1. M

    Internet access to back house

    I have an in-laws quarters(free standing house separated by a 10 foot wide walkway) that I'd like to add internet to. 1. CAT6 from where the modem is now(front house). Approx. 150 feet. 2. Wireless repeaters. Nanobeams. Etc. ? 3. Get the provider to add another separate modem. Thanks!
  2. William Lewis

    Watching the cargo plane on the internet...

    So, I'm waiting impatiently for the M 240 to arrive. Clicking on the FexEx tracking several times a day. Noting that it's gone from South Africa to Dubai to Italy to Paris. Now it's halfway to Memphis on a FedEx 777 - well, I presume so. It left CDG at the departure time on the tracking info and...
  3. Luke

    getting rid of cable TV

    My wife and I are moving next month and when I went to contact the cable company about the move, they said that there was now a charge for set-top boxes when there wasn't when I signed up with them (in 2007 I might add). So for the same service, they expect me to pay an additional $16 per month...