1. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Gymnastics - 2023-24 Season - First Practice Session

    Good Morning, A few shots of my schools' team for this season, with a mix of new freshmen and returning seniors. Trying out some new lenses purchased this year in the marginal lighting that their private training facility needs to update...:rolleyes: Regards, Edd
  2. Bill in Texas

    Sports Jr. High Basketball - My middle Grandgirl

    My middle grandgirl is in the 7th grade, 13 YO, and almost 6' tall. She is number 15 and a fierce competitor. My son, her dad, is 6'5", while I'm 6'. They live a couple of hours away so I have to pick and choose games to see. A few shots from last night.
  3. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Soccer

    Good Afternoon, My high school team during a "flying warm-up" just for the photographer; even the coach was impressed...:) Regards, Edd
  4. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Lacrosse

    Good Morning, Warning: Image heavy...:) My school has very competitive boys and girls lacrosse teams again this season. This matchup ended up being a 10 to 5 win over their opponents, with a couple of highlights of note. One of my students (senior captain) scored her 200th career goal during...
  5. Roboticspro

    Sports Boys High School Basketball

    Good Evening, The school I teach at had a game against the high school I graduated from 53 years ago. A complete redo of the facility had been done at some point along with updated banners hanging from above, but still showing my teams State Championship from that far away time...:) By the end...
  6. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Gymnastics - Senior Night

    Good Evening, This marked the end of the season for my school team; sad to see it end. Several of the members will be continuing on college teams in the fall in Division II and III. I hope that the entering freshman can help to fill the gap that each of these young women create by moving on to...
  7. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Gymnastics - Quad Competition and prep for State Meet

    Good Evening, Another Sunday afternoon in one of the local private venues that hosted local high school teams from RI. Got to use my new (to me) 1DX Mark II along with the R7; it was a great combo to cover the four stations along with each schools team rotations. Regards, Edd
  8. Roboticspro

    Sports High School Girls Gymnastics - The Details

    Good Evening, First shots using my new-to-me Canon 1DX Mark II; I bit the bullet and got it today. I cleared all the settings, but I forgot about the copywrite info (my alias is not Kim...:)). The team photo wasn't planned; their yearbook photographer never showed, so I helped the coach and the...
  9. Roboticspro

    High School Girls Gymnastics

    Good Evening, Some photos from a combined meet among seven high schools. I got to use the Canon R7 again with the Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 and the Canon 7D Mark II with my now fixed EF 24-70mm f2.8 L lens. My image processing station was chugging all night on the original RAW files, a bit over 4000...
  10. jhawk1000

    High school high level football

    My wife and I photograph a local High School football team and have for the past 8 years. This team is a powerhouse in our State and has gone to the championship game 3 out of the past 5 years. It has produced Breece Hall who is leading the New York Jets in rushing as a rookie, a young man who...
  11. Roboticspro

    Sports High School Girls Fast-Pitch Softball

    Good Morning, It was a windy dust-bowl in Rhode Island; my high school team won (7-1) and are destined for the playoffs. All taken with MFT for this game, the Canon FF gear stayed in the Pelican case...:). Player #10 hit her 30th high school career home run, over the fence...and then some...
  12. Roboticspro

    Sports High School Boy's Baseball

    Good Morning, This was the first match-up since COVID-19 between these same-city rivals. The game went 7 innings with the win going to my home team (4 of my students playing) with a 11-5 hard-fought game. Regards, Edd
  13. drd1135

    APS-C High ISO Performance

    I was looking at the new DPR studio results for the Nikon Z fc. I actually changed the Olympus to the Z50: https://m.dpreview.com/articles/0039726506/nikon-z-fc-added-to-studio-test-scene?utm_source=self-mobile&utm_medium=marquee&utm_campaign=traffic_source The high iso performance of all...
  14. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Two feet of snow, then high temps and rain wipe out the snow, then . . .

    Heartbreaking pretty today. Cheers, Jock
  15. sh0wtime

    Nikon High ISO

    OK generally i shoot in decent light at low ISO, occasionally i will boost ISO a bit for a fast shutter speed if needed. Anyway i was fiddling around in my bedroom last night & it was pretty dark in there, curtains closed just before dusk. I had my D4 & D810 out & i thought hey lets see how they...
  16. tonyturley

    Fuji Showcase Fujifilm Pro Negative High Film Simulation

    Camera X100S, ISO 200, f4, various shutter speeds, Color 0, Highlight -1, Shadow +1, NR -2, Sharp -2
  17. High ISO beer

    High ISO beer

    Another 3200 ISO shot.
  18. 3200 ISO night snap

    3200 ISO night snap

    This was the first picture I took at night and I set the ISO to 3200 to check the low light noise performance. Needless to say I'm impressed.
  19. 2nd_July_Grasse


    M8 not renowned for good high ISO - in fact it is criticised ISO 1250 tonight in Grasse near Nice and Antibes in the South of France