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  1. bilzmale

    Free Franzis HDR Projects Professional 4.

    This is available for a week from the link below. I own and use V 5 Pro. It will blend exposure brackets or a single file. It is German software and English support is basic but it is reasonably intuitive to use even if you just rely on the presets...
  2. SiJ 2015 - Day 11

    SiJ 2015 - Day 11

    Tried something different - this is a 3 shot bracket developed in HDR Efex Pro and then Silver Efex Pro to give a high key glow. The initial scene has bright and dark areas and the +2, 0, -2 brackets were set in camera. I also shot in RAW, I have been using jpgs in days 1 to 10.
  3. New pool shot

    New pool shot

  4. Pentax Q HDR 01

    Pentax Q HDR 01

  5. SIJ15 The dead tree.

    SIJ15 The dead tree.

    This tree died last summer and despite good winter rains has not recovered. This is a +1/0/-1 HDR.
  6. SIJ12 The park.

    SIJ12 The park.

    This is a 3 shot HDR converted in SEP2 (High structure) and cropped and sharpened in LR3 with a touch of vignette. Reminds me of moonlight although it's a bright 38C day here. Finally got past my driveway today.
  7. SIJ Day 9

    SIJ Day 9

    I'm in Savannah and was in classes all day. Tried to get a couple shots this morning before heading out from the hotel but decided to concentrate on the street below my hotel when I got back. Took the liberty to run this one through a Nik plugin to get the feel I was looking for.
  8. SIJ09 HDR revisited.

    SIJ09 HDR revisited.

    Back patio again - southern end. With our strong sunlight the camera by itself exposes for the highlights leaving the tree underexposed. This is a bracket from -3 to +3 EV. The X100 only manages +/-1 in camera but the EV dial lets you shift the brackets - really needs a tripod which I used...
  9. SIJ01


    An uninspiring subject but this is a 6 shot handheld HDR which I'm pleased with from the process point of view. Shot Raw X100 and tonemapped in Photomatix which did a good job of de-ghosting..

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