1. SIJ 31 - Never ending

    SIJ 31 - Never ending

    Not SIJ but shovelling snow in a snow storm - a never ending task. However, ours now has ended and SIJ is over.
  2. An apple, an orange and a lime

    An apple, an orange and a lime

    I went out this afternoon and shot a lot of skaters on the canal. Came home and discovered that the card had a crack in one of its contacts and was therefore unreadable. Here is a 'still life' that I've tried to make interesting in SFX pro2.
  3. Snow and ice

    Snow and ice

    On top of a wall. I walked up to an out look over the Ottawa River to take a picture of the river in winter. I saw this on the wall and in the end I liked it better.
  4. SIJ 28 - Dog walkers

    SIJ 28 - Dog walkers

    Another lovely day (for winter that is) and the dog walkers were out in full force.
  5. SIJ 27 - Rose hip

    SIJ 27 - Rose hip

    Dreadful weather. A quick trip to the back yard and a rose hip in a snow storm.
  6. SIJ 13 - It's a white world

    SIJ 13 - It's a white world

    Major snow fall today so it was another nip out to the street and take a quick pic. The neighbours must be getting used to it.
  7. Black cat on a black blanket

    Black cat on a black blanket

    It is a rotten day outside so this is a picture of Archie.
  8. Decorated Pipes

    Decorated Pipes