1. P

    Petach is back...

    Hello one and all. Back after a fairly long absence. I have ditched Ricoh GR (in its various iterations) and now sport a Panny Lumix GX9 with 12-32mm kit lens. I also ditched Canon full frames and use a Sony 7 mk4 with 35mm f/1.8 and a 70-300 G Master. I have been on a bit of a journey and...
  2. J


    Hello all fellow photographers! I'm a photographer from France and I joined this forum, since it seems like a friendly place to discuss all things photography. I hope to share ideas and have insightful discussions with like-minded people.
  3. P

    Sliding over from mu-43 👋

    Been a long time member of mu-43, but really cut back when they dumped the mobile app. Then pretty much closed y activity when so many 4/3 friends stopped regular posting. Just posted a question there for the first time in a year, got a quick answer, and then started browsing other posts to see...
  4. Pauhana

    Hey from Tennessee

    Photo hobbyist that started shooting Konica back in the 70s. Moved to Canon around 1990, and this past year sold my Canon gear and moved to Olympus OM-1. The change has reinvigorated my love of photography. Am primarily a wildlife photographer shooting, birds, butterflies and dragonflies...
  5. T

    Hi there from Austria

    Hello everyone! My name is Thomas from Austria. I started Photography way back in 2005 with a Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 and worked my way over the years to a Panasonic Lumix S5. I like testing gear, so I spent a fortune on system changes (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax.. i tried...
  6. copescamera

    Hi, new here...

    Hi, I'm a now retired professional photographer, who became addicted to this medium in the mid / late 1960s. After 15 years of digital photography (mirrorless right from the start, with Fuji from 2012) I'm slowly getting back to analog photography. I tinker with old analog cameras, have been...
  7. Barry

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hi, I've been on here quite awhile, but not been active. I'm a moderator on the Mu-43 forums, so many of you may know me from there. I shoot with my Oly E-M1, preferring street and travel photography, but dabble in other genres. I use some adapted glass, mostly Minolta Rokkor and Pentax Auto...
  8. S

    New guy here

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum. I hope to spend a great time here.
  9. S


    I've been with MU-43 for a number of years. Following a newish thread there about why it's quiet over there, someone mentioned "the other place". I've also just bought a used Sony 7AR2, and naturally I would like to find out more about it from Sony users. So, I'm now here, at "the other...
  10. M

    Good morning from Austin, Texas

    My name is Mike and I shoot both digital and B&W film in multi formats. Looking forward to seeing others work and reading what you have to say.
  11. griffljg

    Hello from Brisbane, QLD, Australia

    I am originally from South Africa, but have lived in Australia since 1994. I have been taking photos since my grandmother gave me a Kodak 127 "Brownie" on my 6th birthday. Then I used a Kodak Instamatic 33 for my later school and university days. At the end of my first year's work, I decided...
  12. hooferinsane

    Hi there!

    Hi there, did actually have an account here but overlooked it. Therefore a new member, predominantly shoot Fuji, may be upgrading soon. Currently have, XE1, XPro1, XPro2 plus a variety of lenses. Still shooting macro on a Canon 70d plus Tamron 90mm macro. Shoot a lot of macro and like Street...
  13. Rebel06 Paul


    Hello from Shropshire.
  14. Taneli

    Hello from Sweden!

    Hi all! Just stumbled upon this site and thought it seemed like a nice place to hang :) Have been shooting Micro Four Thirds for many years, and multiple other brands troughout the years. Just recently bought a Nikon. So I thought it could be nice with a cross-system forum like this. I always...
  15. Hawkfan

    Greetings New Guy Here

    Just jumped ship from M43 forum to come here. Located in Tallahassee, FLA. Just got into M43 with Oly M53. Was for years a Pentax K3 shooter (still am.). Howdy y'all.
  16. W


    I'm a E-P1 owner with lots of legacy glass. Still learning everyday though. See you on the forum!
  17. Glennn

    Hey all.

    Greetings, This site was mentioned and recommended to me by a friend and has also had numerous mentions over at the mu43 forum, of which I’ve been a member at for a few years, so I took a look. It looks like a great site and I look forward to being here. A brief background... I did the...
  18. B

    Hello! Anyone have an Olympus TG6?

    Hello, I have a passion for photographing insects, and love my little TG6, but I need a tripod. Can someone recommend a lightweight, collapsible tripod that has enough length that I can capture insects on branches 3-4 ft off the ground. Even with photo stacking, sometimes my old hands can't be...
  19. Bobitybob

    Well it's been awhile...

    I've been a member here for a long time, since the start I think when Amin combined all of his various photo sites into one, but I haven't posted since 2018. Thought it was time I started again, good to be back and I'm looking forward to joining in again.
  20. D

    And another MU-43 member....

    Hi all, I'd thought it would be nice to introduce myself: I own a couple off Olympus MFT bodys and a nice selection of Olympus lenses My primary processing tools are Darktable and Digikam (running on OpenSuSe, purely out of curiosity) You can find some of my images on flickr and 500px I live...
  21. crashton

    Hello from Ohio USA

    Hello I've been a Fuji shooter since 2014 & a Nikon shooter before that. Looking forward to share things & learn things here. I registered here in 2017, but somehow never used this forum. Must have been distracted somehow.....o_O Chuck :camera:
  22. dionhouston

    Maybe not another MU-43 Defector :)

    Hello all, My name is Dion Houston. I'm an American, however I live in Sicily. I have a great job that involves a decent amount of travel, which is great for photography. I enjoy airplanes, landscapes, birding, nature, etc. Unfortunately my interests are most certainly broader than my...
  23. Ghostbuggy

    Not another mu-43 user...

    ...but here he is. Like a number of other current or now former members of the mu-43 forums, I also followed the suggestion to check out Cameraderie. Since I've also started to build up a Fujifilm kit last year, it might also be more fitting posting here. In any case, I live in a small town in...
  24. OldRex

    Hey. Yet another mu-43'er moving on.

    Hi all, you must be getting sick of this by now. An avalanche of mu-43'ers all moving across. Anyhow, here I am. Be gentle.
  25. M

    Hi!, M4/3 rank amateur from CO

    Haven't been shooting much lately. Popped over to mu-43 to browse and found a ghost town. Followed the breadcrumbs here, looks like a nice place.
  26. DefectiveMonk

    Micro Four Thirds shooter in Ohio, US

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and coming, apparently like many others, from I'm primarily a people photographer, mostly family and friends. If I won the lottery and never had to work again, I'd just crash events, document my heart out, and give away the photos. I love...
  27. P

    Yet another from mu-4/3

    Just found that place a couple of months ago and enjoyed it, but the uncertainty of quite a lot of folks made me lurk here as well and now I got a shut down page over there aaand well. Joined up here. Hi from Norway. Shooting m4/3, ricoh and instax. And «lofi digital» shit with a distinct feel...
  28. theoldsmithy now dead???

    I was browsing some old photos on mu-43 (still a good archive for those of us with chronic lens indecisiveness syndrome) when this popped up...
  29. P

    New Member

    Hello all. Photography is my main hobby and has been for many years. Currently invested in micro four thirds, specifically Olympus
  30. Simonix

    Another forum newbie

    Hi all. New to the forum. From the UK. Have been a hobbyist photographer most of my life. Currently invested in the Micro 4/3 system which suits my requirements very well. Glad to be part of a forum. Thanks all.
  31. Metalman844

    New member from Ohio...

    Hello all.... Just joined the forum.... Long time Fuji shooter... Excited to be here... Cheers! Chuck
  32. popiT

    +1 from mu-43

    Hello hello, This is Yang, from San Francisco Bay Area, California. I enjoy taking road trips, hiking, camping, sight seeing and taking photos. My main photography interests are nature and wildlife. I use m43 system, currently an Oly EM10 mk4 paired with PL 8-18 and a Lumix G9 paired with...
  33. MarkoV

    Finnish greetings!

    Hiya! I'm sort of, kind of immigrating here from more than one forum: FujiX-Forum, MU43 and NikonCafe. In reality I left the last two some years ago already when I switched first from Nikon to Olympus and then Olympus to Fuji. I'm still sticking with Fuji for digital, but adding film and a few...
  34. Robmas4229

    Greetings from Florida

    Hello everyone. I just joined this forum and wanted to make a short intro. I am an enthusiast/hobbyist photographer living in SW Florida, and have been using Fuji X-System gear for the past 8 years. I was recently made aware of this community by some members of another Fuji related forum, of...
  35. A

    Hello from (non) sunny Scotland

    My name is Angus, I have joined the forum after some recommendations from online friends. I have been using Fuji gear since 2015, and I am an amateur enthusiast photographer. I am not trained, but have learnt from reading and online videos and forums.
  36. M

    Hello from Poland!

    This is my first post on this forum. I am a Fujifilm system and analogue camera user. Before that I was working with Canon system. My presence here is a result of some rather controversial ownership and legal changes on another Fujifilm forum. I definitely choose more friendly places. I hope to...
  37. F

    Another from FujiX-forum

    Hi, like others I have had to move to a better environment. Thanks to the member who tipped me off about this place. Hopefully there will be a mass exodus from Fujix as there are a lot of good people there who need a good site to post on.
  38. Knikki

    Hello from a Wet Up North UK

    Hello. Yes it is wet in the UK again......Sometimes its not, but today it is. I met a fellow new memeber at the race track over the weekend Kae1 👋 who said to come over and have a look, so I did looks nice so thought I would pitch a tent and stick the coffee on (or tea :) ) At the moment I am...
  39. 11GTCS

    Apparently this is where the party’s at!

    Greetings! After some long absence from the mu-43 forum due to change systems I came back last week and discovered things had… changed. I’ll still happily get involved there, but there were so many passionate recommendations for this place as once of the remaining bastions of that forum’s family...
  40. jknights

    Hello from Cornwall

    I thought that I had better introduce myself as I am new here. I started in digital in 1997 and have be totally digital since 1998. I am a long time Nikon user since 1973 but also use Fuji X mount and GFX cameras. I used to live in Spain 2007-2018 and shoot flamenco dance and corporate brochure...
  41. iamknudsen

    Yet Another Forumite (potentially) Seeking Refuge

    Hello new friends! Hello friends from elsewhere! This seems like a great place to be. I am happy to see positive remarks and warm welcomes to forum refugees and new members in general. I have not decided to or not to bail out of the old forum, but I do wish to be a productive member here...
  42. J

    Yet one more émigré

    Hi from the NW of England (Preston). I have had a lifetimes interest in photography from film/wet darkroom to Digital. Primarily a Fuji User. Main camera is the X-T4 but with an X100F and a Sony R100M7 as carryall cameras. No specialist interests, more of an opportunist. Looking forward to...
  43. bobriess

    Another fujiforum émigré

    Hi all from Washington DC, I work and live in the metro DC area and have loved making pictures since my first rangefinder and TLR a couple of lives ago. I moved from B&W film to digital a few years back with Fuji gear – X-Pro2, X100F, X-E3 (though I still run HP5 or FP4 through the IIIf and...
  44. camprl1

    Another fujix-forum member (from Ontario, Canada)

    Just learned of this site on the fujix-forum site. Came to see what it's all about and already I see some familiar faces/names!
  45. Dirk Offringa

    Hello from Nîmes, France

    Hi everyone, I live and work in the south of France, near Nîmes. I work in the entertainment business as a musician and soundguy, but photography has become a bigger part of my life since a couple of years. I've been enjoying it as a hobby since my teens (that was in the 70's) when I had my own...
  46. Irene McC

    Hi to all from Cape Town

    Just a quick wave to everybody here :) I've been shooting Nikon since the 80's and five years ago added the Fuji system for a light-weight Europe trip. Got hooked on the joy of using Fujifilm for the ease of portability as well as being less conspicuous. I enjoy roaming the streets to find urban...
  47. boojum

    Now Showing in Your Neighborhood

    Hi, my name is Sandy unless you are a cop. Then I am John Doe. LOL I live in the Pacific NW and have lived on both coasts, Mexico and Canada and a dream military tour of two and one half years in France an hour from Paris on a teensy-weensy little post of about 80. Yes, I am an old geezer...
  48. Alberta Dave

    Another defector from

    Hi there, I thought I should take a mo and introduce myself. I am Dave from Red Deer, in Central Alberta in Canada. I was/am using the same name on but I'm am not really a prolific poster on there just like to share some of my images occasionally. I have been taking pictures since...
  49. Phil.H

    Another Mu-43 member making the switch.

    Hi all. I'm the latest member from Mu-43 to join up and probably won't be the last. I live in the Northwest of England and have been doing photography for about five years. Landscape is what I enjoy the most but I will point my camera at anything really.
  50. Carbonman

    Longtime Free Member, Now Paid Member

    I'm like a lot of members (the little sensor people :eek:), migrating over here because of changes to the site ownership and much reduced posting by very good photographers. I finally got off my ass and bought a lifetime membership. Looking forward to lots of discussion and viewing...