1. Irene McC

    Philosophy A Guide to Bird Photography

    I'm sure we can ALL relate !!
  2. Kevin

    Guide EXIF Viewer for forum attachments

    A new feature is now available for our supporters, an inline EXIF viewer for attachments in the forums. Currently at the bottom of images that have EXIF data a quick list of values is shown. Sometimes though being able to take a quick look at the rest of the EXIF data is useful. You could...
  3. Kevin

    Guide How to disable "Holiday" theme elements

    As certain holidays or other special days draw near you may see some decorative graphics or other themed elements that are related to the holiday. They'll be just little things meant to add a bit of whimsy. But, alas, not everybody enjoys partaking in reindeer games so you have an option to...
  4. Cameraderie

    Guide How to set your Cameraderie theme/style

    Here at Cameraderie our community members & visitors have a choice of multiple themes to choose from. Also called 'styles', themes control how the site looks & feels with the biggest difference them being the color palettes. 🎨 The default theme for members & visitors who have not made a...