1. Coksic

    Manual Lens Jupiter-8

    Cheap vintage lens in m39 mount. It's a 50mm f2 lens.There are several versions/generations of this lens. It has a Zeiss Sonnar optical formula, reverse-engineered in the Soviet Union as part of the war reparations. Lovely lens, easy to use, with 12 aperture blades. I modified my copy to focus...
  2. Riego

    Leica Jupiter 8 infinity focus on Leica

    I have a Jupiter 8 from 1957. Is not adjusted for Leica but focus at one meter and wide open is very very close. The problem is the lens don't focus properly at infinity. The distance scale is at infinity, but the camera rangefinder is not. Any advice? Can I easy fix the lens? Thanks to all!!
  3. mike3996

    Leica Jupiter 8 and backfocus

    Hi everyone So I received my very own Jupiter 8 (it's a PT3110 so very late in the game). Gorgeous condition on this specimen, aperture and focus both smooth, very smooth. There's some oil on the aperture blades but to my understanding that's not a problem. But yeah, it backfocuses a bit on my...