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    Vision 2020 Thread the Third - January 22 - 31

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    Vision 2020 Thread the Second - January 11- 21

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    Vision 2020 Thread the First - January 1- 10

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  4. SIJ 2015 - Day 31

    SIJ 2015 - Day 31

    Move Along Now. 25seconds f/9 ISO200 shot at 40mm. Taken on the same night as day 30. Was really enjoying the longer exposure images. You could do these one right after the other and no 2 would look alike. I think I'm going to make a thread and post some more of the shots for the last two...
  5. SIJ 2015 - Day 30

    SIJ 2015 - Day 30

    Burning Through. 0.6sec f/6.3 ISO 1600 shot at 40mm. Messing around outside again at night, playing with trees and the moon. I had fun trying to figure out the compositions I wanted and trying to picture the next one.
  6. SiJ 2015 Day 31

    SiJ 2015 Day 31

    STOP, Stratham, New Hampshire
  7. SIJ 2015 - Day 29

    SIJ 2015 - Day 29

    Cloudy Night. 1.3sec f/4.3 ISO3200 shot at 53mm Was outside playing with long exposures again. There's something fun and enjoyable to me about doing long exposures at night. Maybe its the quietness. I don't know, but I know this summer I will be out more at night as it will be more enjoyable...
  8. SiJ 2015 Day 30

    SiJ 2015 Day 30

    Starbucks, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Coffee, phones and papers on a snowy day.
  9. SiJ 2015 Day 29

    SiJ 2015 Day 29

    Cabin at Three Chimneys Inn, Durham, New Hampshire
  10. SIJ 2015 - Day 28

    SIJ 2015 - Day 28

    Highlighted. 40sec f/4 ISO200 shot at 85mm. Shot the same night/morning of the 27th image, this was technically taken on the 28th. I thought the light was neat on this one.
  11. SIJ 2015 - Day 27

    SIJ 2015 - Day 27

    Silhouettes. 40sec f/4 ISO200 shot at 40mm. Thought the overcast night with the glow from the lights gave neat atmosphere. Spent a while outside getting different shots and really liked how this one turned out.
  12. SIJ 2015 - Day 26

    SIJ 2015 - Day 26

    Winter Decay. 200s f/5.6 ISO640 shot at 116mm.
  13. SIJ 2015 - Day 25

    SIJ 2015 - Day 25

    Let It Snow. 80s f/4 ISO200 shot at 40mm. The tiny bit it snowed on the 25th, it had some nice fluffy flakes. Shot out the window.
  14. SiJ 2015 Day 28

    SiJ 2015 Day 28

    11 Water Street, Exeter, New Hampshire After the snow storm.
  15. SiJ 2015 Day 27

    SiJ 2015 Day 27

    Blizzard, Stratham, New Hampshire
  16. SiJ 2015 Day 26

    SiJ 2015 Day 26

    Exeter River, Exeter, New Hampshire Waiting for the Blizzard to hit.
  17. SiJ 2015 Day 25

    SiJ 2015 Day 25

    Sun and snow, Stratham, New Hampshire
  18. SIJ 2015 - Day 24

    SIJ 2015 - Day 24

    Foggy Moon. 8sec f/4 ISO200 shot at 40mm. I got home from my cousin's daughter's birthday party and noticed the moon looked neat with the nice blue sky, so I decided to get a shot of it. Then proceeded to play around with getting different shots. I mean might as well while I have the camera...
  19. SiJ 2015 Day 24

    SiJ 2015 Day 24

    Snow, Stratham, New Hampshire
  20. SIJ 2015 - Day 23

    SIJ 2015 - Day 23

    Sparkling. 250s f/5.6 ISO800 shot at 150mm. All the snow is pretty much gone from being up near the 50's last week but behind the house there's a bunch of ice and along the edges it has a cool texture. I used the flash to make the ice sparkle.
  21. SIJ 2015 - Day 22

    SIJ 2015 - Day 22

    This Is How We Watch TV. 125s f/4 ISO400 shot at 40mm. Babysitting my youngest niece again. Sometimes she doesn't sit to watch tv. lol
  22. SIJ 2015 - Day 21

    SIJ 2015 - Day 21

    Wagon Bolt. 125s f/5.6 ISO400 shot at 150mm. Played with the little flash that came with the EPL5. Not the best output but it worked. I also had some more fun in post with textures. Was originally going to post the B&W one but I liked how the textures added to this image.
  23. SiJ 2015 Day 23

    SiJ 2015 Day 23

    RIP Coolpix A I slipped on the ice and the camera hit a rock, lens is jammed and bent and the battery door won't close.
  24. SiJ 2015 Day 22

    SiJ 2015 Day 22

    Red light, Stratham New Hampshire
  25. SIJ 2015 - Day 20

    SIJ 2015 - Day 20

    Grungy Dreams 2500s f/9 ISO640 Shot at 40mm. So I messed up on the 20th, with being busy and got preoccupied with other things I forgot to take a picture. Here is one from the other day that I processed on the 20th, does that count? haha More playing around with textures.
  26. SiJ 2015 Day 21

    SiJ 2015 Day 21

    Exeter Music, Exeter, New Hampshire
  27. SiJ 2015 Day 20

    SiJ 2015 Day 20

    Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts
  28. SIJ 2015 - Day 19

    SIJ 2015 - Day 19

    Textured Sunset. 100s f/4 ISO200 Shot at 45mm. Was a beautiful sunset again with neat clouds in the sky, but wasn't able to get out to capture it. So just a shot through the window. Played with some textures in Perfect Effects 9 too.
  29. SIJ 2015 - Day 18

    SIJ 2015 - Day 18

    Trees By Night. 20Sec f/4 ISO200 Shot at 40mm. Tried some long exposures out. This one was one of a few that came out and I processed it in OnOne's Perfect Effects 9. Really liked the different style of this preset.
  30. SiJ 2015 Day 19

    SiJ 2015 Day 19

    Puddlejumpers, Exeter, New Hampshire
  31. SIJ 2015 - Day 17

    SIJ 2015 - Day 17

    Haloed. 4000s f/9 ISO200 shot at 40mm. It was a beautiful, beautiful day yesterday. Got up to 50F I believe. So I took a walk outside as there was some really neat clouds passing by. And I mean passing by, they didn't stick around in one place too long. I noticed the sun was at the perfect...
  32. SiJ 2015 Day 18

    SiJ 2015 Day 18

    Jenness Beach, Rye, New Hampshire
  33. SIJ 2015 - Day 16

    SIJ 2015 - Day 16

    Foggy Lines. 160s f/5.6 ISO200 shot at 150mm. Just got back from breakfast and with this minor heatwave, the ground being so cold we got a nice fog. I wanted to go back out and get a different shot but by the time I would have been ready the color and everything wouldn't have been there, so...
  34. SiJ 2015 Day 17

    SiJ 2015 Day 17

    Lively Kids, Newburyport, Massachusetts
  35. SiJ 2015 Day 16

    SiJ 2015 Day 16

    Finders Keepers, Exeter, New Hampshire
  36. SIJ 2015 - Day 15

    SIJ 2015 - Day 15

    Giddy Up. 1/40s f/4.5 ISO640 Shot at 40mm. My youngest niece on the rocking horse. First thing she does when she comes over, goes to the stairs looks up and says "Can I ride horsey?" Oh and I had fun playing with the lens flare option in Perfect Effects 9.
  37. SIJ 2015 - Day 14

    SIJ 2015 - Day 14

    Breaking The Sky. 1/4000s f/7.1 ISO200 Shot at 40mm. Had very interesting cloud coverage on the 14th. And my go to tree was there to make it a neat shot. I had a hard time deciding between this one and 2 others. One almost exactly like this but a lot brighter and the other was in landscape...
  38. SiJ 2015 Day 15

    SiJ 2015 Day 15

    The Green Bean, Exeter, New Hampshire
  39. SiJ 2015 Day 14

    SiJ 2015 Day 14

    Applebee's, Epping, New Hampshire
  40. SIJ 2015 - Day 13

    SIJ 2015 - Day 13

    In The Sunset. 1/250s f/5 ISO400 shot at 66mm 3 image stitch. Looked like it was a pretty good sunset but I didn't have time to get out and find a place to really capture it. So I went with a silhouette of the trees.
  41. SiJ 2015 Day 13

    SiJ 2015 Day 13

    Trends Gift Gallery, Exeter, New Hampshire
  42. SIJ 2015 - Day 12

    SIJ 2015 - Day 12

    My Other Hobby. 3.2s f/4 ISO200 shot at 40mm 3 shot vertical pano. Taking snkenai's advice after a busy day and show a part of my house. Never got a chance to get out but don't know if I would have as it was pretty cold again and windy. So here is where I do my lifting.
  43. SIJ 2015 - Day 11

    SIJ 2015 - Day 11

    Snow In The Spotlight. 0.4s f/4 ISO200 shot at 40mm. It started snowing a little bit on the 11th and there was a nice atmosphere, plus it was fairly warm compared to the week before and even now. I spent probably an hour or more outside doing long exposures. I think I enjoy the slowed down...
  44. SiJ 2015 Day 12

    SiJ 2015 Day 12

    Best Buy, Newington, New Hampshire
  45. SiJ 2015 Day 11

    SiJ 2015 Day 11

    North Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  46. SIJ 2015 - Day 10

    SIJ 2015 - Day 10

    Riding The Sunset. 0.5s f/4 ISO500 shot at 50mm. Spent most of the day driving/riding in the car so didn't have a whole lot of opportunities to shoot. But as the sun was setting, I had to get a few shots of it as the colors were stunning. So I resorted to a slower shutter speed and got some...
  47. SiJ 2015 Day 10

    SiJ 2015 Day 10

    Caffe Di Siena, Newburyport, Massachusetts
  48. SIJ 2015 - Day 9

    SIJ 2015 - Day 9

    Shadows... Again. 1/160s f/4.6 ISO400 shot at 70mm. Too cold outside to really spend time trying to get a decent shot. But in the next few days we're expected to have a "heat wave"! It's suppose to reach 35F! So I decided to look for some neat shadows and this is the one I landed on.
  49. SiJ 2015 Day 9

    SiJ 2015 Day 9

    Spruce Creek, Kittery, Maine
  50. SIJ 2015 - Day 8

    SIJ 2015 - Day 8

    Tangled Meets Frozen. 1/160s F/5.0 ISO400 shot at 40mm I decided to brave the cold and go out for a quick walk around. It may have been a bit warmer but it was still really cold. I was out for only about 15 minutes. Got a few shots that I liked and this one just spoke to me with the...
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