1. Getting Desperate

    Getting Desperate

    Day 25 - still raining Taken my usual medication - did I OD "Can you hear me Major Tom"
  2. Unknown Soldier - Winchester UK

    Unknown Soldier - Winchester UK

    This SIJ is one camera one lens and I have been experimenting with my M8 and 28mm to try to get good close ups - achieved by cropping the image. Todays posting is such a crop - quite a large 100% crop - I will put the original image in "outakes"
  3. SIJ 21 - Laundry day

    SIJ 21 - Laundry day

  4. SIJ Day 20 - A stroll on the beach

    SIJ Day 20 - A stroll on the beach

    Some friends have rented a condo for a month further along the bay from our hotel. This is the view looking back toward the town. I liked the reflections in the wet sand.
  5. Day_23 - Great to be back "Home"

    Day_23 - Great to be back "Home"

    sitting in the car in the supermarket car park whilst my wife did "a shop" to stock up my sons kitchen so that we do not starve during our visit back to the UK. This image is the reputation that the UK has in France, (always raining or about to)