1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Infrared Images My first IR adventure begins

    Heuou. On Thursday I had my first Infrared Red converted camera delivered, a Panasonic G2 converted to IR 590nm on the sensor stack. I always wanted to try IR both colour and black and white. I went with this one just because it was 50 £ though it's far from being ideal: 12 MP old sensor (but...
  2. P

    Leica IR photography with M8

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I've still got my old M8. Its excess IR sensitivity ought to make it a good IR camera. Accordingly, today I ordered an R72 IR filter and a couple of step-up rings. I might as well try something new while “The Plague“ has curtailed my musical...
  3. SiJ 2015 - Day 30

    SiJ 2015 - Day 30

    This is a faux colour stitched from 4 images in Autopano Pro. Channels swapped in Zoner and texture added in Perfect Effects. It is a bit more grungy than usual.
  4. SiJ 2015 - Day 29

    SiJ 2015 - Day 29

    Further exploration of processing. Zoner Photo Studio does not alter the colour balance of RAW files like Lightroom does. Channel mix gives a more workable result for faux (false) colour. Left as RGB with no mono conversion.
  5. SiJ 2015 - Day 28

    SiJ 2015 - Day 28

    Looking for inspiration and liking a shell image posted recently I tried this one. It is still IR but a few things are different. 1.) I shot in RAW; 2.) I did the channel mix in Zoner Photo Studio Pro as I don't like how LR and PS change the image; and 3.) I did the mono conversion in Perfect...
  6. SiJ 2015 - Day 27

    SiJ 2015 - Day 27

    This is a 4 shot vertical pano in IR. Red and blue channels swapped in PS and then further developed in Silver Efex. The PP has introduced some posterisation in the sky. The other thing of note is the shot was taken into the sun and a lot of foliage was in shadow. The foliage is less white...
  7. SiJ 2015 - Day 26

    SiJ 2015 - Day 26

    Very hot (40C) here today so took a late afternoon trip to the park. This is a 6 shot pano in IR and converted in PS and further developed in SEP2.
  8. SiJ 2015 - Day 25

    SiJ 2015 - Day 25

    Having to rely on a safety pano taken earlier. This is my home on the right.
  9. SiJ 2015 - Day 24

    SiJ 2015 - Day 24

    A three shot pano of my (untidy) desk. Taken in IR and channel swapped in PS. Also adjusted exposures to match as flash was used. Stitched in Autopano Pro and final tweaks in LR using grad filters to better blend exposure. All wood surfaces are Jarrah which is a deep red/burgundy.
  10. SiJ 2015 - Day 23

    SiJ 2015 - Day 23

    Converted from IR in PS and toned in Perfect Effects. A forgotten corner of the garden. The leaves are actually a deep burgundy.
  11. SiJ 2015 - Day 22

    SiJ 2015 - Day 22

    Taken in IR, converted in PS and a film emulation in Perfect Effects added.
  12. SiJ 2015 - Day 20

    SiJ 2015 - Day 20

    Faux colour rather than B&W. Same photo as yesterday, processed differently in PS.
  13. SiJ 2015 - Day 19

    SiJ 2015 - Day 19

    Took the camera to the local shops and took several photos. Converted from IR in PS and developed in SEP2.
  14. SiJ 2015 - Day 18

    SiJ 2015 - Day 18

    The Golden Shower tree I've been revisiting for the SiJ has a lot of new growth so I took a fresh photo in IR. Converted in PS and local contrast enhanced in Perfect Effects 8 to modify the pale foliage.
  15. SiJ 2015 - Day 15

    SiJ 2015 - Day 15

    Haven't picked up the camera for a few days. An unflattering selfie shot in IR and processed to give a grungy look. Reflects my recent mood and the slack facial muscles of a person with Parkinsons. Mood is on the way up again. :)
  16. SiJ 2015 - Day 14

    SiJ 2015 - Day 14

    This is a long exposure (night) shot. This was the least noisy of several I shot and was a 10 sec exposure at F2.0. I set the camera up before sundown and could have done better with the framing as I was shooting blind tonight at 10:30 pm.
  17. SiJ 2015 - Day 13

    SiJ 2015 - Day 13

    This is a long exposure night shot. After trying a few exposures this result, 10 sec at F2.0, was the best. Lighting was incandescent inside - no flash used. I was not sure if there would be enough IR to give an image. Interesting is the narrow patch of garden outside lit by a mix of...
  18. SiJ 2015 - Day 12

    SiJ 2015 - Day 12

    A couple of members have posted book-shelf images so I thought I'd try using infrared. First shots using built-in flash were disappointing so went for window light and used a tripod (1/8 sec at F2.5). Books with a lot of red in the cover are overexposed and have little detail.
  19. SiJ 2015 - Day 11

    SiJ 2015 - Day 11

    Tried something different - this is a 3 shot bracket developed in HDR Efex Pro and then Silver Efex Pro to give a high key glow. The initial scene has bright and dark areas and the +2, 0, -2 brackets were set in camera. I also shot in RAW, I have been using jpgs in days 1 to 10.
  20. SiJ 2015 - Day 10

    SiJ 2015 - Day 10

    Time to revisit the Golden Shower tree. Still losing old leaves but newer foliage and blossom coming through (older=darker).
  21. SiJ 2015 - Day 9

    SiJ 2015 - Day 9

    Panorama stitched from 9 portrait shots in Autopano Pro. Usual conversion from IR in Photoshop.
  22. SiJ 2015 - Day 8

    SiJ 2015 - Day 8

    Revisited the palm tree shot and got the typical IR foliage. Decided also to go with the flare shot.
  23. SiJ 2015 - Day 7

    SiJ 2015 - Day 7

    I mentioned revisiting this tree on Day One and this is the first new leaves and bud. R and B channels inverted in PS and local contrast boosted with ALCE. The brighter new leaves is, I suspect, due to less IR absorption as a protective measure.
  24. SiJ 2015 - Day 6

    SiJ 2015 - Day 6

    Another processed IR image. For some reason, possibly because it was backlit, the foliage is not as pale as I expected.
  25. SiJ 2015 - Day 5

    SiJ 2015 - Day 5

    Blue agapanthus flower with visitor. Tried the macro setting on the G5. Converted in Photoshop and Perfectly clear. Optical VF and LCD useless so 'point and pray'.
  26. SiJ 2015 - Day 4

    SiJ 2015 - Day 4

    It was my grandaughter's 8th birthday and as well as colour shots I took a couple in infrared. Converted in Silver Efex Pro 2 with a very contrasty look.
  27. SiJ 2015 - Day 3

    SiJ 2015 - Day 3

    Bit of a cheat - yesterday's image processed in PS and SEP2 to emulate film.
  28. SiJ 2015 - Day 2

    SiJ 2015 - Day 2

    No processing here - sooc. This tree (a Golden Shower) drops many of its leaves in January and new vigorous shoots and flower buds appear. I intend to revisit this subject as the month progresses.