1. Fuji Son

    Hello from the Sunny South Coast UK

    Hi my name is Dave and I live with my wife and our Jack Chi Susie, we live on the South Coast of the UK here in East Sussex. I use to use Canon then switched to the Fuji X series, then last year during lock down I sold the lot and jumped to Sony Full Frame and kept my Fuji X100V hence why my...
  2. I

    Hello from NZ!

    Hello everyone! My account has just been approved and I am truly honoured to be part of this community! I have been searching for a non-toxic photography forum/site online (aside from Flickr but that site is in a different category) and was told to look at Well, the name says...
  3. John King

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria

    I'm also a member over at Same user name.
  4. B

    Hi there from the rainy windy Washington

    Today I am trying to unstuck the aperture blades on a Minolta Hi-Matic 9 I bought recently. So far I was able to unstuck the shutter blades, but aperture ones are nowhere to be seen!
  5. JensM

    Greetings from Norway.

    Please, allow me to introduce myself, I`m a man of wealth and taste. :whistling: (if you get the reference you are oldish and have good taste in music.) Getting that of my chest, I am Jens, have been photographing on and off since 1980ish when I bought my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super at the...
  6. Turbogirlie


    Hi, I was pointed in the direction of this forum by my long time friend Bobby (thanks brother - I owe you a cawfee!) as a great and friendly community. I live in North Herefordshire, UK, on the border of England and Wales (known as the Marches country). I love to go walking whenever possible...
  7. Ingall

    Ahoy Hoy

    Hi, Just here to get some pointers and occasionally talk rubbish :) See ya's round. :drinks:
  8. William Lewis

    New to the forum

    New to the forum, found it looking for Nikon info because I recently switched from m4/3 to a Nikon D3200 (and probably an F90x just because). Back in film days I mostly did either rangefinders (Kiev & Canon) or SLRs from Canon with the T-90 & A2E remaining my favorite SLRs though I did use an F2...
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