1. pdk42

    L-Mount A more gear-orientated L-mount place?

    I love Cameraderie, esp as a place to post images. But if you're looking for L-mount gear talk, it's a bit quiet. If you think the same and want somewhere to chat about Panasonic, Sigma, and Leica L-mount gear, I'd recommend this site: https://l-mount-forum.com/community/ It's run by an...
  2. sasquatchphotog

    L-Mount £1000+ off Panasonic S5 II bundle deals with MPB (UK only) - until 25/03/24

    Saw an ad from Lumix on Instagram earlier - a partnership with MPB for a big discount on S5 II/X bundles Link and bundles here - https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/partners/panasonic
  3. P

    Advice Wanted Stuck lenscap

    So, I have no idea how i managed it, but the lenscap towards the camera is like glued on my lens. Any tips on how to separate a lenscap from a lens without damaging the rear glass?
  4. Brownie

    L-Mount Astrodesign and Samyang join the L-mount alliance

    This is really cool for L-Mount. https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/astrodesign-and-samyang-join-the-l-mount-alliance/
  5. J

    L-Mount Waffle House w/ CL

  6. wt21

    L-Mount Get alerted about L-mount posts only?

    Is there a way to get alerted about L-mount posts only? I have no interest (nor budget) for Leica, and the L-mount threads are scattered throughout. I don't really want to watch the whole sub-forum.
  7. pdk42

    L-Mount L-mount short telephoto options - 70-300 vs 70-200 f4

    Anyone got any views on these two lenses? The 70-300 seems to get very mixed reviews which leads me to conclude there's a lot of copy variation. The 70-200 looks a better option, but it's more pricey of course and only goes to 200mm without the TC.
  8. albertk

    L-Mount L-mount pictures, open thread

    I like to make this in an open Leica-CL/SL, Lumix-S and Sigma fp image thread. Last year I went ahead into the new mount (and sensor) world by taking up a Panasonic Lumix S5. - Some L-mount camera's were fast in having new sensors. The Leica-SL2 and Lumix S1/5 have a new sensor, with BSI -...
  9. Bollie

    L-Mount Testing new Sigma

    This week I received my new Sigma 150-600mm for L-mount. I'm testing it now, but for use on a Lumix S1r there is still a lot to learn. Here is an example:
  10. albertk

    L-Mount Leica M-lenses on L-mount cameras - post yours!

    Leica-M lenses generally perform good on the L-mount camera I have, the Lumix S-5 here is an example of the 35mm Summicron v1 Lumix S-5. Looking down from the ramparts.