1. UnderOpenWater

    Hello from Southern Indiana

    Hello Everyone, I think that I’ve got the cart before the horse, having already posted photos on the forum, but I thought that I should introduce myself. I currently have Sony equipment and previously posted to a Sony only (mostly) forum, but I’ve really appreciated the camera agnosticism of...
  2. fredlong

    And another gets on

    I've been here for a couple of weeks now and I thought I should drop in and say hi. I'm part of the Great Mu43 Migration. I like that the focus here seems to be more on photography rather than defending one's equipment choice which seems to be taking up more and more space at mu43. It's nice to...
  3. Zapp

    Hello - suprisingly one more from Mu-43

    For approx. 2 years taking photos again - for fun / as a hobby, after many years of break. Current gear: OM-D E-M1 III, plus a few lenses. (Some here may recognize me from Mu-43, as I can recognize some ;) )
  4. Danny

    And another one :-)

    Reading the rules and regulations here, it seems like it suits. Danny is the name and birds are the game with m4/3, APS-C and FF. All the best folks. Danny.
  5. WhidbeyLVR

    Yet another addition from mu-43

    Hello, all. A lot of recent names in this sub-forum are quite familiar. :rolleyes: I have several Olympus MFT cameras and too many lenses. My primary image tools are DxO PL5, Gimp and Hugin. My Flickr page is I live on an island in the Puget Sound / Salish Sea and have...
  6. A

    Hello from the Missouri Ozarks in the USA!

    Another escapee from mu-43. While the only constant in life is change, that doesn't mean we have to like it, even though we are forced to adapt. I adapted by making the change to this Forum. My images will be posted just now and then, with a lot of lurking in between. You will see images from...
  7. fotoppi

    we might need a "mu-43" thread...

    Moin (as we say in East-Frisia, meaning something like "a good one", and can be said anytime of the day) or simply Hello, I thought I'd sneak into here, just in case mu-43 looses its attraction. Early days analog Minolta, then digital Nikon, now all Olympus MFT. I don't call myself a...
  8. R

    Hello…from Nikon Cafe

    Rick Reno, I live in N. Idaho, about 45 miles south of Canada. I use Nikon cameras, and came here via Nikon Cafe. Someone there posted a URL to here and said it was a good place to be. Feels a lot like the Cafe, it’s easy to share photos which is nice. I’m in the “wait and see” boat with the...
  9. guzziknight

    And yet another mu43 transfer…

    Hi All, I just came over here. I’m an Olympus shooter, have been for years, when I first bought an E-600. I shoot landscapes, seascapes, astrophotography, infrared and wildlife photography. Yaniv
  10. Roboticspro

    Greetings from Woodstock, CT...another mu43 member!

    Good Morning, First posting on this site; hoping to maintain the online friendships made while the dust settles on mu43, and to make new ones here. At +70 years on this planet, time waits for no one and I can't buy it back in the "Buy & Sell" forum...:) Regards, Edd
  11. Tili

    Nomad from mu-43

    Hey, I'm a amateur living in Ireland. With the great migration I've also decided to sign up here. I am a Fuji and m43 owner. I really can't decide which system to keep. So that's going to be a interesting journey, hopefully one I will share with ye.
  12. Bensch

    Greetings from Adelaide!

    Hi everyone! 👋 I'm Andy from Adelaide, South Australia. Looks like I've joined up with a lot of other members coming across from a particular forum. I mainly shoot with Olympus M43, but occasionally break out the Nikon. Looking forward to joining in around the forums.
  13. coffeecat

    Another new joiner who's an m43 user...

    Hi all, Rob here. I've been an m43 shooter for almost a decade, and a (hobby) photographer for over 4 decades. Recently bought my first roll of film for 15 years, it's sat in an early 60s Pentax SV, taken about 3 pics so far, at least one will be completely black... I think I have forgotten a...
  14. comment23

    And another…

    …looking to broaden my horizons beyond the mu43 site. So many positive things said there about this place over the years and I didn’t want to be left behind as the last person holed up in a ghost town 😞 I live in Hampshire (southern UK) and I’m your classic casual shooter that failed to take...
  15. vinterhund

    Another lurker from mu43

    I have a m4/3 system. The beloved G9, as well as the little brother GX9. Along with a heap of lenses. I used to lurk on mu43, and signed up a year ago. Now I'm going to lurk here as well. From Sweden, working in the tech business (atm I develop dynamics ax stuff in X++, before that I was a...
  16. AlwaysOnAuto

    Another taking refuge...

    From another 'friendly site'. Found out I'm not new here really. Just had old age set in and forgot I'd reg'd more than a few years ago.
  17. L

    Another Immigrant from mu-43...

    ... and it looks like I'm definitely not the first 😁 Anyway, mostly an Olympus user, but I also enjoy other systems including a newfound interest in B&W film. My kids are my main subject matter though sometimes I get to shoot landscapes, animals and the odd portrait. Looking forward to the...
  18. Hendrik

    Hello from Middlesex

    Massachusetts, that is. Time to broaden my horizons! Looking forward to the cameraderie experience. Fellow refugees from mu-43 might know that I do a lot of nature photography, some travel (as if one can travel comfortably these days...), as well as a good deal of miscellaneous discretionary...
  19. rrybicki

    At the risk of being tedious

    Hi Folks, I am in too. Looking forward to being able to have one forum for both G9 and S5 stuff. Cheers! Russ
  20. Petrochemist

    another from Essex

    I've just joined yet another photo forum, Cameraderie must be something like the tenth I'm likely to frequent :eek: I've been heavily into photography as a hobby for the last 10 or so years, getting involved in a wide range of genres, collecting/hoarding gear & helping run a local photography...
  21. ektar

    So, is appropriate to say "me too?" in I'm over here too? Just signed up and have to find my way around, but nice to see familiar "faces."
  22. fractal

    Hello from Central Pennsylvania!

    As a Sony mirrorless (and Google Pixel 6) user for the last 10 years I'm planning to spend some time here and migrate over from "another site". Hello and happy to be here!
  23. jbruce

    Time to say "HI" to the friendly folks here that I learned about from that other friendly site; initials starting with m....

    Hi guys, I really like that here any format size is used interchangeably, which allows me to go back a few years, even prior to my using M4/3, my go-to mostly. And I do have more than a few images to offer. I'd like to mix in occasional APSC images from goodwife's steady hand and able eye...
  24. retiredfromlife

    Just Signed Up

    I just purchased a X-T4 and the 18-55 kit lens. Cant get other small zooms where I am currently, all out of stock till early 2022 I notice a few people from Mu-43 are here as well
  25. Brownie

    What, is EVERYONE here?

    No matter how hard you try, I'll always find you... :hiding:
  26. Fuji Son

    Hello from the Sunny South Coast UK

    Hi my name is Dave and I live with my wife and our Jack Chi Susie, we live on the South Coast of the UK here in East Sussex. I use to use Canon then switched to the Fuji X series, then last year during lock down I sold the lot and jumped to Sony Full Frame and kept my Fuji X100V hence why my...
  27. Iron

    Hello from NZ!

    Hello everyone! My account has just been approved and I am truly honoured to be part of this community! I have been searching for a non-toxic photography forum/site online (aside from Flickr but that site is in a different category) and was told to look at Well, the name says...
  28. John King

    Hello from Melbourne, Victoria

    I'm also a member over at Same user name.
  29. B

    Hi there from the rainy windy Washington

    Today I am trying to unstuck the aperture blades on a Minolta Hi-Matic 9 I bought recently. So far I was able to unstuck the shutter blades, but aperture ones are nowhere to be seen!
  30. JensM

    Greetings from Norway.

    Please, allow me to introduce myself, I`m a man of wealth and taste. :whistling: (if you get the reference you are oldish and have good taste in music.) Getting that of my chest, I am Jens, have been photographing on and off since 1980ish when I bought my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super at the...
  31. Turbogirlie


    Hi, I was pointed in the direction of this forum by my long time friend Bobby (thanks brother - I owe you a cawfee!) as a great and friendly community. I live in North Herefordshire, UK, on the border of England and Wales (known as the Marches country). I love to go walking whenever possible...
  32. Ingall

    Ahoy Hoy

    Hi, Just here to get some pointers and occasionally talk rubbish :) See ya's round. :drinks:
  33. William Lewis

    New to the forum

    New to the forum, found it looking for Nikon info because I recently switched from m4/3 to a Nikon D3200 (and probably an F90x just because). Back in film days I mostly did either rangefinders (Kiev & Canon) or SLRs from Canon with the T-90 & A2E remaining my favorite SLRs though I did use an F2...