1. wt21

    L-Mount Get alerted about L-mount posts only?

    Is there a way to get alerted about L-mount posts only? I have no interest (nor budget) for Leica, and the L-mount threads are scattered throughout. I don't really want to watch the whole sub-forum.
  2. pdk42

    L-Mount L-mount short telephoto options - 70-300 vs 70-200 f4

    Anyone got any views on these two lenses? The 70-300 seems to get very mixed reviews which leads me to conclude there's a lot of copy variation. The 70-200 looks a better option, but it's more pricey of course and only goes to 200mm without the TC.
  3. pdk42

    Feedback Should we have separate Leica and L-mount threads?

    It seems we just have one top-level gear thread that lumps together all the Leica and Leica mounts (M, LTM, L, R). I don't think this is helpful for L-mount people. L mount is a lot more than Leica and many (probably most) L-mount users won't be Leica users. I think we should have separate...
  4. albertk

    L-Mount L-mount pictures, open thread

    I like to make this in an open Leica-CL/SL, Lumix-S and Sigma fp image thread. Last year I went ahead into the new mount (and sensor) world by taking up a Panasonic Lumix S5. - Some L-mount camera's were fast in having new sensors. The Leica-SL2 and Lumix S1/5 have a new sensor, with BSI -...
  5. Bollie

    L-Mount Testing new Sigma

    This week I received my new Sigma 150-600mm for L-mount. I'm testing it now, but for use on a Lumix S1r there is still a lot to learn. Here is an example:
  6. albertk

    L-Mount Leica M-lenses on L-mount cameras - post yours!

    Leica-M lenses generally perform good on the L-mount camera I have, the Lumix S-5 here is an example of the 35mm Summicron v1 Lumix S-5. Looking down from the ramparts.