1. D

    Hello from NW Minnesota

    Hello all. I've bounced around a lot all my life and I am currently up in the Tallgrass Prairie/Farmlands of northwestern Minnesota. I've been creating images since the 1970's and look forward to participating in Cameraderie.org.
  2. S

    Hello, I'm new as of a few minutes ago

    I'm a writer and photographer who sometimes combines the two. Looking forward to interacting here! I use a Leica SL2 or Nikon D850 depending on what I"m doing.
  3. M

    Hello- new member

    Just wanted to say hello. I was using the Photo on the net forums (POTN) until they closed at the end of the year. I love to shoot anything, but nature/birds/wildlife seem to be ones I take the most. Thanks, Matt
  4. Trout Bum

    Hello from Idaho!

    Native Midwesterner, now in Idaho- Looking forward to viewing great images from the community, and sharing some of my own nature and wildlife pics. :)
  5. Only RF

    Hello from Canada

    Somewhere around the 100th meridian. Looking forward to seeing more of the nice work here and throwing a few into the mix.
  6. MN shutterbug

    Hello from SW Minnesota

    I live in an agricultural area so I typically need to drive hundreds of miles to find scenic beauty but it does exist in Minnesota. I just have to hit the road more often.
  7. S

    Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    Hello, All! Glad to find another community out here. I'm (yet another) refugee coming from our previous community (POTN) that I just saw is shutting down. Sad news there, but understandable. I have been doing digital wildlife/nature/landscape/etc photography since the early 00s and enjoy...
  8. StephenBatey

    Hello from Sussex (UK)

    I've just joined - and am trying to find an avatar photo I used a few days ago! I'm originally from Yorkshire, so I consider myself an expat having moved almost 240 miles south to Sussex. As you might reasonably infer from my memory lapse alluded to above, I am out of my teens, being now 20...
  9. M

    Hello from Houston

    New here, I've been involved with photography since I was 14 (I am now 70). This was my first photo ...and this was my last (as of today)
  10. Pippan

    Hello from northern Australia

    Hi, Pippan from Darwin here, another POTN refugee. This looks like a friendly site so I look forward to meeting a few people here. I'm not new to photography though for the last two years I've been focusing (see what I did there?) on bird photography. I'm always keen for discussion about birds...
  11. I


    Guys, Good day to all! I hope everyone here is doing well so far. I want to say hello to all. Thank you so much!
  12. BeatX

    Hello from Poland

    Hi everyone ;) My name is Maciek, I found this forum by accident, but after reading couple of threads I think I like to stay in here for little longer. I'm photographic enthusiast constantly looking for perfection in my photo art and perfection in my camera gear setup 😅
  13. Punkie

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hello All Joined the forum for info, sometime help and sometime giving advice when I know the problem. After my retirement as marine engineer I started with the Olympus E500, later the E620 and now the EM5 MKII. All years I enjoyed my equipment, special the size and weight of camera and lenses...
  14. H

    Hallåå from Sweden

    Hi everyone! I usually don’t have many accounts on websites or write in forums. I’m actually trying to sell some photo equipment but thought I can say hi and maybe have a nice chat while I’m at it. Some info about myself: I’m a parttime photographer, fulltime parent and I will be starting a...