1. Sawdust

    Hello from Missouri, USA

    My name is Carroll, and I enjoy "Arm Chair Travel", using the images from Photographers everywhere. I am a semi-retired Carpenter, and an active member of Mu-43 Forums, same user name. Just discovered this Forum from a mention on Mu-43.
  2. Fuji Son

    Hello from the Sunny South Coast UK

    Hi my name is Dave and I live with my wife and our Jack Chi Susie, we live on the South Coast of the UK here in East Sussex. I use to use Canon then switched to the Fuji X series, then last year during lock down I sold the lot and jumped to Sony Full Frame and kept my Fuji X100V hence why my...
  3. Iron

    Hello from NZ!

    Hello everyone! My account has just been approved and I am truly honoured to be part of this community! I have been searching for a non-toxic photography forum/site online (aside from Flickr but that site is in a different category) and was told to look at Well, the name says...
  4. John King

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria

    I'm also a member over at Same user name.
  5. B

    Hi there from the rainy windy Washington

    Today I am trying to unstuck the aperture blades on a Minolta Hi-Matic 9 I bought recently. So far I was able to unstuck the shutter blades, but aperture ones are nowhere to be seen!
  6. JensM

    Greetings from Norway.

    Please, allow me to introduce myself, I`m a man of wealth and taste. :whistling: (if you get the reference you are oldish and have good taste in music.) Getting that of my chest, I am Jens, have been photographing on and off since 1980ish when I bought my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super at the...
  7. Turbogirlie


    Hi, I was pointed in the direction of this forum by my long time friend Bobby (thanks brother - I owe you a cawfee!) as a great and friendly community. I live in North Herefordshire, UK, on the border of England and Wales (known as the Marches country). I love to go walking whenever possible...
  8. Ingall

    Ahoy Hoy

    Hi, Just here to get some pointers and occasionally talk rubbish :) See ya's round. :drinks:
  9. William Lewis

    New to the forum

    New to the forum, found it looking for Nikon info because I recently switched from m4/3 to a Nikon D3200 (and probably an F90x just because). Back in film days I mostly did either rangefinders (Kiev & Canon) or SLRs from Canon with the T-90 & A2E remaining my favorite SLRs though I did use an F2...