1. grebeman

    Street 14th Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day (Image Heavy)

    There was no 13th bus running day in 2020 for obvious reasons. It would have been the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the small Bristol SU single decker bus that was the mainstay of the rural bus services in this area during the 1960's and 1970's so that celebration was delayed until...
  2. grebeman

    2019 Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day

    This is the 12th year of the rally that replicates the old bus routes that used to serve many of the outlying villages in the South Hams centred on Kingsbridge. This is a small selection of the many photographs taken on the day. This AEC Regent was new to Devon General in 1957. I only...
  3. grebeman

    Kingsbridge 800 (Grebeman does the streets, in colour, never!)

    A day of medieval celebrations when Kingsbridge celebrated the 800th anniversary of being granted a market charter in 1219. Medieval Sreet MusIcians The Hurdy Gurdy traces its origins back 1000 years, the Bagpipes over 2000 years Medieval meets modern Barker for the test your strength...
  4. Frosty bench, far reaching outlook

    Frosty bench, far reaching outlook