1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Feedback I can't uploade images.

    Hello, sorry if this is just my mistake or done something stupid. But I can't upload images anymore, it says I've reached my maximum limit not attachment upload, please try later. Both on my phone and on my desktop, I can't edit post to add samples. I just made a new thread on a subject but I...
  2. Irene McC

    Consigned to the rubbish bin of history - what will become of our images?

    A rather sad sight at the flea market this morning got me pensive - the red slide bottom right is marked "navorsing" which means 'research' -
  3. I

    Share your Images from CCD sensor cameras, all brands

    I really liked this thread started by @John King over on, so I wanted to bring it here! From my 10 MPx FTs Olympus E-400 with the 14-42mm kit lens.
  4. G

    Pentax New KF

    Here is one of my first images taken with my new Pentax KF...
  5. M

    Canon Showcase Canon R6/R6II thread and images

    I am new to Cameraderie, having used Canon dSLRs (60D in 2011 and 5DIII in 2013) I recently moved to Canon Mirorless with the Canon R6 MarkII. I will be posting some photos and invite other R6/R6II users to showcase their photos too! From a recent Rhine cruise (end May/early June): Klopp...
  6. gryphon1911

    Documentary Holiday 2023 - Show Your December Holiday Images - Any Kind - No Restrictions

    So what do I mean? Show nativity, Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, or any other holiday stuff you want, religious, secular - no restrictions! Just share some great images! We had such a good response to the Halloween 2023. You may be asking yourself, why so early? Well, I'm already have seen...
  7. gordo

    Help Site upsizing images?

    I just noticed in the thread Pentax - Pentax image thread that my uploaded images were blurry. Then noticed they are larger than my hosted images, 720x960, portrait orientation. Is the site enlarging images now?
  8. ShipleyNW

    Images sizes on the board?

    I'm new here and I was wondering what image sizes people use when posting on the site. I'm sure this is addressed in a document somewhere, but I can't find it. I read the board mainly on a PC with large monitor and fairly large resolution (old eyes), so it's hard for me to gauge what looks...
  9. Rick-Australia

    Likes & multiple images

    There are often times when multiple images are posted. I often find that some images are great and I would give them a "Like" whilst other in the group are not. So I don't want to give a like to the whole group of image just certain ones. Is it possible to like individual images in posts with...