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  1. Kevin

    For the film guys... local thrift shop has a Beseler Printmaker 67

    Just did a Wawa coffee run and stopped by the local thrift store on the way home to see if they had any shiny stuff for the collection. No shiny things but I came across something that I suspect the don't know what to do with.... a Beseler Printmaker 67 enlarger. The have it priced at $130 but...
  2. Tim Williams

    Chrome has gone dead

    This is the third time it has done this. It will not respond to the usual fixes and refuses to open. I ran compatibility fixes but no go. I think this is a Windows issue as well so can't really lay all the grief on Google. Suggestions for a different browser . If it wont work, I'll replace it...
  3. time has passed

    time has passed

    I drove by an abandoned school bus I had captured one and thought it would make a decent "time has passed." I did almost get a tick for the cause... found a little deer tick crawling up my pants after getting back to the car.
  4. Time has passed (since I bought these onions)

    Time has passed (since I bought these onions)

    I can't remember when I bought this bag of onions. I think at this point I can call them Done-ions.
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