mother's Day. In a few more days will work for 'death'. Processed in Topaz Lens Effects to blur the background.
  11. Food.


    I liked the texture on these 'tiger' rolls - processed in Silver Effects.
  12. 10 pm

    10 pm

    'nuff said.
  13. Black


    A slightly oof shot of part of my desktop.
  14. Heavy processing.

    Heavy processing.

    A bit over the top - can't remember all that I tried.
  15. Despair or hopeless.

    Despair or hopeless.

    This is the second time I've broken the same tail light (last time a few weeks after replacement).
  16. Patterns


    Laid this pattern myself in the driveway. Processed in Topaz B&W Effects (toned).
  17. A worm's-eye view.

    A worm's-eye view.

    Taken in our potted ficus.
  18. Street Photographer, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Street Photographer, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Not too discrete street shooter in Harvard Square,
  19. Jan 31- Tragic Life Stories

    Jan 31- Tragic Life Stories

    This is one of those things in life that I simply don't understand. This is a section in one of the biggest bookshop/stationers in the UK. I freely admit that I can't see the "entertainment" in reading about other peoples miserable lives, battered wives, orphaned children...
  20. SIJ Day 20; Keep Out

    SIJ Day 20; Keep Out

  21. Day 17

    Day 17

    Old millstone near the local dam
  22. SIJ Day 13, Crosses

    SIJ Day 13, Crosses

  23. sij day 10 rain

    sij day 10 rain

  24. SIJ-Day 9; Things seen in Passing

    SIJ-Day 9; Things seen in Passing

    GRD 3, 28mm-e
  25. Christmas Rose

    Christmas Rose