1. Bobby Tingle

    Sparring highlights

    After battling and recovering from a very bad sprain in my left foot and ankle for nearly a year. I have been easing my way back into training over the past two months. This past Saturday I had my first full on sparring session rotating in a sparring partner each round. I’m pretty happy with...
  2. mike3996

    Fuji Fuji raw highlight headroom?

    Leica has little to none headroom in the highlights, Olympus has at least a stop. How do the newer Fujis (X-Trans 3/4) possess highlight recoverability? I know I could be downloading sample files and playing with them myself but I don't know the shooting conditions behind the samples, and...
  3. Blowing highlights....for fun

    Blowing highlights....for fun

    I agree greater dynamic range can only be good, but sometimes blowing the highlights can just be fun.
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