1. Matero

    World is a strange place and little bit history of photography

    This is the first photograph taken in Finland. The first daguerreotype photograph taken in Finland was a daguerreotype taken by medical doctor Henrik Cajander on 3rd November 1842 of Nobel House at Uudenmaankatu 8. (Wikipedia) The house called Nobel House is, or actually was, located in my...
  2. CameraderieBot

    TIH Albert W. Stevens, aerial photographer born

    Albert W. Stevens, in full Albert William Stevens, (born March 13, 1886, Belfast, Maine, U.S.—died March 26, 1949, Redwood City, California), U.S. Army officer, balloonist, and early aerial photographer who took the first photograph of Earth’s curvature (1930) and the first photographs of the...
  3. gryphon1911

    Documentary Catholic Museum of Art and History (Image Heavy)

    Purported to be the largest collection of Catholic related art in the United States. Located in Columbus, Ohio in the Catholic Foundation Building as of 2020. The collection is so large at this point, they are looking for a larger facility. Lots of images to share, so will do as I have done in...
  4. boojum

    TIH Dirck Halstead, Photojournalist Who Captured History, Dies at 85

    Shooting for Time magazine and United Press International, Dirck Halstead documented presidents, the Vietnam War and more. Time designated Halstead as their Senior White House Photographer in 1972. He later accepted a contract with them that same year which lasted for the next 29 years...
  5. mike3996

    Here's my system for tracking personal gear history

    Begin End Buy Sell System Type FL equiv Gear 2006-Dec 0 Compact 35-140 Canon PowerShot A530 2017-Jun 2019-Sep 3000 (2750) Compact 28 Leica Q 2019-Sep 2020-Jan (2350) 1900 Canon EF ILC Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 2019-Sep 2020-Jan (150) 140 Canon EF Lens 40...
  6. CameraderieBot

    TIH World Photography Day 📷

    August 19th is celebrated as World Photography Day! 📷 The day aims to inspire photographers across the globe to share photos of their world with the whole world. 😎 https://www.worldphotographyday.com/ The date of August 19th is in honor of the day the Daguerreotype process, developed by Louis...
  7. Kevin

    Announcement New "Today in History" Forum

    Some folks have already noticed but there is a new "Today in History" forum. The idea behind the new forum is two-fold - a new 'widget' on the front home page will display the matching 'Today in History' results and I'm working on this widget to be the basis of some other date oriented...
  8. Kevin

    TIH Janez Puhar recognized for reproducible glass plate photographs method

    Puhar was not the first to create a working photograph on glass process but is credited for inventing a process that made it reproducible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_photography In 1839, John Herschel made the first glass negative, but his process was difficult to reproduce...
  9. Coates Gin Distillery, Southside Street, Plymouth

    Coates Gin Distillery, Southside Street, Plymouth

  10. Elizabethan Merchants House, Plymouth

    Elizabethan Merchants House, Plymouth

  11. memorial to the ships company of The Mayflower

    memorial to the ships company of The Mayflower

  12. Leica and HP5

    Leica and HP5