1. C

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic integration of "Professional" and Consumer imaging products

    I have the Gh6 and G9II. While the AF for birding is very good on the G9II, the Gh6 is a video beast - already a "professional video camera". All video markets are changing - and very quickly. It could be that Panasonic has done a futures evaluation of the imaging market and it has determined...
  2. C

    What type of Imaging did you used to do, but now not so much.....

    For me it's table top stuff. Images of fossils, images of fruits/nuts (ala Weston), old & small things, other inside hobby stuff (like trains (sold them all 10 years ago). Most of us have been around for a while. How busy are those extension tube/maco filters, lights, flashes, background, or...
  3. John King

    Imaging Resource is back on line

    Hallelujah, brothers and sisters. Imaging Resource is back on line! Digital Cameras, Digital Camera Reviews
  4. bartjeej

    Imaging-resource also down?

    I happened upon Thom Hogan's website and he mentioned this 2 days ago: Today, I-R still gets a connection time-out. Not looking good...