1. Biro

    Maybe Time to Pull All Photos of Yourself Off the Internet

    I'm posting this in the Watering Hole because the subject actually straddles so many subjects and concerns.
  2. mnhoj

    Internet access to back house

    I have an in-laws quarters(free standing house separated by a 10 foot wide walkway) that I'd like to add internet to. 1. CAT6 from where the modem is now(front house). Approx. 150 feet. 2. Wireless repeaters. Nanobeams. Etc. ? 3. Get the provider to add another separate modem. Thanks!
  3. William Lewis

    Watching the cargo plane on the internet...

    So, I'm waiting impatiently for the M 240 to arrive. Clicking on the FexEx tracking several times a day. Noting that it's gone from South Africa to Dubai to Italy to Paris. Now it's halfway to Memphis on a FedEx 777 - well, I presume so. It left CDG at the departure time on the tracking info and...
  4. Luke

    getting rid of cable TV

    My wife and I are moving next month and when I went to contact the cable company about the move, they said that there was now a charge for set-top boxes when there wasn't when I signed up with them (in 2007 I might add). So for the same service, they expect me to pay an additional $16 per month...