1. Biro

    Kodak Motion Picture Film

  2. davidzvi

    Brewery partners with Kodak, beer that doubles as film developer

    Not really a beer drinker or a film guy anymore, but kind of cool. https://www.dpreview.com/news/0772516271/craft-brewery-partners-with-kodak-to-create-a-beer-that-doubles-as-film-developer
  3. C

    Film Showcase Kodak TMax 100

    A shot from my TMax 100 roll. Mexico.
  4. C

    Film How do people like Kodak TMax 100?

    I keep hearing about Kodak's offerings of BW films, and I have been wondering about trying Tmax 100 (I like slower speed films). Any thoughts?
  5. Y

    Film Canon P

    First roll through Canon P. Second roll through with no light meter. Lens is Jupiter 3 (50mm f1.5).
  6. Y

    Film Mamiya C330

    Recently purchased Mamiya C330 + 105mm lens, Portra 400, basic scans at The Lab.
  7. sesser

    Film Kodak Ektar 100 prices

    This film is great. I haven't shot any in a while, but when it first came out (I think around 2007ish), you could get a roll for around $5US. Now it's closer to $7. Why the jump in price? Also, has it always been considered a "Professional" film? I can't remember, but I thought it was being...
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