1. P

    Music Green Onions - Drumming

    I always wanted to be a drummer like Keith Moon or John Bonham....but without the drug fueled death wish, but I was never prepared to do the ground work such as hours practise of paradiddles, understanding note timings, phrasing etc. I always had a sense of rhythm and could tap my fingers to...
  2. Jock Elliott

    It's all about the green . . .

    (and the shocking orange too) Cheers, Jock
  3. Ranger Rick

    Birds Green Heron GX-1 IR-converted

  4. Mike G

    Micro 4/3 Green & White

    A White House hiding in the trees on the River Mosel. Lumix G9 + Panasonic G 35-100mm @ 1/800 f3.5 ISO200
  5. Mike G

    The Purple and Green

    This little cracker comes back every year when winter has departed. Lumix G9 + PL Vario-Elmaret 8-18mm @ 18mm, 1/320 f4 ISO200.
  6. davect01

    Green for St. Patrick's Day

    Our town had its traditional greening of the local fountain. Lots of folks hanging out and enjoying the day A6000 and 18-135mm
  7. Matero

    Apple iPhone 6 Image Thread

    I didn't find image thread for iPhone 6, so started a new one with this sample Shot with new Microsoft Pix apps
  8. simplicity


    nothing simpler than some wildflowers against a sea of lush green. 12 left to go.
  9. green door

    green door

    green door
  10. green grass of home

    green grass of home

    green grass of home