1. gryphon1911

    Initial Thoughts on the Nikon Coolpix A versus the Ricoh GR Digital III (2009)

    Hey all! I've been using these now for a little bit and from the get go - I actually love both of them. Having had heartburn with EVF/OVF-less cameras in the past, I've slowly started to get past that personal problem (same with power zooms, especially since I've embraced the stepped zoom)...
  2. Taneli

    Nikon Nikon Z6 III Announced

    Ok, so it finally was announced, here is a link to the trailer: https://click.mcd.nikon.com/?qs=a8aeaa85c78100886b5328fae0f54d15046cb74011291314b97161883cdb27b7aa7be31d0356ab1fae319c43a634a638fd42ca492c131876cde43b5abd05f7f9 (which I got from the swedish news letter:)...
  3. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Refurbished Pentax K-3 III Monochrome - $1,899

    https://us.ricoh-imaging.com/product/pentax-k-3-mark-iii-monochrome-refurbished-1899-95/ Won't last long, I am sure! Buy it so I'm not tempted!
  4. Brownie

    Sony Interesting video compares A1/A7R V/A7 IV/A7S III normal and low light

    This is a pretty decent video, kind of long at almost 1/2 hour but some very interesting results, including the A7R V in crop mode compared to the others. I'm not familiar with this reviewer but then I don't watch many of them, maybe some of you know who he is. The A7S III is kind of irrelevant...
  5. Brownie

    Sony Showcase Tamron 50-400mm F4.5-6.3 Di III VXD

    I remember when this lens was announced thinking it would be nice to have the extra 50mm below the standard 100-400 lenses. I didn't think about it much more until a few weeks ago when I started wishing for that added 50mm while shooting and rediscovered it while window shopping. It's shaping...
  6. Iron

    Pentax Continuous AF After K-3 III v2.0 Firmware Update!

    Just sharing this initial test by Kobie M-C after the K-3 III firmware update to v2.0. Just when I thought that the PLM focusing was already up there, this firmware version can just be another one of those milestones for those who shoot AF-C. The update covers much better tracking in the Z-axis...
  7. agentlossing

    Pentax K-3 III Monochrome Sensor!

    https://pentaxrumors.com/2023/04/12/pentax-k-3-iii-monochrome-camera-leaked-pictures/ Looks like it's real, when combined with the things Ricoh has actually said prior to this point. The shot of the JPEG profile options is really interesting, as it's the first peek into what a Ricoh/Pentax...
  8. gryphon1911

    My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 7 - Ricoh GR III & Olympus EM1.2 w/ P 35-100/2.8

    Will mainly use the GR III, but wanted to have something on the long end just in case. The GRIII will have the TTArtisans 28mm hotshoe viewfinder on it for those times the sun is too much for that rear LCD. Used the new Negative Film picture control for the whole day. Quite like it...very...
  9. MoonMind

    Micro 4/3 Advice wanted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 III resetting its frame counter at random intervals ...

    If someone had a) an explanation, i.e. could tell me what to avoid, or b) a solution, i.e. a way to finally stop this, I'd be much obliged. It's a major annoyance - to the point of me wanting to hurl the camera at the wall (I won't, but it *does* wreak havoc with cataloguing the images). M.
  10. Roboticspro

    Sports Women's NCAA Division III Soccer

    Good Evening, A former student of mine, now at Union College (NY) majoring in Biomedical Engineering, played a match against Lasell College (Newton, MA). Using one of my Canon 7D's with over 340,000 clicks along with a Canon 1D Mark IV, I managed to take about 2400 photos over the 90 minutes of...
  11. drd1135

    Micro 4/3 E-M1iii and E-M5 iii discontinued?

    A bunch of Fuji models have been discontinued by apparently OMDS has a few as well: https://photorumors.com/2022/09/13/panasonic-gh5s-fujifilm-x-t4-x-t30ii-x-e4-and-olympus-e-m1-iii-e-m5-iii-cameras-listed-as-discontinued/#more-154091 Probably ran out of parts for the older models and it's not...
  12. William Lewis

    Film Rolleicord III back in action

    So, I am in the drawn-out process of moving back to Eau Claire for a new job at a different hotel. I just discovered there is still a real photo lab in Eau Claire that develops film in house! I’d stopped doing any film because mail order labs are prohibitively expensive. While not as cheap as...
  13. Darmok N Jalad

    Micro 4/3 Review: Haoge HG-EM5III (E-M5 mark III) grip

    Posting yet another mini review for a bit of M43 kit, mostly because the items I've purchased have seemingly been under-reviewed by the usual camera sites. That doesn't make me an expert, but perhaps a bit of detail on a lesser-known product could help a random Googler. This time, it's the Haoge...
  14. The Electric Squirrel

    Sony Showcase Tamron 28-200 f/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD FE-mount showcase

    I remember back when superzooms were just for convenience, not image quality. Heck, zooms in general were compromising greatly on IQ back in the days of the film era, even in the very end of it. So now that I've used this Tamron 28-200 superzoom for Sony FE-mount for a while, I'm still quite...
  15. vertigo1959

    Micro 4/3 After the om-1 , a EM 5 iii replacement?

    Will such a camera be produced? Does it all hinge on how the om-1 sells? How would it differ from the om-1 if it was introduced? When would it be announced assuming om system continue? I own a EP-5 [ with vf-4] and EM 5 ii right now . Would love a new mid range camera with a better EVF.
  16. agentlossing

    Pentax K3 Mark III Finally Official

    https://us.ricoh-imaging.com/product/pentax-k-3-mark-iii/ Price: $2000 USD.
  17. gryphon1911

    Micro 4/3 EM5 mark iii shutter shock

    So, I’m playing about with the above mentioned camera and try as I might, I can’t seem to get a sharp image. I “think” I have anti shock shutter options on , set at 0 seconds. Unlike the older models, there is no “diamond” option to select. It appears from the manual that the turning on of...
  18. Jonathan F/2

    Superzoom The Tamron 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD lens - Best Lens for the 2020 Pandemic!

    * Crossposted on TalkEmount I've been shooting this lens all of July and I don't say this lightly, but the Tamron 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD lens has my vote as the best super zoom lens ever (my previous vote went to the Nikon 1 10-100mm non-PD VR) and best lens for the 2020 pandemic! It's...
  19. agentlossing

    Ricoh (Post Yours) Ricoh GR Hi-contrast B&W

    A few street images from walking around yesterday. There's a definite influx of tourists again, and as a local I have mixed feelings, even more mixed than usual this year with Corona-concerns. Sticking to the open air and not touching much most likely keeps me safe, but I feel for business...
  20. MiguelATF

    Ricoh My new (to me) 11-year-old Ricoh GRD iii

    Well, call me foolish for buying an 11-year-old camera with a tiny sensor, but after years of admiring from a distance the photos which Wouter Brandsma, Josh White (aka jtinseoul) and occasionally Eric Kim have taken or used to take with this little Ricoh, I couldn't resist when I found one in...
  21. drd1135

    A7 III with a really old lens

    This guy took a lens off of an old WWI era folder and put is on an A7 III. The videos are really good. https://www.dpreview.com/news/9358473548/video-shooting-video-with-a-vest-pocket-kodak-camera-lens-from-wwi
  22. Biro

    Ricoh Ricoh GR III Firmware 1.20 Update

  23. rayvonn

    Ricoh The Ricoh GR III Image Thread (Showcase)

    Ok, I'll get this started, post 'em here.... Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Wolli Creek by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr
  24. gryphon1911

    Eye/Face Detect Test - Canon EOS R, Fuji X-T3, Nikon Z6, Sony a9, Sony a7 III and Sony a6400

    Found this Youtube video. thought it interesting. They tested the eye/face detect functions of the following cameras: Canon EOS R, Fuji X-T3, Nikon Z6, Sony a9, Sony a7 III and Sony a6400 It is 20 minutes long, but if you scroll through the timeline bar, you'll see the thumbnails fear each...
  25. Work.


    Our son is a brick paver by trade and this is some of his handiwork.
  26. Negative space.

    Negative space.

    I'm rushing some of these as I'll be away from compters for a week from Friday.
  27. Movement


    Owen was moving but not well conveyed - may replace it later.
  28. Chiaroscuro


    I hope I haven't missed the point?
  29. Wood.


    My brother was a master wood turner before his death from prostate cancer - his woodwork is now precious to those who knew him.
  30. Acts of kindness

    Acts of kindness

    A gift on Mother's Day. In a few more days will work for 'death'. Processed in Topaz Lens Effects to blur the background.
  31. Food.


    I liked the texture on these 'tiger' rolls - processed in Silver Effects.
  32. 10 pm

    10 pm

    'nuff said.
  33. Black


    A slightly oof shot of part of my desktop.
  34. Heavy processing.

    Heavy processing.

    A bit over the top - can't remember all that I tried.
  35. Despair or hopeless.

    Despair or hopeless.

    This is the second time I've broken the same tail light (last time a few weeks after replacement).
  36. Patterns


    Laid this pattern myself in the driveway. Processed in Topaz B&W Effects (toned).
  37. A worm's-eye view.

    A worm's-eye view.

    Taken in our potted ficus.
  38. Street Photographer, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Street Photographer, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

    Not too discrete street shooter in Harvard Square,
  39. Day 17

    Day 17

    Old millstone near the local dam