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  1. Carbonman

    Excire Cataloging Software Problem

    I posted this on the other mu-43 forum as well. I'm running into a problem with Excire software I just bought. When I try to install it, ZoneAlarm stops it because of an apparent virus Hoax.JS.ExtMsg.a that's included. Any suggestions regarding getting this working without risk? Can I close...
  2. Walter Palmer

    Latest from Sr. Du Chemin
  3. gryphon1911

    Software Interesting Find For Topaz Photo AI - Upscaling

    I was working with pictures from the Minolta Maxxum 7D and Minolta 135mm lens today. Ran the RAW files through Lightroom, but decided to see about using Topaz Photo AI for the sharpening. Topaz Photo AI auto detects and states what it thinks it needs to do. To my surprise, for a lot of the...
  4. Glevum Owl

    Software New Version Of Affinity Photo?

    Just received an email from Serif proclaiming "Something Big Is Coming". It contains a link to a teaser movie for an announcement 09/11 (or 11/09 for those across the pond). I suspect that it's for v2 of the Affinity products including Photo which is now over seven years old. However, towards...
  5. R

    Have PSE18 to open after export from DxOPL5

    I use DxO PL5 to process my files to jpeg. I am wondering if it is possible to have PSE 18 open after the files are exported? Thanks.
  6. olli

    Lightroom Classic 12

    I just updated LR to the new version 12 which has been upgraded with all sorts of new masking tools. I've only experimented with a couple of them but so far they are superb. Examples will follow, but if you're a Lightroom user you should definitely update.
  7. Toddster

    Using phone to upload from SD card to LR - iPhone vs Android

    I have been using an iPhone to upload photos from my camera's SD card to Lightroom CC; the process works perfectly. If I have WiFi I prefer to use my tablet or computer but the iPhone is great for the times when only cellular data is available. I recently tried the same thing with an Android...
  8. BosseBe

    Software DxO PhotoLab 6

    DxO PhotoLab 6 has been released today. I got a message about the upgrade at €99 for the Elite version. I have not read any reviews but here is a link to one: DxO PhotoLab 6 brings DeepPRIME XD and a new ReTouch tool A couple of hours ago there was no reviews available but now they seem to turn up.
  9. Glevum Owl

    Adobe Shrinkflation

    Anyone else notice the Adobe reduction in what you get for your money on the photo subscription? Spotted this on my renewal email.
  10. lucien

    Advice Wanted exporting images in lightroom classic

    Hi I messed my export settings in lightroom classic. My NEF's are 23.9mp But when I export to jpeg I'm only getting 10.2mp. I'm losing 1/2 the size of my files. Before this incident I was getting up to 23.5mp on export. My settings are JPEG sRGB quality: 100 limit file size = unchecked...
  11. Stu

    Post Processing RAW [dng] from Pixel 6a Files

    Just bought my wife a Pixel 6a phone. From all reports they output reasonably good pics, albeit heavily worked over in phone. It seems it is also possible to export photos as DNG files. I'm wondering if the DNG file is going to be minus all the in-phone tuning and whether it would be simpler to...
  12. R

    Software DxO PL 5 - thank you to those who helped me choose

    hi Some weeks ago I posted because I had bought the Olympus M5 Mk 3, and it isn't supported in LR 6 stand alone, and I didn't want to go the subscription model. Lots of you made good suggestions, and advised, and I had a good fiddle with various programmes, but settled on DxO PL5. I am now a...
  13. Glevum Owl

    Apple iPhone - Non-Pro Models - RAW Shooting Apps

    Despite my delight at the quality of images from the family's iPhones, there have been occasions when I've either been disappointed by the processing of the images (too garish) or wanted to rescue an image but been unable to (there's only so much that can be done with a HEIC or JPEG file). I've...
  14. Brownie

    Sorting/Culling Conundrum

    I've been thinking lately about the amount of time spent on processing and have decided it REALLY needs to be cut down. The question is how to approach it. First the background: 1500-2000 photos shared by two cameras. Some of these are single shots, most are short bursts. Let's say an average...
  15. R

    Software DxO PL5 scroll images while in customise mode?

    Hi I'm currently trying out DxO PL5, and for the most part enjoying it, and believe I'm starting to get to grips with it. One thing I liked in Lightroom, was the ability to cycle through the images while in develop mode. By that I mean I could apply any global changes, then while in develop...
  16. William Lewis

    Darktable vs Capture One

    I don't generally do a whole lot of postprocessing. Depending on the circumstance, I can be very happy with the JPG SOOC from my M 240. I have been feeling the financial bite of my Capture One 22 subscription and am pondering whether to buy a standalone license for it and update down the road if...
  17. Carbonman

    Software Capture One 22 Update Problem

    I just downloaded the most recent C1 update Win15.3.0 and there's a database problem that prevents it from opening. I suggest waiting a week or so to download the update so they can fix it.
  18. Simonix

    Decent noise reduction software out there for use on an iPad Pro M1?

    As per title really. I currently use/tried the following apps on my iPad pro M1: Affinity Photo Lightroom On1 Mobile Pixelmator They all have some form of NR, Pixelmator even has a supposed "AI" version, but none are that advanced compared to the latest AI software out there for Desktop PCs...
  19. R

    RAW processing for Olympus M5 Mk3 images

    Hi as I have a good tax rebate I decided to update my M5 Mk2 to the Mk3 as people are telling me it's a good upgrade. I didn't think to check about software however, and as I use a standalone version of Lightroom 6.14, it seems the RAW files aren't supported. I'm aware there's a free...
  20. JensM

    The Topaz suite and JPEGs to TIFF conversions.

    Am trying to twist my head around the Topaz suite along with their standalone JPEG to RAW converter. I have been using this suite, primarily as plug-ins for sharpening and noise reduction work for a couple of years, and am normally quite pleased with the results, with the exception of the...
  21. QBI

    Skylum Luminar - Support UKRAINE

    Dear Cameraderie Members, I'm the last guy to get in to politics - I avoid it like the plague. But this Ukraine invasion has got under my skin. How can there be a war in Europe in the 21st Century? How is that possible? Anyway my favourite plug-in photo processing software is Luminar from...
  22. fotoppi

    Software OM Workspace (former Olympus) new AI Noise Reduction

    With the release of the new OM-1 camera, OM System has released an updated version of Workspace as well. (This piece of software is underrated in my opinion - anyway) It comes with a new AI Noise Reduction add-on that will work with the new OM-1 orf files, but with some Olympus models as well...
  23. lucien

    Advice Wanted lightroom classic

    Hi I'm at the beginning stages of editing photos, I can crop, exposure, contrast, convert to black and white, use lens correction level etc. I'm at a road block now. How do I get a totally black background and then add my image after without doing something to my image. I'll look around...
  24. Acraftman

    Advice Wanted Looking for Silver efex

    I have the free nik software kit on my laptop and recently bought a desk top both are Mac products. I enjoy using silver efex and am trying to find if it is still available for free. I have seen older youtube vid and the location they show where to find it is no longer accessible or DXO has...
  25. JensM

    Advice Wanted Breaking into Photoshop.

    Fellows, I am somewhat looking to get into photoshop in general to see what it is about, I used it for a stint in the late 90s, very early 00s on PC, but never enough to get it in my fingers, so to speak and mostly for easy editing of scans and later mainly for size adjustments. 😂 Am now...
  26. M

    Apple Aperture Importing question

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've posted here, but know I can always count on you to help me out. I'm using Aperture 3.6, and was wondering about the differences in using JPEG as Original vs RAW as original (when importing). I can see the difference on screen, but what about the...
  27. WhidbeyLVR

    Rules for Digital Darkroom Derby, an image processing challenge

    (last edited December 18, 2021) Digital Darkroom Derby Rules: The Host will provide one or more images to use as the primary basis for submissions, as well as a closing time for entries (approximately 60-hours). Participants should post their entries at a resolution of 1000 to 1600 pixels in...
  28. AndyMcD

    Software Capture One 22 now includes HDR merging

    It doesn't have any anti-ghosting so only works on static pictures but this one came out okay...
  29. Bobby Tingle

    New LR masking tool

    Was giving LR yet another try out. As I often switch back and forth between Adobe and Capture One. And holy crap!! The new masking tool in LR is awesome! I don't know when this tool was changed, so it may not be that new. But it was a nice discovery for me.
  30. Kevin

    Software Any Adobe Illustrator users around who could help out with something?

    I have the original .AI file for the "" logo seen in the header but I don't have AI. Are there any AI users that might be able to do a small paid job of some tweaks using the original .AI file? Thanks :)
  31. kyteflyer

    Adobe pulling apps from iOS

    Disappointing, but unsurprising. Adobe is pulling Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix (both free) from the iOS app store on 21st June. They want you to get Adobe Photoshop Express (which used to be free but is now subscription). I use Fix for some things, Its the only Adobe app I use, now, and...
  32. Matero

    Apple Lightroom Classic updated to support Silicon Macs

    I just wondered few days ago how long can it take for Adobe to start supporting Silicon M1 Macs with Lightroom Classic. Well, the update is now ongoing on the background 😎 EDIT: And the new Universal Lightroom Classic feels snappy on M1 Mac mini with just 16GB memory. (And Big Sur 11.4 MacOS)
  33. Bobby Tingle

    Nik 4 released today

    I wasn’t even aware that DxO was finally updating the Nik collection. But there is a mew reworked version available starting today. With discounted pricing for upgrading or buying nee going for a limited time.
  34. kyteflyer

    Linux Linuxed my Macbook again! (Linux image processing)

    Just thought I'd throw it out there for no good reason at all. I now have a Macbook that's called MintyMac. I'm importing (in place) to Shotwell, and have installed Gimp with the ufRaw plugin. I also installed XNViewMP though I have not yet used it. Early days and I am just as likely to...
  35. agentlossing

    DXO PureRAW DXO has just released the most sensational part of their PhotoLab 4 Elite, the DeepPrime noise reduction, as a utility that converts RAW files to denoised, corrected DNGs that can then be imported into other image editing applications. I tried DeepPRIME when it was...
  36. Coksic

    Software Adobe Super resolution - Is this the future?

    The image was taken with a 16mp Fujifilm X-E1 and Minolta 58mm f1.4 PF After processing it through the new ''super resolution'' option in ACR, this image has almost 60mp! 100% crop
  37. kyteflyer

    Software Nikon NX Studio

    Review on DP Review Review: Nikon NX Studio answers our plea for a free, all-in-one editing app
  38. kyteflyer

    Apple MacOS: Lyn App

    This may be of interest to some Mac users, especially those of us on older hardware. I bought a licence for the Lyn app a few years ago but never really gave it serious consideration. How foolish of me. Its lightweight, and it does both image management and basic editing. It will also send...
  39. mike3996

    Wonderful non-tutorials to Darktable

    Boris is a skillful image processer, no doubt. By his own words, he doesn't do tutorials (which can be a bit of a snoozefest to be sure). Instead he makes short (7-10 minute) annotated videos on how he edits a shot using the freely available darktable. I have used Darktable since summer 2017...
  40. Bobby Tingle

    Capture One 21 released today

    The latest greatest thing from C1 is now available.
  41. Bobby Tingle

    Another C1 vs LR observation

    Adobe sent an email with a free trial to return to using their products. So I thought I would see where Lr currently is compared to C1. With us figuring out how to do sharpening in Lr for Fuji files correctly some time ago. Both editors are capable of good results. This time I noticed something...
  42. kyteflyer

    Linux Linux users: more advice required.

    I havent switched yet, but I have sacrificed an external portable to Mint 19, which runs beautifully on my 2010 Macbook White, and have imported all my photos to Shotwell and have been playing with that + Rawtherapee... What are the rest of you doing? I’ve only looked at whats in the software...
  43. Luke

    photo manipulation (bringing old statues some photorealism)

    I thought this was pretty cool and thought some of you would enjoy it, too.
  44. kyteflyer

    Mac and iOS users: RAW Power.

    If you don’t take a look at RAW Power, you’re nuts. Inexpensive to buy, and tons of features for photo editing... Alas, the latest for Mac is not compatible with High Sierra, I havent yet installed on my Mini which is not even running Catalina and probably wont... But on iOS13, its wonderful...
  45. kyteflyer

    Interesting times at On1

    I always liked their software but havent updated since On1Raw 2018... Might be time to take another look.
  46. M

    Using a neutral gray backdrop with blending modes for portraits

    I intend to make a series of portraits of my parents generation, aunts and uncles. So I wanted a portable consistent backdrop. I really like the Annie Leibovitz using a custom Oliphant backdrop style look. The backdrops while absolutely stunning are pricey. Maybe one day. So I use a Wescott...
  47. Bobby Tingle

    My back and forth between LR and C1 finally at an end....

    Almost the entire time I have shot with Fuji, I have mainly used Capture One for my raw processing/editing. At one point even leaving Photoshop for Affinity Photo. This was due to C1 handling the Fuji files much better than LR. And on my editing computer, C1 ran faster. Some time in the last...
  48. Walter Palmer

    Cropping Recommendations

    Maybe it's isolation, maybe boredom, maybe age, whatever... I need to re-check cropping advice from experts. Do I crop in Lightroom to the desired presentation; only crop for print or export; crop a virtual copy for a Collection? What is considered "Best Practice" in 2020?? Thanks.
  49. M. Valdemar

    Interesting Free Russian Film Emulation Software for Mac - Dehancer

    This is really interesting. It crashed on my Mac several times but suddenly became stable. Very good effects:
  50. Walter Palmer

    ACDSee? How is it these days?

    ACDSee has a sale going on. Does anyone have the current Mac version? What is it like? I remember the Old Days when it was lightening fast, slightly limited, no DAM, and Windows only. I have not seen it in awhile (obviously) and was hoping to get a quick update from people I respect. Thanks in...