1. olskool

    hello from SC,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    hi, i joined a couple of days ago, i have already posted a couple of photos. i have been an avid photographer since the mid 80s i had a darkroom for a couple of decades, then i kind of slacked up when digital came on strong. but now i am back. i am glad to be here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. B

    Hi All

    I am on the southern-tier of the Great Lakes, in my 60s. My old man used to make me develop his negatives as a chore 50 years ago, but also let me use his Minolta srt, which I still have. Whenever I tripped over a used film camera during the last few decades I liked I would grab it if it was...
  3. D

    Hello from NW Minnesota

    Hello all. I've bounced around a lot all my life and I am currently up in the Tallgrass Prairie/Farmlands of northwestern Minnesota. I've been creating images since the 1970's and look forward to participating in
  4. LesterW

    Hi all

    Hi all. Been kicking around on POTN for years and thought I would look into new homes.
  5. S

    Hello, I'm new as of a few minutes ago

    I'm a writer and photographer who sometimes combines the two. Looking forward to interacting here! I use a Leica SL2 or Nikon D850 depending on what I"m doing.
  6. M

    Hello- new member

    Just wanted to say hello. I was using the Photo on the net forums (POTN) until they closed at the end of the year. I love to shoot anything, but nature/birds/wildlife seem to be ones I take the most. Thanks, Matt
  7. W

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone. I've been on the site for a few days looking around and decided to join. Recently back into photography as a hobby. Alexander
  8. Primes4ever

    New member, old photographer from Cambridge Ontario

    I have been looking around for a little while and decided to join. I took up photography roughly 50 years ago and transitioned from film to digital in 2002. I have a fondness for primes. In the analog era, I was a hard core Pentaxian and my first DSLR was a Pentax. Ten years ago, I switched to...
  9. Cmilledge3

    New old guy!

    Hello Everyone. My name is Chuck and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm 52 (soon to be 53). I've been married for 32 years. I have two daughters, and a cantankerous cat. I've worked in the commercial floor covering industry for 28 years, primarily in sales. Over that time, I've done about...
  10. lightcapture

    Let me introduce myself...

    I've been an 'on and off' photo hobbiest since the 1980s. I'm hoping to find a home here with like minded photogs. I love looking at the works of the masters of old and do enjoy shooting, especially B/W. It seems like many forums are heavy on bird photography using big lenses and fast...
  11. smokyb

    Good to be here

    Hello folks, I came across this site from the while doing research on a new camera. I did got a (and will be keeping) Nikon D90 and a few lenses. However, I am looking to get a compact camera that is capable of shooting RAW and can double at producing decent video. I had...
  12. S

    Also new here from POTN

    Hi there, as I said I found about it on POTN . I'm in Montreal, Canada.
  13. Jonzjob

    Yet another from POTN>

    Hi folks, yes another from POTN, but nothing lasts forever :crying:. That's sad but so very true. One of the things I find here is that it's a great difference with the black background. I'm retired and have bee since 1994 after I screwed um my back at work. Since then I have been making not...
  14. CameraMan

    New here from POTN

    Hey all. I'm moving here from POTN since it will be shutting down here within a matter of weeks. I personally stepped back from photography in 2015 for personal reasons. I used to do photography full time as my main source of income. But with the rising cost of health care, I needed to find a...
  15. T

    New to forum

    Hi I have only a very amateur knowledge of photography but I am retired and now unfortunately on my own. I need something to fill my days and have determined that I will take up photography as my hobby and hence the reason for joining this forum. I currently use my S7 mobile to take my photos...
  16. Trout Bum

    Hello from Idaho!

    Native Midwesterner, now in Idaho- Looking forward to viewing great images from the community, and sharing some of my own nature and wildlife pics. :)
  17. Only RF

    Hello from Canada

    Somewhere around the 100th meridian. Looking forward to seeing more of the nice work here and throwing a few into the mix.
  18. MN shutterbug

    Hello from SW Minnesota

    I live in an agricultural area so I typically need to drive hundreds of miles to find scenic beauty but it does exist in Minnesota. I just have to hit the road more often.
  19. S

    Hello from the Pacific Northwest

    Hello, All! Glad to find another community out here. I'm (yet another) refugee coming from our previous community (POTN) that I just saw is shutting down. Sad news there, but understandable. I have been doing digital wildlife/nature/landscape/etc photography since the early 00s and enjoy...
  20. StephenBatey

    Hello from Sussex (UK)

    I've just joined - and am trying to find an avatar photo I used a few days ago! I'm originally from Yorkshire, so I consider myself an expat having moved almost 240 miles south to Sussex. As you might reasonably infer from my memory lapse alluded to above, I am out of my teens, being now 20...
  21. M

    Hello from Houston

    New here, I've been involved with photography since I was 14 (I am now 70). This was my first photo ...and this was my last (as of today)
  22. Pippan

    Hello from northern Australia

    Hi, Pippan from Darwin here, another POTN refugee. This looks like a friendly site so I look forward to meeting a few people here. I'm not new to photography though for the last two years I've been focusing (see what I did there?) on bird photography. I'm always keen for discussion about birds...
  23. SynJohn

    Looking for a new home

    I am following some other folks from POTN which has been a long time watering hole for me and will miss it. A lot of good responses from others on this site and looking forward to being part of a new family. I am living in the Pacific Northwest east of Seattle and have since moving here from...
  24. saltireblue

    Evenin' all!

    Just thought I'd say hello as I joined the site today. I am a Scot, living in Norway and have been into photography many years. Used to be a Canon guy but have shot with Fuji for the last 6 years. My main (only?) area of interest, or genre, is b&w street shots, so will be mainly active in that...
  25. ImageMaker


    Just moved here from POTN which is closing soon. Just moved to Taiwan from the States a couple months ago.
  26. P

    New member

    Hello everyone ;) I’m relatively new to photography - about 8 years or so, and am completely self taught, therefore more than a little rough around the edges! I live in France. So pleased to have found this forum. Looking forward to joining in The search filters on my chosen cam site allow me to...
  27. I


    Guys, Good day to all! I hope everyone here is doing well so far. I want to say hello to all. Thank you so much!
  28. BeatX

    Hello from Poland

    Hi everyone ;) My name is Maciek, I found this forum by accident, but after reading couple of threads I think I like to stay in here for little longer. I'm photographic enthusiast constantly looking for perfection in my photo art and perfection in my camera gear setup 😅
  29. SteveBrickNJ

    New member from New Jersey / USA

    This will be brief. My name is Steve and I discovered this website tonight by way of my entry into Google's search engine. I am used to creating threads on another platform called wdwmagic. A typical thread by me looks like this... *...
  30. Punkie

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hello All Joined the forum for info, sometime help and sometime giving advice when I know the problem. After my retirement as marine engineer I started with the Olympus E500, later the E620 and now the EM5 MKII. All years I enjoyed my equipment, special the size and weight of camera and lenses...
  31. I

    Hi from new member, Cambridgeshire, UK

    Hi all, my name is Ian, been lurking on this site for a while, and I just love looking through the huge diversity of images posted, and the always honest helpful (and humorous) comments that go with them. So much friendlier than some sites I've tried in the past, so I've decided it's now time to...
  32. H

    Hallåå from Sweden

    Hi everyone! I usually don’t have many accounts on websites or write in forums. I’m actually trying to sell some photo equipment but thought I can say hi and maybe have a nice chat while I’m at it. Some info about myself: I’m a parttime photographer, fulltime parent and I will be starting a...
  33. turnip

    New member from Austin, TX

    Hi all, Been lurking these forums for a while and figured I may as well start posting. I pretty much take pictures of birds and the places where I happen to be looking at birds. I've learned a lot from reading posts on this and other forums (mu43 and dpr) over the past year and look forward to...
  34. TonyBeale

    New member from Newark, UK

    Hi everyone, my name is Tony Beale and I am just saying hello and introducing myself to everyone. I enjoy most forms of photography, especially wildlife and nature and I am looking forward to being an active member of this forum. I currently shoot with Fuji and Panasonic cameras and lenses.
  35. J

    DPR Leica refugee

    Hi, I am Jay. I am in Sugar Land, Texas. My first real camera was a Kodak Retina IIa. That is when I fell in love with rangefinders. I used my brother’s M3 on occasion and had a Canonette for a while. After that it was Nikon SLRs and DSLRs. I have now back in the Leica fold with a CL and a M10-R.
  36. M

    Another refugee

    I have been a member there for a long time, but things change. Here is my last photo posted there: Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells Edited in Affinity Photo v2. Best Regards, Mark Thornton
  37. hippi


    I found this site and hope that the people here are allot more friendly than the last one, I have been into photography for a long time shot with Nikon DF, still have my FE I am into woodworking and pen making, love ridding my bicycle last year rode almost 900 miles from 4-2022-10/2022
  38. G

    Hello from Southern Ontario

    I'm a hobby photographer from way back when. I enjoy shooting with stock and full spectrum converted digitals. Glad to see a UV/IR topic on the forum list.
  39. Pieter

    Happy Harry

    With the DPR forum closure, like many I was looking for 'nother place to hang out so to speak. More of a lurker than a hyper-active participant but I'll throw in my 2 cents -and a few pix- once in a while! Been involved in photography for more years than I care to remember and worked in the...
  40. Panolyman

    Only me!

    Hi folks, sorry to announce that you appear to be lumbered with me. Some might recall me from the mu43 forum, and a few of those on there have encouraged me to jump ship, as it were. Having had a peruse on this site, I recognise a few friendly names and faces, so happy to be among some old...
  41. M

    Hello from France

    Hi everybody, I am a hobby photographer living in France. I am mostly a lurker on online fora, but I like to post some images from time to time.
  42. T

    Hello from Calgary Alberta

    I love the performing arts and fashion portraits etc
  43. T

    Performing Arts Performing arts

  44. Jon BEV

    New Oldie

    Emigrated from DP, After checking a few sites selected this one. pretty sure I made the right choice, I must admit it is not an easy site to learn, took me 4 hours to change my avatar but there are more pros than cons, the list of forum subjects for instance, select trees, and be amazed at the...
  45. J

    Hello from VA!

    Hello all! I discovered this forum amidst the news of DPR's shutdown. I've been a photography hobbyist for well over a decade and have used many different systems (Canon, Sony, FujiFilm, Pentax, Sigma). In the past year, I sold all my equipment and replaced them with a few cameras from the...
  46. lgphotography

    Hello from Kansas

    Hello all, my name is Linda Gregory. I've been into photography for decades now, going from hobbyist to serious hobbyist to pro to not pro and back to pro... I tend to jump genres as I like learning and mastering new things. As for gear, I started with a Canon Rebel film camera, putting it...
  47. Rio

    New member, from Australia this time!

    Hi all, migrating from DPReview because, well, what choice do I have? Mostly shoot Micro Four-Thirds, though looking to buy a K1 ii for the times I want a bit more IQ even at the cost of weight. Looking forward to chatting here!
  48. Mzungu

    Hello from MN/mu-43

    Hello! I just found out about this place from mu-43 this morning, I guess I’m following a trend in checking things out here. Currently living in MN, a fairly decent place for me to enjoy mostly nature and wildlife photography (I apologize in advance for my limited quality).
  49. Giiba

    Another mu-43 evacuee

    Howdy all, not much to say. Hoping to find some of the magic that's been lost from mu-43. Same name, same avatar, same grumpy troll under the bridge. Hi!
  50. Terra Tourist

    New/Recent Member

    I was referred to this group by a friend I respect greatly and I have not been disappointed. I signed up in October and had a few unknowns occur and I stepped away until my friend reminded me and I have since discovered some of the workings of the group. I have been encouraged by you and have...