1. A

    Apple New iPad

    I recently got a new iPad 9 gen as an upgrade from 5 gen. 2 main reasons: almost maxed out memory and old battery; try using pencil for PP. I’d like to add a blue tooth key board and case, and choose a suitable pencil. I love using my current bluetooth kb, it makes my tablet into a micro...
  2. Simonix

    Decent noise reduction software out there for use on an iPad Pro M1?

    As per title really. I currently use/tried the following apps on my iPad pro M1: Affinity Photo Lightroom On1 Mobile Pixelmator They all have some form of NR, Pixelmator even has a supposed "AI" version, but none are that advanced compared to the latest AI software out there for Desktop PCs...
  3. theoldsmithy

    Feedback Opening larger size images - Chrome issue?

    If I click on an image in a thread (click? tap? press? whatever the correct term is anyway), I only see the top half of the image. Occasionally rotating the screen to portrait and back to landscape fixes it, but mostly not. I’m using Chrome on iPad OS 13.6. Update - the problem is only on...
  4. MatthiasX

    Fuji XT2 RAF files on iPad - Import works but without showing pictures

    Hi to all! I'm new to fuji and my brand new xt2 has arrived this weekend and I'm pretty happy. But there is one thing: I am very interested in importing the raw files via SD-Adapter to my ipad for editingt in lightroom mobile one the go. There is a tutorial by Elia Locardi on Petapixel and...
  5. R

    ipad air

    I've been given an ipad Air - trouble is I'm a living anachronism that don't do mobile phones or texts so the technology & terminology is a bit out of reach - think next room or even the other side of the street. I've got as far as plonking a playlist on but as far as photos go I'm getting...
  6. BillN

    Ipad 2

    Ipad 2 - just the ordinary one with Wifi There seems to be a waiting list in the UK Can you get them in the good olde US my wife wants one!!!! urrrgggg ....... what is happening -