1. P

    Advice Wanted Fell on the ice

    Sooo, I fell on a patch of ice and broke two ribs. Thanks body😂🤣 Now none of my bags or backpacks for schlepping gear works at the time being. Anyone here got a trick or tips? Or is this the time to marinate in cellphone photography...
  2. William Lewis

    Nature Ice storm

    Had freezing rain, sleet, and lots of other ick over the weekend. Still ice on the trees yesterday.
  3. MountainMan79

    Stroll Ice Castles

    Went down to the park by my house where they have a large ice castle exhibit in the winters. It was a cold night for a stroll, at negative 10 F. I took my Olympus Pen F, as I wanted to put my new 12-45 through the paces. The Pen performance was mixed. It wasn’t deterred at all by the super cold...
  4. Jock Elliott

    Curious ice patterns, Oakwood Cemetery ponds

    Cheers, Jock
  5. mike3996

    Nature Show Ice

  6. SIJ 2015 - Day 6

    SIJ 2015 - Day 6

    Frozen Sunset 1/250s F/4 ISO320 Shot at 40mm I started out getting some close ups of various things around the yard covered in snow for my safety shots. As the day progressed it looked like there might be a nice sunset. It was cloudy but it was a thin layer. A little after 4 I looked...
  7. Icy contours

    Icy contours

    The contours in a frozen puddle
  8. Frogmore Creek from the carriage road

    Frogmore Creek from the carriage road

    High tide in Frogmore Creek with the puddles in the ruts still frozen
  9. Ice


  10. rose hip with icy deposit

    rose hip with icy deposit